SSB4: Palutena Famitsu Scan Translation (1) (8/6)

Famitsu released some information on Palutena and Pit today (August 6th). This is the first of four pages total! These scans are courtesy of Kogath (of the monster hunter wiki!)

 Second page is here! (Finshes Palutena)

Third page is here! (Features Pit)

Final page here (About Single Player)

Latest Famitsu scans are always posted here and on my twitter first! I get them done within about 90 min per page from when I receive the page for a Smash Bros article.

As usual, first is my translation/edit of the page, and the original scan right after it.


page282(Original posting is August 6th 2014. The date at the top may be different, see “About” for why!)