Athena Cykes – Ace Attorney 5 Artbook Translation (7)

Today I translated Athena Cykes’s seventh and final “Character Design” page  from the official Ace Attorney 5 visual book. This is from page 53 specifically.

I edited the original image and translated it to produce this:


Below is the transcript I wrote up in English in case it is hard to read on the page. Below it is the original Japanese transcript for anybody who is interested.

That’s all of Athena’s design pages! I will do more pages for other characters in the future.

Character Design ● Character Planning Illustrations – Athena Cykes 54

Athena Cykes Three Pictures

Athena Cykes / Three Pictures

Athena Cykes (Sailor Version)
*Does not have any sailor weapons

Widget (AI Robo), the glove, and the moon shaped earring are the same as the usual Athena.

The ribbon on the hair was meant to give a sort of “sailor turban” image.

Athena Cykes / Sailor Design

Creator’s Comment
The pirate design was created solely for the anime*. Even though we say “pirates,” because we wanted to give the image of Norma and Athena doing as they like, Widget is still left on her. There was great rush in creating the sketch, but seeing Athena with her precious hair down was a worthwhile result! (Fukuse Takuro)

*referring to the anime cut scenes within the game.

Athena Cykes (Ship Captain Version)

Widget (AI Robo), the glove, and the moon shaped earring are the same as the usual Athena.

The weapon looks something like this.

Her hair is down so she can wear the hat.

We drew Athena wearing a “Sailor” and “Sailor Captain” design for the sake of the DLC episode. Athena’s headphones were a key characteristic in Episode 5. She got a design that really stood out in order to emphasize her special ability.

Athena Cykes / Ship Captain Design

Ace Attorney 5 | Official Visual Book |


Here is the original image in Japanese along with the original transcript:


キャラクターデザイン●キャラクター設定イラスト希月心音 53



希月心音 (船乗りVER)




Creator’s Comment

希月心音 (船長VER)









ThenaVict1I hope this was useful to you in some way. All of her pages can be found on this site. I will focus on other characters next!


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