SSB4: Customization/OST Famitsu Scan Translation (9/3)

Today’s Famitsu had some info on Shulk among some other pages with misc information. This is a page that talks a little about customization and the soundtrack offer.

First is my edit/translation, second is the original scan.

The untranslated bottom section simply details composers and their notable games. A full list has already been translated in many other places (such as here)

page179translate page179


2 thoughts on “SSB4: Customization/OST Famitsu Scan Translation (9/3)

  1. Hey! Was wondering where I could find that track list translated, since it doesn’t appear to be on the website. Not the full list on in the US version anyway. Thanks again for all the info! And heads up for that rumored 100-page Smash special with next week’s Famitsu.

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