FE: 0 (Cipher) Linde Card Translated

I have decided to typeset card translations onto Fire Emblem: 0 (Cipher) from the hard working Aubergine’s compendium. I alter the translations slightly here and there to better fit onto the physical card space, and occasionally correct any minor mistakes here and there. They should get all credit for the majority of the translation though. If you want the higher quality PNG, please email me! Below is the space-saving JPEG.

Linde-Mage-B01-036NTRANSLATENote: α = Opening Phase, S = Support Symbols: [Flip one Bond]

Original Compendium Transcript (with corrected translations)

Linde (Daughter of Pontifex Miloah) – Rarity: Common / Series 1 Booster Card #036
Cost: 1 / Promotion Cost: N/A
Symbol: Shadow Dragon
Affinities: Female / Tome
Quote: “I will avenge my father by vanquishing Garnef with my own hands!”
Skill 1: “Thunder” / α / Once per turn / [Flip one Bond] Until the end of this turn this unit’s attack increases by 10.
Skill 2: N/A
Support Skill: “Mage’s Emblem” / Attack ♥ / Draw one card. Then, choose one card from your hand and place it in the discard pile.
Attack Power: 30
Support Attack Power: 20
Range: 1-2
Class: Mage
Title: Daughter of Pontifex Miloah
Card ID: B01-036N
Illustrator: Watetsu Kurosa

Original Japanese card:

Linde Mage B01-036N.png~original

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