Fire Emblem Fates – Importer’s Source – Character Profiles [ALL] [COMPLETE]


In addition to translating the menus for Fire Emblem Fates importers who do not read Japanese, I’m also aiming to translate the characters as they appear. Please point this out to anybody who may find it useful!

CURRENT AS OF 02/13/16. All character names and descriptions are now here. All portraits that were available have been added too. All recruitment methods are here for Hoshido/Nohr, adding Touma and full profiles. Note they are listed with Japanese names, and will update for English ones later on. Hoshido = Birthright, Nohr = Conquest, and Touma = Revelations.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )

Note that I already translated all the characters that were revealed on the official website here and here. Their profiles may be very similar.

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