Fire Emblem 7: Nino Artbook Translation

Today I translated and edited Nino (Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword)’s art book page (118). Japanese and English transcripts can be found below the picture! As well as the original image.

101NinoTranslateKeep reading for the transcripts!

101 Nino

The gentle hearted girl who longs for familial love
The apprentice mage of the “Black Fang.” She came with Sonia as a child from previous marriage when she married the chief, but she is not related to her by blood. In truth, her real parents were murdered by Nergal and Sonia. As part of Sonia’s plan, Nino was to bear the responsibility of assassinating the Prince of Bern. However, she was saved by Jaffar and Eliwood and became an ally.

Estimated Age————————————-Teen
Title————————————Magic Prodigy
Status————————–Original “Black Fang”
Weapon————————Anima Magic / Staff

Nino thinks of Sonia as her mother, and despite receiving abuse from her constantly, still longs for her parental affection. Others in the “Black Fang” take pity on Nino, and so she is treated kindly by Legault, Jaffar, and the Reed Brothers.
Nino failed to assassinate the Prince of Bern, Zephiel, because she sympathized with how he simply wanted his father’s affection. She left the organization as a result. One can only imagine how much it must have hurt her inside fighting morphs that took the form of her father and “brothers” in the final battle.

Original Japanese Picture + Text:


101 Nino




More to come!

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