Fire Emblem 6: Thite Artbook Translation

Today I translated and edited Thite (Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals)’s art book page (045). Japanese and English transcripts can be found below the picture! As well as the original image. This scan was from

034ThiteTranslateKeep reading for the transcripts!

034 Thite

The second of three Ilian beauties who upholds order.
The commander of a group of Pegasus Knights. She is a mercenary employed by the Kingdom of Eturia who works with Klein against the United Lycian Army headed by Roy. She followed Klein to join the United Lycian Army. She is a skillful and sincere Pegasus Knight who places great trust in her subordinates. Though, she lacks adaptability due to her serious nature.

Estimated Age———————————–Teen
Title—————————-Swift Pegasus Knight
Status—————Pegasus Knight Group Captain

“A mercenary should never betray their employer.” These are words that Ilian Knights swear an oath to uphold. It would bring dishonor to one who breaks it. This way of thinking was embedded in Thite from her hometown, as the poor in Ilia have no choice but to turn to becoming mercenaries to live.
Even though her contract expired when she joined the United Lycian Army, she desired to stay with Klien as much as she could due to strong feelings toward him. While she displays the abilities of a masterful leader, she is awkward when it comes to love.

Original Japanese Picture + Text:


034 Thite

イリアの三名花 規律を重んじ次女



More to come!


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