SSB4: Famitsu Scan Translations (8/20) (All)

This is a convenience post, putting all four of this week’s Famitsu posts in one place. The original scans are not on this post, but you can find them in the individual posts of each page (click the “Super Smash Brothers” category on the right of the home page!)

Page208Translate Page209Translate page210translate page211translate


4 thoughts on “SSB4: Famitsu Scan Translations (8/20) (All)

  1. Hey there. Just a random question/translation nitpicks — why waste space in the scan by leaving words like “appeal” and “Akabei”? When you’re translating something like a magazine article, you don’t have a whole lot of room to work with, so dedicating space to unnecessary translator’s notes seems odd.

    Another tiny nitpick: マント can be “mantle,” but the word “cloak” is a lot more common in English, and doesn’t stick out as much.

    • Hi there!

      Thanks for the message. When I started the translations, I also liked to translate more literally to show people what the official localization may have done differently, as opposed to what they literally may have said.

      So, seeing how in Japanese it is “appeal” versus English’s “taunt” makes a bit of a difference in what the designer was thinking versus was the localizer was portraying in a way. : ) But I understand if presenting it to a largely foreign audience that is concerned with the information, that it would surely be easier to present the localized terms to avoid confusion.

      So I went half way and added the sub notes. In the future Famitsu articles though, I may localize it completely, however.

      Indeed, Mantle does sound a little awkward, and the reason for that is above as well. As said, may give the more friendly terms in the future.

      Thanks for bringing these issues up regardless, I hope the explanations helps you understand why I wrote it out that way. : )


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