Pokemon 6/18 Famichudan Scan Translations (2)

Yesterday nintendoeverything.com uploaded some scans regarding Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. today I translated the second of them (143). I even edited the page itself best I could! I hope you find it useful.

The first page can be found here. The third page can be found here.

The original Japanese scan and transcripts I wrote up will be below! Apologies for some messy cleaning –as some parts just cannot be helped!

My Edit:


(Page 143)
A new story that revolves around the “Origin Form” and “Mega Evolution”

Character: Protagonist (Male) / Protagonist (Female)

A “Mega Bangle” attached to the wrist
Attached to the wrist is the “Mega Bangle” where Keystones are inserted. With them in place, one can successfully trigger a Pokémon’s Mega Evolution.

Character: Steven
A mysterious young man who dresses in high class clothes. His hobby is collecting mysterious stones, and he seeks the origins of Mega Evolution.
“Sorry, my name is Steven.”
“What are Mega Stones? What are Keystones?”

Will the mystery of Mega Evolution be explained?!
The story begins with a scene of the protagonist moving into Littleroot Town. Steven, who is searching for the origins and legends of Mega Evolution, guides the player, and they join forces. From there they approach the heart of the story.

Upper Screen

An adventure where much of the natural world has yet to be seen!
“Are you a new trainer?”

^>The protagonist and Steven meet repeatedly. What is Steven doing in this cave?
The young man of many mysteries who guides the protagonist

The nature abundant Hoenn Region
^The Hoenn Region is dotted with small islands and has a noticeable active volcano. But, it seems some things were not in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
<You must use two types of bicycles to advance depending on the terrain

Two different evil organizations
In this game, there are two different stories to enjoy depending on the version. Pokémon Omega Ruby has Team Magma, and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire has Team Aqua. Both teams appear as obstacles before the protagonist.

Team Magma
Leader Maxie / Admin Tabitha / Admin Courtney / Grunt
Team Aqua
Leader Archie / Admin Matt / Admin Shelly / Grunt

Margin Gossip (2)
The protagonist, full of adventure and motivation, faces off with the ambitious enemy organizations. With Team Magma’s goal of “expanding the continent,” and Team Aqua’s goal of “expanding the seas,” there is a lot of antagonism. Depending on the version, a different story is portrayed –this is just one feature of the game.

The original!





“しつれい、ボクの なまえは タイゴ”
“メガストーンとは なんなのか?
 キストーンとは なんなのか?“


“あれの みたて では きみって しんじんトレーナー だね?”






I hope to upload the last page tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Pokemon 6/18 Famichudan Scan Translations (2)

    • I was wondering that too… hahaha! We still have until November 21st, or maybe it’ll be this very strange distribution where we get them in OR and AS then send them back to X/Y… I guess we’ll see…

      Did you play the original Ruby and Sapphire? 🙂

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