Dangan Ronpa: Celestia Ludenberg Artbook Translation (2)

There may be spoilers for the game Dangan Ronpa. Please be wary.

From the more detailed artbook, this is a higher resolution scan. This is my translation of page 55 specifically from the book. I provide the transcripts below the image, as well as the original! Please provide a link back here if you use it is all I ask!


Read more for the English transcript, and the original Japanese image/transcript!

Design Artworks
Celestia Ludenberg
There are 4 buttons, 2 by 2.
There is just one pointed-shaped ring.
The hairband actually looks something like this.
The ribbons tie on the opposite ends.
*Earring Reference Picture
Necktie Design

A Gothic-Lolita character. She was to be a Goth-Loli character from the earliest planning stages. While intended to be Goth-Loli, the early designs did not really have that feeling about them –so I eventually arrived at the final design. However, in order to get the Goth-Loli feeling, I could not help but add quite a few ornaments and accessories –a stage in the design that was especially troublesome. It was also incredibly difficult to draw the twin tails. By the way, those twin tails are a wig that can be removed on the current design. Compared to the other characters, she has the most “doll-like” appearance –with low saturation in her skin tone. Regarding height, she seems slightly taller than the other characters, but this is likely because of the high heels. (Komatsuzaki)



Original Japanese Image + Transcript (That I wrote up based on the image)





I intend to upload page 56 next!


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