Aladdin “A Whole New World” Japanese Lyrics Translation

A Whole New World Single

I decided to do something slightly different. This time I’ll translate the Japanese version of an originally English song just to see the differences in meaning. This is the literal translation, but I hope to have the comparison with the original English lyrics up tomorrow!

The format:


J = Jasmine A = Aladdin

A: 見せてあげよ輝く世界

A: Miseteageyo kagayaku sekai
Princess jiyuu no hana o hora
Me o hiraite kono hiroi sekai o
Mahou no juutan ni mi wo makase

A: I will show you a sparkling world
Princess, this is the flower of freedom
Open your eyes, and trust this magic carpet
To see the great world


Oozora Kumo wa utsukushiku
Dare mo bokura  Ikitome
Shibari wa shinai

The clouds in the great sky are beautiful
Nobody can stop where we’re going
Or bind us down


J:Oozora me ga kuramu keredo
Tokimeku mune  Hajimete
Anata misete kureta oo
A: (Subarashi sekai o…)

J: My eyes are dazzled by the sky
But for the first time, to my throbbing chest
You’ve shown
A: (A wonderful world)

J: ステキすぎて信じられない

J: Suteki sugite  Shinjirare nai
Kirameku hoshi wa daiyamondo ne

J: It is amazing beyond words, I cannot believe
The twinkling stars are like diamonds

A whole new world
J: 始めての世界
J: 流れ星は不思議な

A whole new world
A: (Me o hiraite,)
J: Hajimete no sekai
A: (Kowagara naide)
J: Nagareboshi wa  Fushigi na
Yume ni michite iru yo ne…

A whole new world
A: (Open your eyes!)
J: A world just beginning
A: (Don’t be afraid!)
J: The shooting stars are
brimming in a marvelous dream…

A: ステキな
J: (星も海も)
A: 新しい世界

A: Suteki na
J: (Hoshi mo umi mo)
A: Atarashii sekai
J: (Douzo kono mama)
Futari kiri de ashita o Issho ni mitsume yo

A: A fantastic
J: (The stars and the sea too)
A: new world
J: (Please stay this way)
Let’s search for tomorrow
Just the two of us together

A: このまま。。。
J: (二人が。。。)
A: 世界が。。。
J: (世界を)
A: 見つめて。。。
J: (あなたと。。。)

A: Kono mama…
J: (Futari ga…)
A: Sekai ga…
J: (Sekai wo…)
A: Mitsumete…
J: (Anata to…)
Itsumade mo…

A: We will see…
J: (The two of us…)
A: The world…
J: (The world…)
A: As it is…
J: (With you…)

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