Dangan Ronpa: Celestia Ludenberg Artbook Translation (4)

There may be spoilers for the game Dangan Ronpa. Please be wary.

From the more detailed artbook, this is a higher resolution scan. This is my translation of page 57 specifically from the book. I provide the transcripts below the image, as well as the original! Please provide a link back here if you use it is all I ask!


Read more for the English transcript, and the original Japanese image/transcript!

“Bichiguso”*・“Bichiguso”*2・Earnest (Facing Forward) ・Scary Earnest・Serious/Impatience・Eyes down casted・Taken Aback・Wounded
*A reference to the character Mariah in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. She has the habit of contorting her face when surprised/upset, and says “Bichiguso.” She is also similar to Celes in some ways.


Original Japanese Image + Transcript (That I wrote up based on the image)


ピチグソ (JOJO マライア)・ピチグソ2・真剣(目線正面)・怖い真剣・マジ焦り・目を伏せ・のけぞり・負傷

That does it for all of Celestia’s artbook pages!


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