Hunter x Hunter -“The Sun Also Shines at Night” Lyrics Translation

From the anime, Hunter x Hunter (1999)。The second opening to the show.

太陽は夜も輝く Taiyou Wa Yoru Mo Kagayaku (The Sun Also Shines at Night)

The format is:


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Pokemon Card: Mawile (2)

Today’s Pokemon is Mawile –again! I translated one of the cards from a newer set a few days ago, so here is a slightly older one.

Japanese Card is top/first, my edit/translation is second/bottom. Card info can be found here.

mawile67 mawile67

Pokemon Card: Mawile

Today’s Pokemon is Mawile. More information on the Pokemon can be found here.

The original Japanese card is first/on top. My edit/translation is second/bottom.

mawiel37 mawiel37

-The official Localization named the second move (Circle Head) to “Big Ol’Bite” to reference what the move does rather than what it refers to. The “Circle Head” refers to the circle on the scary head attached to the Mawile (which has the yellow circle) –implying the bite. This would be hard to explain on the card itself given the room, so their decision was more friendly to younger audiences.

Valkyria Chronicles - ”One Wish” Lyrics Translation


Today’s song is “One Wish”, by Inoue Hikari –used as the second Ending Theme for Valkyria Chronicles (the animation). I used the Video Game OST cover here, however.

The game is one of my favorites, and not very many people have played it. The anime was not as good in my opinion.

The format:
Original Japanese Lyrics 日本語で

This way, you can read them/know the meaning all together. Color code should help you keep track.


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