Dangan Ronpa: Celestia Ludenberg Artbook Translation (1)

There may be spoilers for the game Dangan Ronpa. Please be wary.

From the more detailed artbook, this is a higher resolution scan. This is my translation of page 54 specifically from the book. I provide the transcripts below the image, as well as the original! Please provide a link back here if you use it is all I ask!


Read more for the English transcript, and the original Japanese image/transcript!

Ultra High School Gambler
Celestia Ludenberg*

Voice Actor: Shiina Hekiru

Ultra High School Gambler. Contrary to the small stature and beautiful, Lolita-style outside appearance is one who pursues a Queen-like temperament with an extremely wicked tongue. Is a natural at lying and keeping a poker face –using that ability, she has won a series of victories in games such as Mah Jong and Poker.

She thrives off of gamblers who play games with her and go completely bankrupt –losing everything. Her wish is to have an elegant lifestyle living in a western style castle attended by many servants. Her real name is Yasuhiro Taeko –she is Japanese, of course.

*– Spelled Ludenberck, as seen at the top left, I used what is her “official” name when localized.


Original Japanese Image + Transcript (That I wrote up based on the image)



CV:椎名へきる (しいな・へきる)



I intend to upload page 55 next!


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