Fire Emblem: IF Famitsu Scan Translations [ALL] [5/21/15]

I translated all four pages of the FE Famitsu Scans for 5/21/15. I put them on the pages too for your convenience. Thanks NintendoEverything for the scans, and thanks to user Sky Soldier of for assisting on the first page translations.

There are four pages total.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a little while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )

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Fire Emblem: IF Famitsu Scan Translations [2] [5/14/15]

I translated a bit of the FE: IF section of Famitsu the other day here. I finally found some time to go through and translate the actual articles themselves. They are mostly information that was already picked out or discussed in the interview, but someone still may find use for them.

The pages have some rather complicated lay outs to do a simple edit over, so in this very rare instance, I am providing the transcript below with the page above. For now it is just the transcript to get the information out there. I will digitally edit it onto the pages themselves later on, I hope.

This is Page 3 and 4. Thanks serenesforest for the pages. I combined them myself. I hope to have pages 5 and 6 done tomorrow in time for the next Famitsu issue…


Each Package has a different story that unfolds!

The story of “Hoshido” sees the protagonist aligning themselves with the Kingdom of Hoshido. In “Nohr,” the protagonist’s fate is intertwined with the Kingdom of Nohr. The opposite campaign can be downloaded as DLC in the packaged versions for 2000 yen* (with tax). Chapters 1 through 6 are the same in both versions.

Siding with the “Hoshido” is a war chronicle like previous games in the series with a Japanese flavor. You fight for the sake of the Kingdom that loves peace.

The Nohr seem evil, even so …?!

The story of “Nohr” is painted akin to a dark fantasy world. The protagonist aims to change the Kingdom, what does fate hold for them…?!

Both games, Hoshido and Nohr, depict light and dark

What’s FE?
A troublesome “Reset Again!!” Simulation RPG
The “Fire Emblem” series features leading your army to victory in turn based battles as its greatest charm. The difficult comes from the fact your allies do not recover once they have fallen. Just one mistake makes the difference between life and death. This strict system has gained the series many fans.

In addition to moving and attacking, the Songstress can sing to allow allies who have moved already to move again.

The screen displays things like terrain and parameters –all things that influence the battle. It is fun to take them into consideration!

Voice Actor: LYNN
Class: Songstress
A princess of the Nohr who is a prisoner of the Hoshido in contrast to the protagonist. She is in similar circumstances as the protagonist, and so travels with them regardless of what side they choose to go with. She is unique due to a special power she holds within the songs she sings.

The protagonist who holds the fate of the two Kingdoms in their hands
The protagonist is an extension of the player. Like the previous title, “Fire Emblem: Awakening,” the avatar system returns in which the player can freely customize the gender, appearance, and voice of the avatar. Depending on the path the protagonist chooses between the two kingdoms, the story may proceed in unexpected directions. It looks like characters who become allies on one side will be fierce enemies on the other path… “If” has that sort of story to look forward to.

Freely choose gender and appearance!

Male (Voice: Shimazaki Nobunaga) / Female (Voice: Satou Satomi)
Born to the Hoshido royal family, he was kidnapped by the Nohr at an age too young to remember it. He finds himself engulfed in the conflict between the Nohr and Hoshido –both places he can call home. He will be forced to make a great decision eventually…

^> With the ability to set facial features, body type, and gender, one can freely create a protagonist to their liking.

This game is in two packages, with two stories that unfold. This time, the player’s avatar is the main character who must make a great choice. Along with him, we are introduced to the important character Aqua. Gaze at the latest screen shots from the game!

Pick Up: Keep Resurrecting! New Mode: Phoenix
To those who worry that “it looks too hard…”, fear not! In this game, in addition to Casual (which sees to fallen allies recovering at the end of a level) there is Phoenix. In Phoenix, your defeated units revive the very next turn!

>Complete the map by defeating all the enemies. Fight to complete victory conditions like “Defeat All Enemies.”

Master strategy and defeat the enemy while protecting your allies!

Fight while predicting what will happen the next turn!

You can look at numbers when about to battle to determine how much damage will be done. Use your brain and fight.

Difficulty Select Screen
The difficult setting influences things like how powerful the enemies are. The difficulty can be lowered during the game.

Mode Select Screen
Casual is a mode that appeared before. Phoenix is a new mode for this game.

Royal Family’s Dragon Blood
It is believed that the Royal Families of both Hoshido and Nohr are descended from the “Divine Dragon Clan.” The main character and the characters of both royal families have powers that far exceed regular people, influenced by their blood.