Fire Emblem Fates Guide Progress [6/29]

Hello everyone! If you follow this site you know it is still a blog that functions as a portfolio, and I like to upload at least one work a day. But, with this game, I did not want to make scattered posts and instead consolidated relevant information into large macro posts.

I decided to fill that quota, I can still mention the translations/works I did for the game today and going forward!


Characters: Most of this section is complete. I will be adding birthdays and voice actors to the last few who are missing them.

Menus: Nothing new was added in the menus this time around! My Castle may be the next focus. If you have any particular menus you want to see that aren’t here, please let me know!

Chapters: All Hoshido and Nohr chapters are now completed. I will go through and add the maps tomorrow, probably!

Other than these three, I have Hoshido character summaries I will post soon. They are a little rough, probably poor in grammar, etc. But they should give an idea of what’s going on.

For Nohr, I may have to replay it since I only started doing summaries halfway through my Hoshido play through.