Athena Cykes – Ace Attorney 5 Artbook Translation (4)

Today I translated Athena Cykes’s fourth “Character Design” page (one of several) from the official Ace Attorney 5 visual book. This is from page 50 specifically.

I edited the original image and translated it to produce this:


Below is the transcript I wrote up in English in case it is hard to read on the page. Below it is the original Japanese transcript for anybody who is interested.

Her next design page is coming soon!

Character Design ● Character Planning Illustrations – Athena Cykes 50

Athena Cykes/Design Rough Sketches ③

Sporty・Partner・Assistant・ One Eared Headset・ Planet Blaster・ Semi-long・ Hair-Tied

Various aspects of the Retro-Future Athena carried over to the final design, such as the colors. By the end, it was decided to give her a “long hair up” design. During the design phase, there was a point where we thought of a design that has glasses, too.

Figure with suit-like clothes, with strong yellow color tones and white boots.

① with minor changes.

Entirely silver leaves a strong sci-fi impression.

A suit like an office-lady, a one piece dress and slightly different hairstyle

Ball-shaped antennae. A strong retro-future style like design ①

Ball-shaped antennae, with a more normal vest.

Ball-shaped antennae, this time with shorter buns.

Wearing formal clothes that resemble sailor uniform.

Here is the original image in Japanese along with the original transcript:


キャラクターデザイン●キャラクター設定イラスト希月心音 50


スポッティ・パートナー・アシスタント・ ヘッドセット片耳だけ・ プラネタブラスター・ セミロング・ 髪留め風











ThenaVict1I hope this was useful to you in some way. Please check later on for her next few pages!


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