Fire Emblem: IF Famitsu Scan Translations [1] [5/14/15]

I translated a bit of the FE: IF section of Famitsu the other day here. I finally found some time to go through and translate the actual articles themselves. They are mostly information that was already picked out or discussed in the interview, but someone still may find use for them.

The pages have some rather complicated lay outs to do a simple edit over, so in this very rare instance, I am providing the transcript below with the page above. I will try to apply a digital edit to the later pages, however.

This is Page 1 and 2. Thanks serenesforest for the combined pages. I’ll hopefully have Page 3 and 4 up tomorrow.


A new tale of Light and Dark — If

The latest news regarding the Simulation RPG “Fire Emblem: If” came with the announcement of the release date during a Nintendo Direct on April 2nd! The game has been confirmed to come as two packages and features a tale where the protagonist plays a key role in the conflict between two nations. Like the previous titles, this is a turn based Simulation RPG. However, there are new features that make the game easier, but also more in depth in terms of strategy. In this issue, in addition to some basic information on the game’s system and characters, we published an interview with the developers.

It is a world where The peace loving Hoshido Kingdom is in an ongoing conflict with the Nohr Kingdom –one which seeks to increase it’s power. The tense relation between the two countries reaches a climax that results in an all out war. With the main character was born in the Kingdom of Hoshido, but raised in the Kingdom of Nohr, a big decision awaits them that will shape the conflict itself.*

*-this is from the main website, which I translated here.