Athena Cykes – Ace Attorney 5 Artbook Translation (3)

Today I translated Athena Cykes’s third “Character Design” page (one of several) from the official Ace Attorney 5 visual book. This is from page 49 specifically.

I edited the original image and translated it to produce this:


Below is the transcript I wrote up in English in case it is hard to read on the page. Below it is the original Japanese transcript for anybody who is interested.

Her next design page is coming soon!

Character Design ● Character Planning Illustrations – Athena Cykes 49

Athena Cykes/Design Rough Sketches ②

Parabolic Sound Collector・ *Flump!*・ 60s/70s Retro-Future・ *Peep-peep!*

During development, there was a phase where the main motif was “Retro-Future.” The basis of having a yellow and blue color scheme carried on to the final design; but the overall design was drastically different. From the form-fitting suit to the protruding “ball-shaped antennae,” it is quite the novel yet nostalgic design. If this Athena was used as the final design, the “heart scope” system may have been entirely different than as we know it now.

Athena Cykes Creation Art

Resonating Earrings・ Front View・ Waist Pouches・ A collar・ Back Design

Ball-shaped Antennae・ Heart-shaped・ Breast pocket・ Receiving Signals・*Peep-peep!*・ *Ping!*・ Resonating Earrings

Ace Attorney 5 | Official Visual Book |


Here is the original image in Japanese along with the original transcript:


キャラクターデザイン●キャラクター設定イラスト希月心音 49


パラボラ集音・ バサッ・ 60s~70sレトロフーチャー・ ピピッと



音叉イアリング・ 正画顔・ 両腰にポーチ・ カラーになっています・ 背画デザイン

お団子アンテナ・ ハート型・ 胸ポケット・ 受信中・ビビ!っと・ ピーンっと・ 音叉イアリング




ThenaVict1I hope this was useful to you in some way. Please check later on for her next few pages!


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