Fire Emblem 14: Trailer Translation / Commentary

fe-ifToday’s Nintendo Direct showed off a new Fire Emblem game (FE14). Let’s take a look at what we can pick out from the Japanese, as well as from the general world of the game.



1:02 – カザハナ “Kazahana” is the character on the left. Using a sword. Seems to be myrmidon or equivalent. The person on the right has the title “暗夜兵” (Anyahei), or “Soldier of the Dark Night”


1:11 – ヒノカ “Hinoka” is the character on the left. Using a lance. Appears to be a Pegasus Knight or equivalent. Once again versus the same “Anyahei” above.


1:20 – フェリシア “Ferishia” (Felicia?) is the character speaking. She is saying, “朝ですよ~カムイ様。起きてくださ~い。” (“It’s morning, Kamui-sama, please wake up~”) Kamui must be another character.


1:21 – ガンズ “Ganzu” is the character on the right. He’s saying, “ふふふ・・・噂通りの甘っちょろい王子様だ。” (“Fufufu~ the rumored, optimistic Prince”) The sprite on the map seems to look similar to the “Kamui” character mentioned later on.


1:23 – マークス ”Maakusu” (Max?) is the character here. He’s saying, ”何でことを・・・! 父上が悪であるはずがない!” (“What the?! Father cannot  be evil!”)

Two not in the trailer, but in the direct screen shots:


This character is リンカ (Rinka), and they’re using a 青銅の金棒 (Seidou no Kanabou, or “Bronze Metal Rod”) –a new weapon?


The “Kamui” character the maids mentioned earlier. Using the 夜刀神 (Literally: Night Sword Divine). Associated with this “night” group? Same sprite yet feminine looking. A possible hint to being an Avatar/customizable unit.

None Translation Info:


Seen in the opening, there seems to be some sort of big beast in the game, or at least mentioned at some point.



It zooms out quickly from the picture to the dancer, but now we see there is in fact some sort of ruler, presumably, sitting here. The performance is for an audience, not just a dance.


The dancer who seems prominent in the trailer. She is unnamed, but seems to be performing for some audience. It zooms into her eye after this. A seer of sorts? Or just a translation? She also looks a lot like Lucina from the previous game –though this is hopefully just due to the same character designer.


The most interesting thing here is what appears to be the rest of the army in the background. When it changes view to the enemy too they have similar figures in the back.


A mysterious scene reminiscent of many others in the Fantasy genre. There is a silhouette here that is hard to make out…


Concept art? The world in multiple dimensions? I guess we’ll learn more about this part later on…


The final scene has a confrontation between these two figures. What their role is, currently unknown.


-The character designer is the same from the previous game, hence the similarities in appearances.

-The story writer this time is Shin Kibayashi, a mangaka (known for Getbackers). The trailer does indeed have a sort of feel like a manga/anime vibe, but that is just personal opinion.

-Pair Up/Doubling seems to make a return.

-A variety of environments, from grasslands to deserts to snow.


-My biggest issue with the previous game was the story. Here’s hoping the new writer will bring something fresh to the scene.

-It seems to be in a new setting from the previous installments. Or at least, there is nothing directly tying it to the other games so far. However, some clothing resembles what was seen in Valm in the previous game (FE13). Perhaps there is a connection.

-There is a possibility of Kamui being the MyUnit/Avatar/Customizable character. The sprites shown above seem to differ in gender, as just one of many reasons it is a possibility.

-The game seems pretty far into development already. When Awakening was shown to be in a similar stage of development on the Japanese Direct back in 2012 with gameplay footage, it had come out of April of that year. Perhaps the same with this one?

Currently has a Summer 2015 release for Japan. You can bet I’ll be importing it, and translating things up until then.

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4 thoughts on “Fire Emblem 14: Trailer Translation / Commentary

  1. in the big house thing showing the girl on the left with the wooden sword, how come nobody else noticed the green arrow sign going up with the red arrow sign going down for the enemy? aka weapon triangle sword>bow?

    • That’s a good point! The sword is indeed up, and bow down. Perhaps the Red and Green backgrounds have to do it with, elemental weapons or something! Thanks for pointing that out!

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