Fire Emblem Fates: Hoshido Story Summary

Spoiler warning!

This is my chapter by chapter summary of the Hoshido path. I did Nohr first, but I only started writing summaries at about Chapter 12 in the Hoshido route (so you will notice they get longer after that as the others were from memory).

I may have to play Nohr again to type up the Nohr summary. Please keep in mind that some things that occur may be the result of variables, but that the overall outcome should not change too much. I am thinking of adding pictures, but they are mostly unnecessary I think, so I decided to just bring the text to you all first.

I start from Chapter 6 (Hoshido) rather than all the way back at the beginning of the

This was all done on my free time, and so took a while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )

Chapter 6: Reaching for the Light

Kamui decides to join the Hoshido side, to the dismay of their Nohrian siblings. Marx expresses his disappointment, and challenges Kamui to beat him to show their resolve. He mentions his deep regret and anger that Kamui could betray the family that raised them as one of their own to the point they were like real family. After the battle, the Nohr side retreats and Kamui is joined by their Hoshido siblings. The war against Nohr had begun.

Chapter 7: A Gathering of Spirits

Ryouma and Takumi have went off to the border to fight Nohr. Kamui remains back with Sakura in treating the injured, but a Nohr attack soon comes underway. The boss of the group claims to be Kamui’s childhood friend, Cyrus, but Kamui does not seem to remember him and doubts his claims. After the battle, Kamui finally remembers him, and while he swore a knight’s oath to Nohr, Kamui and Cyrus make a new vow of friendship, and he joins the team. Saizou, Ryouma’s servant, soon appears, telling them that those at the border ran into trouble and were scattered. Kamui marches off toward the front.

Chapter 8: A Ferocious Wind

Hearing news regarding the mystery of what happened to Ryouma and Takumi, the group sets off to find any possible leads, deciding to visit the Wind Clan. On their way, they were ambushed by monsters on the Hades’ Stairway. After defeating them, they notice that there were many members of the Wind Clan dead here. As they reach the desert, the Wind Clan assumes they are responsible, and the only way to prove their innocence is in an all-out battle with their clan leader, Fuuga. Their name is cleared afterward, and Fuuga sends Tsukuyomi along with them.

Chapter 9: The Kingdom of Gods

In Izumo, Kamui seeks audience with Izana. He promises to heal up some wounds on Sakura and Kamui, but suspiciously puts them in an isolated dark room. It is then revealed he is actually Zoura, a man using shapeshifting magic to disguise himself. However, in a double ruse, Hinoka and others suspected this and disguised as his guards, stopping them from executing Kamui. The battle goes on, and eventually they defeat Zoura. Leon of Nohr then comes; ready to execute him for his cowardice, but Kamui saves him. Leon retreats, and Zoura is indebted to Kamui for saving his life despite everything he had done. Meanwhile, the real Izana is freed, and he reads a fortune –which mysteriously involves song lyrics from the song Aqua often sings. Aqua insists that the song’s lyrics were created a long time ago, and that even she is not sure of the lyrics’ meaning.

Chapter 10: Shinobi Village

Kotarou of the Fuuma has joined King Garon with the promise that he will be granted territory. He had imprisoned Kagerou, who after the battle seeks to pass on the information that Ryouma still may be alive.

Chapter 11: Toward the Sea

Out at sea, the group encounters a sudden storm where phantom apparitions appear. Zoura swears this is not Nohr’s work, and saves Takumi from a fatal blow.

After the battle, Takumi insists that Zoura has earned his trust, and even allow him to call him by his name.

Chapter 12: Reunion in Paradise

The country of Muse is unaligned with Hoshido and Nohr, and is a neutral territory where both sides often go. A singer named Lala is lamenting that she will be unable to visit her sick mother with medicine, due to putting on a special show for Garon, the King of Nohr. Hearing this, Aqua hatches a plan to take her place, seeking to use Zoura’s magic to disguise herself as Lala. Zoura is worried that he can change her appearance, but not her singing voice, but Kamui and the others assure them both that Aqua is a great singer. While waiting for the show to begin, Takumi and Kamui spot Elise with Garon. The show begins, and Aqua begins singing a different song than promised, which starts to harm Garon. Trying to escape afterward, Garon and the others surround them, their plan seemingly found out thanks to Zoura. Zoura says he has fulfilled his duty as a spy, and requests Garon to please intervene to prevent Leon from killing him. Takumi remarks on the betrayal, but then something is odd when Zoura is still trying to vouch for them –to repay Kamui for saving his life. He is murdered by Garon for having “fulfilled his purpose,” however. Kamui and Takumi are distraught, with Takumi remarking that though Zoura may have betrayed them, he still saved his life. They prepare for battle, though with the intention of escaping. They seek to head toward Chevalier to look for Ryouma.

Chapter 13: Unyielding Spirit

In Chevalier, Kamui is ambushed by Camilla and Ganz. They have to battle. Afterward, Kamui reveals their intentions to Camilla, who is reassured that Kamui has not changed and is still the good hearted child. Leon thinks otherwise, and intends to punish Kamui, but is attacked by a mysterious soldier in armor. The Chevalier Rebel Leader Crimson arrives with a squad of wyverns, and the Nohr are forced to retreat. The man in armor turns out to be Ryouma, and the siblings are reunited.

Chapter 14: A Soft Light Scatters

With all siblings reunited, Crimson also joins the crew due to an “enemy of the enemy is my friend” policy, but also because she has familiarity with the Hoshido royal family. The hideout is found out, however, and they suspect there is a traitor among them. But, they resolve to fight first and think about that later. The army decides to do a push into Nohr territory through a secret route, resolving that there is no turning back after this.

Chapter 15: Werewolf Summit

Deciding to take a trail through a mountain trail, Kamui and company encounter a group of Garu –beings that can change to a wolf form. The leader, Flannel, shows himself, threatening them that they just ate the last group that passed, tossing a bone to prove it. Kamui pleads that she has no intention of fighting, and that they let them through. She and her army put their weapons down to prove this, and Flannel believes them, deciding to let them through. Suddenly a blast of dark magic comes out of nowhere, killing one of the werewolves. Flannel, enraged by this does not listen to reason, and assumes Kamui’s group killed him. He attacks Kamui, who is saved by Suzukaze, who says that Flannel is beyond listening to reason, and they have no choice left but to fight.

After the battle, Kamui feels guilty about killing them off, but Suzukaze ensures them that the true one to blame is whoever set this trap. Kamui still takes blame as it was done by her hand, showing their ever compassionate heart. Seeing this, Suzukaze decides he wants to serve Kamui now, just as the other siblings have their own subordinates. A sudden explosion rocks the area though, and Kamui loses their footing, but Suzukaze grabs their arms. Suzukaze confesses that he is to blame for Kamui’s kidnapping by Nohr all those years ago when he was a fledgling shinobi who failed his duty to his master. He gets Kamui to safety, praying for their happiness, as he falls down the cliff. Ryouma reassures Kamui that there is a light in any darkness, and to have hope.

Note: If you have an A support with Suzukaze, he survives this. Whether or not this changes the overall outcome or story later, I do not know.

Chapter 16: Pleasure Palace

Macbeth tells Garon of his plans to continue to hinder Kamui’s forces. Meanwhile, Kamui arrives in the city of Makras, a city like Muse where there are singing and dancing shows. Takumi then seems to collapse, with Sakura saying he has caught a local illness, and he will die if left untreated. Takumi thinks Aqua may be able to fix him like she did before, but she apologizes saying she cannot. They resolve to search Makras Palace for someone who can help. But, Ryouma warns that Nohr soldiers will definitely be there. They were expecting enemies, but run into Flora. Flora assures them she can get them a doctor, but then they are ambushed by Macbeth. He reveals that he had been tracking their movements, but that he is not whatever insider they were worried about before.

After the battle, Kamui confronts him about the insider, but he says he would rather have them doubt their allies than give it away –as a traitor has no right to talk about treachery. He then disappears, revealing it was just a phantom of him that Kamui fought. Takumi says that Kamui trusts too easily, but then is in pain from high fever. Flora goes off to get him medicine. Afterward, Flora invites the group to the Ice Clan’s village. Kamui worries the Ice Clan may get into trouble with Nohr, but Felicia ensures they are strong and that she take her there personally. Takumi ominously speaks in his sleep, stating that “There are more than meets the eye, and this war will go on if you do not defeat all of them.”

Chapter 17: The Ice Breaks

As they near the Ice Clan’s village, Kamui continues to worry about what Macbeth said, but Ryouma reassures her that a general should trust all their soldiers. Ryouma states that believing in them without knowing why is both a strength and weakness, but that Kamui should not give in to doubt. Kamui says they will trust their soldiers, and they arrive at the village. Flora goes on ahead to get the rest of the Ice Members to greet them, but returns with the Nohr army. Flora reveals this was a set up, and that she was part of this plan to lure them to the Ice Village from Makras. Kamui pleads that this isn’t like Flora, claiming Macbeth or Garon put her up to this, but she says it is of her own volition, as she felt deeply about Kamui’s betrayal. She says Felicia will be forgiven if she helps defeat Kamui.

After the battle, Flora admits being coerced by Garon to attack Kamui. Out of guilt and facing inevitable death for her failure, she sacrifices herself by lighting herself ablaze in a fire that Felicia could not stop, no matter how much she begged or pleaded. It makes Kamui’s resolve to defeat Garon even stronger.

Chapter 18: Prince Leon of Nohr

Camping in the woods, Kamui and Ryouma encounter Nosferatu. Ryouma says their actions are unnatural, and figures somebody is controlling them. Leon reveals himself to be the puppet master. He subdues the Hoshidian siblings with darkness, but Kamui is unaffected as they grew up in this darkness. Kamui states they don’t want to fight Leon, but Leon does not yield, stating that he very much wants to fight Kamui.

After the battle, Kamui confronts Leon about whether he truly wants to fight. After some back and forth argument, Kamui proves Leon does not want to kill them because if he really wanted to, he would have already. Leon breaks down and confesses he still loves his elder sibling Kamui. Kamui asks him to join the fight against Nohr, but he fears the consequences from Marx and others. Aqua suggests he go and find his own answer to what he really wants to do. After much discussion, the group decides they need to fight Marx at Notrodea. Leon gives them a book that will allow them to warp to Notrodea, and rides off with a smile which Kamui remarks is their true younger brother Leon.

Chapter 19: The Rainbow Sage

The warp spell works, and they arrive in Notrodea. Kamui asks an old man about the Rainbow Sage. He seems reluctant, saying it may be dangerous. They learn Sumeragi and Garon had also seen the sage before. He tells them to go to the Notrodea peak where the Seven Towers are in order to meet the sage.

After the battle, Kamui opens the door to where the sage would be, and is teleported back to the town. The old man is revealed to be the Rainbow Sage. He informs them that they must solve the mystery of the “Fire Emblem.” Kamui remarks that Fuuga mentioned the Yatogami in relation to it. The sage says that is one step done, then requests the Wind God’s Bow, which Takumi has. That and the Yatogami form 2 of 5 of the heroes’ legendary weapons to unlock the Fire Emblem. He tells them where to head next, and bids them farewell. Kamui says they will meet again, and the sage says so too after a little while. But, when Kamui leaves, he remarks at the little time he has left, having been around since the time of the gods.

Chapter 20: Black Dragon Fortress

The group warps back to the woods in Nohr, and head northeast with confidence in their ability to fight Marx thanks to the sage’s help. They arrive at a fortress that Kamui remarks looks like a dragon, as Ryouma says it is in fact the “Black Dragon Fortress.” The black dragon was one that was slain years ago, said to have been massive. Inside, they find nobody. The ground begins to shake, and Macbeth appears. He is back to defeat Kamui and seek the king’s forgiveness, but Kamui intends on capturing him instead. He says it is impossible however as this is just another phantom of his. He then surprises Kamui’s group –the Black Dragon is very much alive, and they are in its belly. Aqua says this could not be done by regular witchcraft, and asks where he got his power. He claims from Garon, who has gained great abilities to make this kind of feat happen. Aqua taunts Macbeth for it not being his own power. Kamui tries attacking the wall with their sword to make an escape route, but nothing happens. Macbeth mentions that weapons and magic do not work inside the dragon. To make matters worse, he summons Nosferatu and leaves. Kamui is lost on what to do, but Aqua suggests that she sing her own song with the possibility the dragon may return to being a fortress. However, she requires that a certain number of the Nosferatu be defated as not to interfere.

After the battle, Aqua’s song makes the walls return to normal, and Kamui creates an opening. They escape the fortress, but Kamui remembers what happened last time Aqua sang, and worries about her. She tells Kamui not to worry, but then shows more signs of harm. Aqua mentions a curse that comes about of her singing, and says if she told the truth, Kamui would only worry more. Kamui says for Aqua to not use the singing power anymore, and to leave it them from now on. Aqua promises she will not disappear as she dreams of a peaceful world where Kamui and the others live in harmony.

Chapter 21: The Burning Falls

Garon remarks on how the snitch within Kamui’s army will be their downfall. Elise is eavesdropping, and Marx says it may be best not to. Elise breaks down, lamenting at how Leon and Kamui are gone and the fact they are all fighting one another. Marx reassures her by saying that when the war is over and Hoshido annexed into Nohr, that all will return to normal. Elsewhere, on a boat, Ryouma and Kamui receive word from Yukimura that Nohr is likely planning a full on invasion. Kamui realizes they need to finish this war even quicker to prevent this. They also talk about a place named “Demon Falls,” a place with a deadly history. They decide to go there. Ryouma is shocked at the flaming rapids, as Joker informs him that the place got the name Demon Falls due to the fuel mixed with the water creating rivers of flame. Seeing no clear path, Ryouma figures they should use Dragon Vein in front of several statues to make a new path. Joker senses others nearby, and urges him to hurry.

After the battle, a cave appears, with Joker saying it is part of the Vindam Royal Capital.

Chapter 22: The Dead Capital

Seeing the capital of Vindam, Ryouma resolves to fix Nohr after the war when he is King, promising to feed the populace. This increases Cyrus’s loyalty and resolve to fight for him. However, they are ambushed and surrounded by bandits, and fight them in defense.

After the battle, Ryouma wonders what to do with Asura. Aqua suggests they ask him about the secret road which she recalls seeing the day she was kidnapped. Asura attempts to use this information as a bartering tool for money and his desires. Ryouma promises, as the first prince of Hoshido, that he shall get it after the war. Takumi cautions against this, but Asura’s demeanor changes when he heard Ryouma is a prince of Hoshido, revealing he once served them too in the now extinct Kouga country. It was a country that used to exist next to Fuuma, but was wiped out by the Nohr alliance with Fuuma. Ryouma suggest Asura join, since he can look forward to returning home and no longer needing to resort to being a bandit to make ends meet. Asura agrees, no longer needing money or anything. All he wants is the Kouga restored. Kouga remarks that he saw Aqua before when young, but then shakes the thought off, and leads them to the Capital Underground District. Kamui is impressed by how lively it is, and Ryouma remarks they are no different than Hoshido citizens. A little girl comes by asking for some things –and it turns out to be Elise. She is shocked at Kamui being here, just as Kamui is shocked too. She asks what she is doing here despite being a princess, but Elise is unable to answer. Elise does assure her that Garon does not know of this place or her activity here. Elise takes Kamui to meet her milk mother, Kashta. Elise explains the castle changed ever since the war started, with the siblings scattered and talk of war as the only thing now. She longs for that again. She learned about this place from Camilla. Elise remarks that Garon has been acting strange, killing people on the spot like Zoura right in front of her. He also talks to Marx like a completely different person. She remarks it was after Shenmei disappeared. Kamui asks about her, mentioning that Marx’s mother was named Ektrina. Kashta explains Shenmei is the wife Garon took after Ektrina’s death. She was said to have had a beautiful singing voice as well, but that she met an unfortunate end and died too. Ryouma figures Shenmei is Aqua’s true mother. Elise is surprised that Aqua is her sister too, but Aqua does not seem too happy about it.

Chapter 23: Princess Camilla of Nohr

In the secret passage, Kamui thanks Elise for her help and asks her to return to Kashta for her own safety. Elise is concerned about Kamui willing to kill Marx to end the war, and wants to come too. After some discussion, Elise wants to go forward not as part of Hoshido, but to end the war faster. Kamui eventually lets her come. Elise shows them multiple paths, saying Camilla says never to take the left one as it’s too dangerous. Kamui remarks that they have faced many dangers up to now, and that they are prepared for anything so should take it. Elise remarks that Kamui has become much stronger, and is happy to be given an opportunity to protect them. Elfie and Harold (Elise’s subordinates) spot her, and go to tell Camilla… Later, Elise hears footsteps behind them, and it turns out to be Camilla. Camilla was told Elise was kidnapped, rather than there of her own will. She then thinks that Elise and Kamui are coming back to join Nohr, but Kamui says that is not the case. Camilla concludes that Kamui’s friends are bad influences, and will kill everyone except Kamui and Elise. She does not listen to reason, and they are forced to fight.

After the fight, Camilla laments that she wishes things were like before, disheartened by how even Elise betrayed her. Kamui reassures her that Elise did not betray her, and that they simply seek to defeat Marx and Garon to end the war. Camilla is proud of Kamui, and says she shares this same ideal. She then collapses, fainting. Luna says to let her take care of it, because if her master is currently out she can do as she pleases.

Chapter 24: A Star Dragon’s Tears

In the secret passage, Kamui grows restless. Aqua assures them that they are almost at the castle, as she remembers it from when she was kidnapped. They finally emerge –right into the Kingdom of Nohr’s training grounds. Ganz shows up to yell at the soldiers to motivate them. Kamui swears revenge on him for Gunther’s death, but then one of the soldiers spot them beneath the statue. Kamui challenges Ganz to a fight. After chopping down several enemies, Ganz attacks. Kamui freezes up, and Lilith comes out of nowhere to take the blow for them. This enrages Kamui, and the battle begins.

After the battle, the Nohr soldiers lose the will to fight with Ganz’s defeat. Kamui turns their attention to Lillith. She takes on a human form in her final moments. Kamui begins to have doubts about the war, but Ryouma tells Kamui to not cry, but raise their head up high and fight until the end.

Chapter 25: The Traitor’s True Colors

Elise leads them to where Garon will be. Kamui tells Elise to wait as a figure appears, turning out to be Macbeth. He asks Elise to come back to his side, but she refuses. He then shows that he has had Takumi under his control this entire time, revealing their every movement. Kamui’s words do not reach Takumi, and Macbeth prevents Aqua from singing. However, Kamui’s words reach Takumi as he begins to speak. Aqua manages to sing. Macbeth notices the pain in Aqua’s eyes as she sings though, but Takumi hits him with an arrow, and Aqua is freed. The battle begins. After the battle, Macbeth pleads to have his life spared. Leon arrives, and Macbeth assumes to help him. Leon instead kills him. Elise and Leon meet up and Kamui explains that they are going on to fight Marx and Garon. Leon reminds them that they best be prepared as those two are stronger than he can describe. Kamui goes on ahead, as Leon converses with his two followers about surviving the battle that is to come.

Chapter 26: Prince Marx of Nohr

Marx prepares for battle, telling his subordinates to stay as this is a fight between him and Kamui. They want to fight, but he orders them to stay despite that. Meanwhile, Elise says they are almost at Garon’s room, which is at the top of the tower. Marx stands in their way, and Elise pleads the siblings not to fight. Ryouma tells everyone to protect Kamui, but Marx says he did not bring his own subordinates either, so they should have a one on one fight elsewhere, which Kamui agrees to. Elise feels helpless, wishing there was a way to stop them, and she says she will try one last time… Narx says this will be like their training sessions –only that it will end with Kamui’s head flying off. Kamui says they are not who they were back then. They start their duel, but it is severely one sided against Kamui. Ryouma wants to intervene, but Kamui tells him to stay back. Kamui starts asking Marx why he does not use this amazing power for the sake of justice. Marx questions just what justice is as he prepares for the final blow. As he swings, Elise comes in the way, taking the hit. As she lays dying in his arms, she remarks that this is the result of his justice. She pleads him not to cry, and simply asks that they not fight anymore. Kamui is broken by this, but Marx insist they continue to fight. Kamui begs that Marx listen to his little sister’s final wish, but he ignores Kamui. Kamui resigns to the fact Marx is not the Marx they knew anymore, and prepares for battle. Pieri and Lazward come with reinforcements against Marx’s wishes. Ryouma assumes it was a coward’s trick, and jumps into battle too.

After the battle, Marx laments at where they are now compared to the good times before. He regrets that he and his siblings were unable to choose to rebel against Garon like Kamui had. He passes away with the final plea that Kamui “save” Garon. Kamui leaves for the top of the tower.

Chapter 27: King Garon of Nohr

Kamui confronts Garon. He shows no grief at the lost of his son Marx and daughter Elise. Kamui attacks Garon, but finds their sword has no effect. Aqua says she will sing to weaken him, but he prevents her from doing so. He threatens to kill her, but Aqua says to attack anyway. Ryouma attempts a diplomatic approach and listens to Garon’s request. Garon wishes for total domination of Hoshido, and attacks Ryouma with a fireball. Kamui wonders why their sword has no effect. Ryouma’s sword glows, as the Yatogami gains another shard, becoming a curved blade thanks to Ryouma’s Thunder God Blade and Takumi’s Wind God Bow. It becomes the Yatogami – Hoshido. Kamui strikes Garon and Aqua is freed. The battle begins. After the battle, Kamui says it is over. But then, Garon transforms into a massive Dragon. The Yatogami is unable to effect him. Ryouma and Takumi say they still have their weapons, but Garon quickly rids them. Garon is about to kill the two brothers, but Kamui jumps in the way, taking a heavy blow, collapsing. At the start of the battle, Aqua says she will sing to weaken him. Kamui tells Aqua to remember the promise she kept before. Aqua says she will, intending not to disappear. She begins singing, as Garon prays to Hydra to give him power.

Chapter 28 (Final Chapter): Darkness Vanquished by Dawn

Kamui wakes up in their room with Flora and Lillith at their bedside. Kamui wonders why Felicia and Joker aren’t there too. They then see Elise and Marx, who tries to raise them. Kamui insists they are sleepy. Marx asks why they are being obedient like they were before all of a sudden, and Kamui says why shouldn’t they be? But then realizes slowly the events that had happened. Kamui thinks they may have died, but Marx says Kamui is still okay. However, Kamui hears the sounds of the Ryouma and the others under attack. Everyone says a line to Kamui to wake up. Kamui has a scene with Flora, then with Lillith, Elise, and Marx. Kamui says they will never forget the kindness they were shown, and promises to bring a world of peace. Kamui returns with a restored sword which Garon cannot disable, and claims this is the final battle. After the battle, Garon calmly regrets not having killed Kamui back when they were kidnapped. Kamui asks why Garon did not. Garon remarks originally for the sake of his plan to kill Mikoto, but also because he felt something back then, something he figures must have been for his ambitions, but is not quite sure anymore. His body slowly dissipates, and his conscious slowly fades. Kamui wonders if that was really King Garon. Aqua then collapses, apologizing that it seems she cannot keep her word, but thanks Kamui for believing in her. She asks Kamui to listen to just one last wish, that Kamui bring happiness no matter the path they choose. Aqua fades away like Garon did, with Kamui mourning her, telling her to sing wherever she goes.

Epilogue (Hoshido):

Yukimura crowns Ryouma the new King of Hoshido. Ryouma promises to make a prosperous world for both the Hoshido and Nohr. Ryouma says to Kamui that he is relying on them to help build the kingdom. Camilla and Leon visit. Camilla has deep regrets over the loss of Elise and Marx. Ryouma says they will never forget those who lost their lives in the war because of them. Kamui looks forward to working together with their siblings, both Hoshido and Nohr ones alike. They all head for a celebration of Ryouma’s ascension to the throne. Later, Kamui visits the place they met Aqua for the very first time. Suddenly, Kamui hears the all familiar song, and spots Aqua at the waterside. She asks Kamui what they see, to which they respond nothing but water. Aqua says to avert their eyes, saying there are probably many worlds Kamui is not aware of, and to please turn and face the water. Kamui mentions they are glad that Aqua is back while turning, and that they feel at ease when Aqua is nearby. Kamui remarks if Aqua wasn’t there, they probably would not have survived. Kamui wonders why Aqua is not responding, but then sees she is gone. Kamui hears her voice saying “thank you, Kamui, someday, somewhere… let’s meet again.” Kamui understands. Ryouma appears, telling Kamui everybody is waiting for them, as Kamui laughs and says not to start without them.

The game ends with a final scene showing Kamui meeting their Hoshido siblings at a rebuilt square where a statue of the late Queen Mikoto is built, and Ryouma asks their hand in building a better tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates: Hoshido Story Summary

  1. Hi! For Elise’s death cutscene, I know she says “Marx-oniichan… This is your justice…?” Or something along those lines. She then says something about protecting the one that you love and that the sword is not the only way(?). Her last line is “Please… Make the fighting stop…”

    Could you please help me out? Thank you!

    • 愛する者守るために必要なの。。。本当は、剣じゃなくてあたたかい手と涙なの。。。

      I believe this is the transcript? I could have misheard, though.

    • Yep, that sounds along the right lines. Her last line is more direct with “Please…Stop fighting” as a direct request, rather than making the fighting stop, it’s more a direct request to stop fighting : )

  2. Omg thank you so much for the translations. So heartbreaking about elise amd marx. I cant wait till you continue the nohr path and hopefully the 3rd one. And maybe the summer scramble?

    • You’re welcome! Yes, Nohr is taking longer than I wanted… I knew I should’ve done the summaries during my first play through xD But yep! I intend to do third path as I go through as well, and maybe summer scramble if it seems to need a summary. : )

  3. Thanks for the summary of this path. BTW, in which chapter (or chapters) of the Nohr route you fight Hinoka?

    • You’re welcome! You fight Hinoka as the boss of both Chapter 11 and 24 in the Nohr path : ) I’m working on my Nohr route summary now too, so you’ll see it here eventually.

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  5. As sudden as this may sound, I must say I love you! I was totally resignated with waiting until 2016 for the game to be localized, but with what you are doing here, I think I’ll go buy a Japanese copy of the game.

    So, thanks a lot! I may help with some money, too, since you are so awesome! 😀 Keep up the good work, I may only be able to help with some money and all, but I’m cheering for you! For whatever that’s worth!

    • xD Thank you for the very kind words. : ) I am glad I was able to help. I know what it’s like to wait so long for something like this, so decided to take the initiative to either make the wait easier or allow people to see it for themselves earlier : )

      Ah, please do not worry about the amount. Even the smallest donations are very much appreciated : )

      I am still helping out on a project that will allow you to patch the game to your system, too. So I hope this all comes in handy to fans.

      • Firstly, you’re awesome for translating the events! Ugh, I feel a bit ashamed a human for being so impatient. But I don’t see why work on a translation patch when the game is already coming out in 2016 though? It just (to me) seems like unneccessary work

        • I’m not sure either, but it seems to be something people are having fun doing. I started these menu translations and such as a general guide as I play through the game myself, so don’t really lose much from it, and people find it helpful, so why not? But yes, the game officially will come after 6 months or so, which the patch can easily be done before. So more for people who want to play it quickly, I guess! Of course, please buy the game when it comes out to support it’s localization. We’re amazed Nintendo has not sent any Cease and Desist yet… but even if they do I can still continue to work on the guide, at least!

  6. Yeah, I can’t read japanese at all (I’ll eventually learn) so this is exactly what I was looking for. Can’t expect someone to do every single line of dialogue but a summary is more then enough.

    • Yes, I think the translation project may tackle every line eventually, but for now a summary should do. Some streams have been popping up with people translating the dialogue as they play through too, though, if you wanted to see those.

  7. Will their be a summary for the first 5 chapters? Or does nothing really important happen other then leading up to the point where you pick your side. Btw this is awesome, I really can’t thank you enough for doing this.

    • I’m thinking I’ll cover those while I do my Nohr run through (again) : ) It may take some time since I’ll be playing at a slower pace, probably.

      Glad it helped though!

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