Fire Emblem 7: Heath Artbook Translation

Today I translated and edited Heath (Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword)’s art book page (111). Japanese and English transcripts can be found below the picture! As well as the original image.

094HeathTranslateKeep reading for the transcripts!

094 Heath

One who seeks the ideal way of the warrior
A former member of the Kingdom of Bern’s famed wyvern knights. He tried to prevent his superiors from massacring a group of nonresistant villagers, and was charged with treason. He fled Bern as a result. Afterward he joined a mercenary group, but ended up joining Eliwood’s group that consisted of women and children that he could not bear to harm.

Estimated Age————————————-20s
Title——————–Borderless Wyvern Knight
Weapon—————————— Lance / Sword

He has a sense of justice unlike any other soldier, and is often self-depreciating of the fact he had come to Bern and join a rebel uprising in Ostia. He wonders about the disparity about the ideal image of a knight and the reality of it. Once he meets with his former superior Vaida again, he sympathizes with her having learned she too once pursued the ideal image of a knight and had given up. Also in a conversation with Priscilla, despite noticing the differences between them, he also recognizes the love that forms between them.

Original Japanese Picture + Text:


094 Heath




More to come!

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