Fire Emblem 7: Wallace Artbook Translation

Today I translated Wallace (Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword)’s art book page (094). Japanese and English transcripts can be found below the picture! As well as the original image. Courtesy of for the original scan.


Keep reading for the transcripts!

077 Wallace

Formerly known as the Caelin Knights’ commander –the Merciless Instructor.
Previously served as the head of the Caelin Knights. He handed the title of “Commander” over to Kent and retired. He came back out of retirement to attack the “False Noble Lady,” but as soon as he set eyes upon her, he realized she was the real thing. From then on, he used his great power to help Lyn overturn the rule of Lundgren –the younger brother of Marquis Caelin.

Estimated Age….……..40’s
Title…………Caelin’s Crag
Stat …………Caelin Vassal

Wallace’s character paints a different image depending on who perceives him. For a Lord, Wallace is seen to be a faithful servant with a chivalrous spirit. For the soldiers who serve him, he is seen to be a merciless instructor with a high degree of team spirit.
He especially is known for being the merciless instructor He would work all the young soldiers hard, following the “Soldier Strengthening Manual—“ though, to say what the manual made them do is questionable. It was certainly filled with horrific contents.

Original Japanese Picture + Text:


077 Wallace




More to come!


2 thoughts on “Fire Emblem 7: Wallace Artbook Translation

  1. So yeah, following your blog because you’re translating the FE Artbooks that never made it over here. And it has something to with FE. Please keep translating!

    • Thank you very much! I couldn’t find all the FE7 artbook scans (with text) on serenes, so if you find a full archive, please be sure to direct me! But until then I plan to get through all the FE6 and FE7 ones that I have! Spread the word to any other FE fans interested!

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