SSB4: Famitsu Sakurai Interview Translation (On Clones) (10/8)


Here is a tidbit translated from Sakurai’s weekly column in Famitsu. Specifically, a question regarding characters with alternate models, or “clones.” Original transcript below my translation. (I helped with their translation, in case anyone wonders about possible overlap).

-How were Fighters with alternate models decided? [Clones]

There are 3 clone characters. At the start [of development] we made them alts but during development they started to develop their own individual traits related to balancing, so we ended up making them separate characters in order to separate their records. However, it was imperative that they did not take too many man-hours from the work itself. As they did not have to be created from scratch, they were balanced simply by altering [the original] slightly.

Lucina and Marth have different sword properties. Dark Pit and Pit are the same, but to give Dark Pit his unique arm and final smash, we had to make him a separate character. I thought old Dr. Mario fans would not agree to Dr. Mario being the same as Mario, so went on to give him a unique customizable set.

For example, this is like a free dessert after a luxurious meal that was prepared free of charge. In a restaurant with this type of service, I don’t think there’s anybody who would say, “Change this to a meat dish!!”

Yet, I’m told [to do that] about “Smash Bros.” But, I guess since a lot of them are children that do not fully understand, it cannot be helped.

Could you please leave it to me to select [characters] with man-hours and costs in mind? However you look at it, the game is a great bargain buy as a result.