Athena Cykes – Ace Attorney 5 Artbook Translation (1)

Today I translated Athena Cykes’s “Character Design” page (one of several) from the official Ace Attorney 5 visual book. This is from page 15 specifically.

I edited the original image and translated it to produce this:


Below is the transcript I wrote up in English in case it is hard to read on the page. Below it is the original Japanese transcript for anybody who is interested.

Her next design page is coming soon!

Character 002
Kizuki Kokone / Athena Cykes
Kizuki Kokone / Athena Cykes
“With my psychological analysis, I’ll bring a fresh approach to the courtroom!”

Age……………………. 18
Height….……………. 5’4”
Occupation…………. Lawyer

A new lawyer at the “Naruhodo-san* Offices.” Met the qualifications to be a lawyer in America at the young age of 18. Very perceptive of human emotion –and absolutely hates to lose. Has the ability to “hear” the emotions based on someone’s tone of voice. Using the “heart scope,” she can find contradictions in the evidence based on one’s emotion. Hanging from her neck is a computer named “Monitaro.”*

Creator’s Comment
Mr. Yamazaki Takeshi (Scenario Director)
I wanted to include a “heroine who fights alongside you” with the ability to use psychological analysis on other people. With that in mind, an episode regarding her troubled childhood was inevitable. The headphones in the design were a symbol of her painful past. However, she’s also a girl who is fighting to get over her past. For that reason, the concept a “girl who fights” was chosen for Kokone.*

Creator’s Comment
Mr. Fukuse Takuro (Art Director)
In order to appear as a lawyer, a suit is a requirement. For that reason, the original silhouette was intentionally scrapped like a manga. An important point was for the suit to not look like school uniform. The slightly futuristic design is the result of childhood influence. As a personal commitment, she trained her weak mind and body together. She grew into a sporty girl who is bright, cheerful, and full of vigor.

Ace Attorney 5 | Official Visual Book | 15

*Naruhodo – Phoenix Wright’s Japanese name

*Monitaro – Monita’s Japanese name.

*Kokone – Athena’s Japanese name.

Here is the original image in Japanese along with the original transcript:


Character 002
希月 心音
きづき ここね



Creator’s Comment

Creator’s Comment

逆転裁判5公式ビジュアルブック 15


ThenaVict1I hope this was useful to you in some way. Please check later on for her next few pages!


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