Pokémon: X/Y “Kiseki” Lyrics Translation


Today’s translation is Kiseki (きせき) [Miracle] the beautiful ending theme to Pokémon: X / Y. It has an official translation already (in several langauges!), but as usual I wanted to take a look at the literal translation. I hope to compare the literal to the localized version tomorrow to see the differences –if any!

The format:


Update: This is an older translation that I hope to go over once again to fix some errors or awkwardness that existed back then. Please keep this in mind.

この星の 同じ時代に

Kono hoshi no onaji jidai ni

On this planet, at the same time

生きる人と 出会うこと

Ikirru hito to deau koto

We’ve all lived and met each other

宇宙の 時の 中では

Uchuu no toki no naka dewa

Through time and space

たった 100年 奇跡の出会い

Tatta hyakunen kiseki no deai

A miraculous encounter that occurs just once in 100 years

相手を包み 感謝しよう

Aite o tsutsumi kanshashiyou

Let’s embrace each other, let’s express our gratitude

ともに 次代を 作っていこう

Tomoni jidai o tsukutteikou

Let’s go on to make the future together

小さなつぼみ 奪い合わずに

Chisana tsubomi ubaiawazuni

Don’t fight over the small buds

ともに 守り 育んでいこう

Tomoni mamori hagukunde ikou

Protect and grow them together instead

咲いた花に 優しさ 添えて

Saita hanani yasashisa soete

With the blooming flowers comes gentleness

贈り合えば 心 つながる

Okuriaeba kokoro tsunagaru

If we pass on this gift, our hearts become one

人と宇宙が ひとつになれる

Hito to uchuu ga hitotsu ni nareru

Humans and the cosmos become one

軸が交わる ポイント 探せば

Jiku ga majiwaru pointo sagaseba

If we search for that point where they intersect

夢が あふれる 世界 生まれる

Yume ga afureru sekai umareru

A world brimming with our dreams will be born

たった ひとつの 輝く世界

Tatta hitotsu no kagayaku sekai

Just one sparkling world

感謝 あふれる

Kansha afureru

Let’s move to make a world

未来 作ろう

Mirai tsukurou

Overflowing with gratitude


Hyakunen no
Deai ga
Kiseki o umu

All of these encounters
After 100 years
have given birth
to miracles


Hyakunen no
Deai ga
Kiseki o umu

All the encounters
After 100 years
have given birth
to miracles


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