SSB4: 3DS Single Player Modes Famitsu Scan Translation (8/6)

Famitsu released some information on 3DS single player modes  yesterday (August 6th) along with information on Palutena and Pit.  This is the fourth of four pages total, and completes the 8/6 Famitsu issue’s Smash Bros section.  These scans are courtesy of Kogath (of the monster hunter wiki!)

Palutena’s First and Second pages. Pit’s single page.

That wraps it up for the Smash Bros. section of the August 6th issue!

Note: The translations are quite literal –move names may differ from the official localization.

As usual, first is my translation/edit of the page, and the original scan right after it.

page285translate page285

(Original posting is August 7th 2014. The date at the top may be different, see “About” for why!)