Fire Emblem if: Aqua’s Song “If- One’s Thoughts” Translation


UPDATE 2: This is just based on the trailer. The full lyrics have sinced been released, and I translated them in full HERE.

UPDATE: It has been revealed that the name of the singer is Aqua. The official song’s name is “if – hitori omou”, or “One’s thoughts.” The below is still based on the trailer, but when the official song comes out, I’ll update it with the official lyrics.

A user on kindly pointed out that a Japanese 2ch user uploaded potential lyrics for the song. So I translated them best I could. Please note that the translation is based on their interpretation of what they heard and transcribed, so if any errors arise, that is one possible reason.

I am still working on ironing out the translation. The song in question is during the first half of the trailer below:

The order is Kanji, Romaji, and English.

まどろみ 想いを断ち切って
伝承 柔く光散って

tsutau mizu suji
sono te ga hiraku asu wa
hikari e te o nobasu
kegare naki kin no tsurugi
madoromi omoi o tachigitte
tsutau seihitsu
denshou yawaku hikari chitte
yami wa sariyuku
akatsuki hitori omou

From a vague lineage
Comes a hand that will reach toward a light
Opening a path to tomorrow
The un-corruptable golden sword
Will slash those hopes from their slumber
And lead to prosperity
That soft light will scatter
And chase the darkness away
Like a one man sunrise

There are still some things to work on, as 伝う水筋 can mean “along the river bank” or “from a watery lineage(?)” which itself can be taken to mean from a “vague lineage”, or “unknown linage.” In a way this can fit the theme of the game with Kamui being born in Hoshido and raised in Nohr, and so I went with “vague lineage.” The woman is singing on the edge of water though, so perhaps it is a pun?

“Slashing hopes from their slumber” implies awakening the hopes that were once lost, rather than crushing them as some may interpret it as.

With the new name Aqua, the watery image may work better. Also, “hitori omou” is the very last lyric of the song, so it can mean dawning on one’s thoughts rather than being a substitute for a metaphor.

13 thoughts on “Fire Emblem if: Aqua’s Song “If- One’s Thoughts” Translation

  1. I wanted to ask why the Japanese is different than in Aqua’s song? Sorry if you don’t understand this! If you go to Soundcloud and Search Aqua’s Song and listen to the second song, the Japanese is different. Why is this so? And would it be possible to get the Japanese and English for that specific song?

    • I saw you already noticed, but yes that was just one part of the song translated, and I did the full song later when it became available : )

  2. This is probably a “Skyward Sword” type deal where the translated lyrics give us hints to what may happen in this game. Renka’s (The woman who does Aqua’s singing) voice is pretty though.

    • Yes, it does sound like it fits the theme of two games/choices/teams/light and dark and all that. I look forward to seeing how it relates to the story next month!

  3. At the beginning, I don’t hear the dancer sing a “z” sound. I hear her say “tsutau mina sashi/saji”. On youtube if i slow it down to .25 speed, i clearly hear an ‘n’ sound. Was this an error? or did the phrase not make sense with what she was singing? Thanks for the rest of the translation though, the rest is beautiful!

    • When I was doing a by-ear translation over on serenesforest, I too heard the “n” (and still do). But, in searching 2ch (mostly native Japanese speakers), the vast majority agree on “zu”, and so I will defer to their hearing, as they are native after all! So it is just a little safer.

      With that, the “n” did not make much sense with the given context either, compared to the current one. It is still an ongoing thing until they release official lyrics, where I’ll be sure to update whenever I hear of such!

      You’re welcome! Thanks for the compliments and the comments! : )

  4. I think watery lineage refers to the metaphor that blood ties (and by extent kizunas, bonds of friendship etc) are thicker than water, which is the reason you sometimes hear “mizu kusai” = literaly smells like water, whenever someone is being overly polite even though the guy expected their conversation partner to be more familiar. A watery lineage could mean uncertain, distant bonds, people or family one isn’t familiar with. Which is quite appropriate considerng what we know of the MU thus far.

    • Ah, I never heard the “mizu kusai” phrase, so that’s really useful. Thanks a lot! I agree that the uncertain/distant bonds is the most likely answer to that and fits the MU so far! Thank you very much for your input!

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