Pokemon Cards: 003

The third batch of Pokemon card translations.

I bought an old deck of Japanese Pokemon cards off of Ebay. I scanned them, translated them, and digitally edited them with my own translation. All of these have been officially translated already, however, I made sure to provide my own translation.

  I looked at the official translations afterward in order to compare the Pokedex lore that is on the card (which changes drastically), but I made no edits to adjust to the official translation. The only exception is move names and Pokemon names –those I purposefully lined up with the officially localized English names.

The heights/weights I converted from centimeters/kilograms to feet/inches and pounds myself.

Below is the original Japanese card (top), and my translated version (bottom). Notes will be below them if applicable. They are in the order I translated them rather than in any specific card order.

In this batch, in order of number rather than appearance. You may use Ctrl + F to skip to them for ease of search:

#011 Metapod / トランセル (Toranseru)
#013 Weedle / ビードル (Biidoru)
#063 Farfetch’d / カモネギ (Kamonegi)
#064 Kadabra / ユンゲラー (Yungeraa)
#066 Machop / ワンリキー (Wanrikii)
#100 Voltorb / ビリリダマ (Biriridama)
#121 Starmie / スターミー (Sutaamii)

 #013 Weedle / ビードル (Biidoru)



-This card game out looking better than most of my translated cards.

#096 Drowzee / スリープ (Suriipu [Sleep])



-Purple is one of the harder colors to work with, but thankfully the text is still readable.

#011 Metapod / トランセル (Toranseru)



-Text looks a little jumbled from the thumbnail, full view is a little better.

#064 Kadabra / ユンゲラー (Yungeraa)



-The most interesting thing about this card, I found, was the Pokedex lore. It differed greatly from the official translation, which wrote, “It emits special alpha waves from its body that induce headaches even to those just nearby.” Very interesting!

-I recall this Pokemon was also the one that caused a slight controversy with “Uri Geller” due to the similarities in name.

#100 Voltorb / ビリリダマ (Biriridama)



-This card is cleaner than most. That lore box looks a little compressed, however.

#063 Farfetch’d / カモネギ (Kamonegi)



-I like how the original translators handled “kamonegi” and the concept of this Pokemon in general. “Kamonegi” is a shortening of a saying in Japanese that means “something surprising but convenient.” However, it serves as a pun as well, as “kamo” (duck) and “negi” (spring onion) make up what this Pokemon is. Rather farfetched, huh?

-The card itself came out overall fine. Got a little text-dense at the bottom. “Pot Strike” I realized was translated as “Pot Smash” in the official translation.

#066 Machop / ワンリキー (Wanrikii)



-This card was straightforward in translation and design, thankfully. So many of these would appear in trades and decks when I was a kid.

#121 Starmie / スターミー (Sutaamii)



-Text mess, mostly at the moves, but the Retreat Cost/Weakness, in an attempt to be more legible, had to be bigger and bold. This makes it look a little messier than usual.

That is it for this batch. The final batch will be uploaded shortly after. After that, the individual Pokemon card translations will begin.


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