Fire Emblem Fates: Azura’s Song “If- One’s Thoughts” FULL Song Translation

UPDATE 2: [Feb 9th] I updated the song to iron out some rough edges. I hope you like this version better! I will be uploading the localized lyrics later on and hopefully compare them too. The officially translated lyrics for the English version (“Lost in Thoughts All Alone”) can be found here. .Though, they are vastly different as it is a “localization” rather than a translation.

UPDATE: The officially localized title for this song is “Lost in Thoughts All Alone.” The preview lyrics (shown in the final Smash Bros announcement video on Dec. 15 2015) already shows significant differences between the songs, but I will wait for an official lyrics release or transcription before comparing them!

A user on kindly pointed out that the official Japanese lyrics to the full song of “if~one’s thoughts~” had been uploaded.  So I translated them best I could.  The song is called if~hitori omou~ in Japanese.

The format is:  English. Kanji, and then Romaji.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )

Feel free to use this translation but please link back here in some fashion!


Swaying and being swayed

One’s thoughts hang in the balance
Like ephemeral bubbles down the river stream
A hand will open up the path to tomorrow

Reaching out to the light
The infallible silver blade
Will awaken those slumbering hopes
With a mighty slash

A song that brings peace to the world
Scatters a soft light from a crystal
Like a sunrise that drives away the darkness

One’s thoughts

Swaying and being swayed,

One’s thoughts hang in the balance
Like ephemeral bubbles down the river stream
That hand will open up the path to tomorrow

On a path to darkness
Toward an empty white throne
One will deceive them all
by spinning a false tale

A dull obsidian seeps across the sky
Like a sunset that drives away the light

One’s thoughts

No matter which path is chosen
They will all surely lead to smiles and grief, regrets and dreams

One will wander, worn out by indecision and uncertainty in their future
There will surely be roses that cut them along the way

Sinking into a ravine
The wandering heart will drift about
a childish wish

That when the descendent bound by blood
Finishes off this corpse buried deep within madness
That someone is clearly made aware of Our thoughts
As if it were reflected upon the water’s surface

Swaying, and being swayed

One’s thoughts hang in the balance
Like ephemeral bubbles down the river stream
those hands will open up the way to tomorrow

Being swayed, and swaying


Yurari yurureri

Utakata omoi meguru
Hakari tsutau minasuji
sono te ga hiraku asu wa

hikari e te o nobasu
kegarenaki gin no tsurugi
omoi o tachikirite

utau seihitsu
suishou yawaku hikari chirite
yami no sariyuku akatsuki

hitori omou

Yurari yurureri

utakata omoi meguru hakari
tsutau minasuji
sono te ga hiraku asu wa
yami e to susumiyuku
utsurona hakua no ouza
onore o subete o azamuite

tsumugu kotowari
kokuyou nibuku kuzureochite
hikari sariyuku tasogare

hitori omou

erabi wa tadashiki michi subete ga
nageki mo egao mo  kui mo yume mo kitto
yukusue ni mayoi tsukare sasurai
ibara o sono mi ni kizamu mo mata kitto

hazama e shizumi yuku
Samayoi tayutau kokoro
negai o matometeta
musubu ketsu ei
nakigara umore kuri hatete
minamo ni utsuru
wa ga i o dare ga shiru ya

yurari yurureri

utakata omoi meguru hakari
tsutau minasuji
sono te ga hiraku asu wa

yurureri yurari


ユラリ ユルレリ

泡沫(うたかた) 想い 廻(めぐ)る
秤(はかり) 伝う 水脈
その手が 拓く 未来(あす)は
光へ 手を伸ばす

水晶 柔(やわ)く光散りて
独り 思う
ユラリ ユルレリ
泡沫 想い 廻る秤
伝う 水脈
その手が 拓く 未来は
闇へと 進みゆく
黒曜(こくよう) 鈍く 崩れ落ちて
光去り行く 黄昏

選びしは正しき道 すべてが
嘆きも笑顔も 悔いも夢も きっと
行く末に 迷い疲れ 流離(さすら)い
茨をその身に 刻むもまた きっと
亡骸 埋もれ狂い果てて
我が意を 誰が知るや
ユラリ ユルレリ
泡沫 想い めぐる秤
伝う 水脈
その手が 拓く 未来は
ユルレリ ユラリ

This song can be interpreted in so many different ways, and was rather difficult to translate and flow in a nice way. I did my best to try and make it flow. If you are a fellow Japanese speaker and are a little confused as to some of my word choice to make it flow better, I’ll be more than happy to explain myself if you have any specific questions. : )


46 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates: Azura’s Song “If- One’s Thoughts” FULL Song Translation

      • Hello I’m Japanese anonymous of August.
        Is it “lost in waves”? Sigure’s song!

        And I found points to be able to fixed

        yami no sariyuku akatsuki
        hikari sariyuku tasogare

        (To read sariiku isn’t wrong in Japanese but in the lyrics 蓮花 sang them sariyuku.)

        erabishi wa tadashiki michi
        osanaki negai o motometeta
        nakigara umore kururi hatete

        Maybe it’s all in Romaji 🙂

  1. Official lyrics may be included in Renka’s CD, if〜ひとり思う〜. Maybe, lyrics of many websites are copy of original lyrics card. I think someone copy and upload lyrics by mistake, and they’re spread.
    Since I don’t have her CD, I can’t check that 黒曜 is definitely right. (Sorry!)
    Nevertheless, I think right lyrics is 黒曜 from my experience.

  2. oh, I missed.

    I guess crystal is compared with “obsidian.” Sorry.

    I have never heard the word「黒陽」. I googled some website. Certainly one Japanese website offers lyrics 黒陽 but other websites don’t. They offer 黒曜.
    ( I think it may be mistake of conversion. 黒曜 and 黒陽 have same sound.「黒」has 「kuro」 and 「Koku」「陽」and「曜」has 「you」. So 黒陽 and 黒曜 can be read 「kokuyou」)

    Thank you for reading my English and warming response. If I have some idea of the lyrics, I will comment again !

    • なるほど!じゃあ、「黒曜」たぶん正しいの歌詞ね?ところで、オフィシャル歌詞どこかある?探しても、見つけなかったが・・・

      Thank you for the help! If you ever need help in English feel free to ask or email me : )

  3. Hello!
    Sorry.I’m Japanese,not good at English.
    But I think 「我が意を誰が知るや」
    means “nobody knows my heart ”
    In this line,「や」is rhetorical question.

    And I also think 夜刀神 (yato no kami,Kamui’s sword) looks like gold.But 「銀」of「穢れなき銀の剣」is definitely silver.

    So I interpret 「穢れなき銀の剣」
    as Kamui himself(herself).
    (It is my own thoughts,not official)

    • Your English is fine : ) 大丈夫ですよ~

      That is a good point, that Kamui himself is being referred to as the “silver sword”, and would explain why it is silver written instead of Gold. : )


  4. This must be the translation from Japanese to English. The English version is completely different from this. The opening for the English version is “You are the ocean’s gray wave, destined to seek life beyond the shore, just out of reach: yet the waters ever change flowing like time, the path is yours to climb” (this last part is where it is generally hard to hear and there are many interpretations but this is what I hear)

    • Thank you Xkan for putting up this translation that actually has the same meaning as the Japanese lyrics, unlike the awful english lyrics that should not even be called a translation because of how drastically different it is

    • Dude, the whole song is
      “You are the ocean’s grey waves, destined to seek,
      Life beyond the shore, just out of reach,
      Yet, the waters ever change,
      Flowing like time, the path is yours to climb

      In the white light, a hand reaches through
      A double edged blade cuts your heart in two
      Waking dreams fade away, embrace the brand new day
      Sing with me a song, of birthrights and love
      The light scatters to the sky above
      Dawn breaks through the gloom, white as a bone,
      Lost in thoughts, all alone

      You are the ocean’s grey waves,
      Destined to seek, life beyond the shore just out of reach
      Yet, the waters ever change, flowing like time
      The path is yours to climb

      Embrace the dark, you call a home
      Gaze upon an empty white throne
      A legacy of lies, A familiar disguise
      Sing with me a song, of conquest and fate
      The black pillar cracks beneath its weight
      Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone
      Lost in thoughts, all alone

      The path you walk on belongs to destiny, just let it flow
      All of your joy and your pain will fall like the tide, let it flow
      The world is not just filled with happiness, nor sorrow,
      Even the thorn in your heart, in time it may become, a rose

      A burdened heart, sinks into the ground
      A veil falls away without a sound
      Not day nor night, Wrong not right
      For truth and peace you fight
      Sing with me a song, of silence and blood
      The rain falls, but can’t wash away the mud
      Within my ancient heart dwells, madness and pride
      Can no one heart my cry

      You are the ocean’s grey waves
      Destined to seek, life beyond the shore
      Just out of reach
      Yet, the waters ever change
      Flowing like time, the path is yours to climb

      You are the oceans grey waves (Only if 4th verse isn’t sung)

      You are the ocean’s grey waves,
      Destined to seek, life beyond the shore
      Just out of reach
      Yet, the waters ever change
      Flowing like time, the path is yours to climb

      In endless dreams, countless realms collide
      Hope falls only to rise like the changing tide,
      But all dreams come to an end, just whispers on the wind
      Sing with me one last time, for light’s sacrifice
      Endless dawn came but not without a price
      Lost in the waves there glimmers, a pale blue stone
      I think of you, all alone

      You are the ocean’s grey waves, destined to seek
      Life beyond the shore, just out of reach
      Yet, the waters ever change
      Flowing like time, the path is yours to climb

      You are the ocean’s grey waves”
      And I did this completely from memory

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  6. Hi there 🙂 Very good translation but I saw a few odd things in it. For the section,
    闇へと 進みゆく
    “を” is for direct objects, so the deception is being carried out upon oneself. From the context it also seems like it’s the empty white throne which is proceeding into darkness and being deceived.

    “紡ぐ理” the “理” means truth so I’m unsure where you’re getting the “false” part from. So with that modification I feel like it would flow more like “the truth spoken.”

    “光去り行く 黄昏”

    “Sariiku” could mean “vanquish”. From my understanding “saru” can be transitive or intransitive.

    So with parts of your translation, personally I would translate it more as:

    Proceeding towards darkness
    The empty white throne
    Deceiving itself, deceiving all

    The truth spoken
    The blackened sun slowly crumbles away
    The twilight sends away the light
    One reflects alone

    Thanks for reading! Hope this helps.

    • Hello there!

      Thank you very much for taking the time to suggest those corrections. I really appreciate it : )

      Just a few notes on the reasoning behind some things I wrote there:
      -The difficulty with “onore” there was the fact it could be used for the second person too… so I went with the vague “one” as it can apply to both I and You. As you said, it’s more likely first person/oneself, but “one” should fulfill that criteria, I hope… but! As you pointed out, it can indeed be referring to the thorne “itself” rather than any particular person on it
      -The “spin a false tale” came from the deceiving part in the prior line. Saying “spinning a false tale” refers to how the truth they present is actually false (and so a deceit), rather than saying “speaking a truth” which may imply it’s actually true. Does that make sense? xD I could write “and spinning a truth” which sounds a bit more awkward, I think. Actually, looking at it now, I wonder why I didn’t just write “spinning a false truth…” xD

      Given the game context, I wondered why the white throne would be the deceiving one when it was said to be the one that reveals the truth.

      So my translation there (someone who seeks to white throne i.e. Garon seeking to conquer Hoshido with Hydra/Anankos behind the scenes) seemed to “fit” better.

      So it can be “One” (the speaker but left vague to fit the song theme with “one’s thoughts”) will deceive them all, a separate idea from the white throne that was presented the previous line.

      Lastly, I would have ideally translated the last two lines to “The blackened sun sets” but then saying “like a sunset” after it is awkward when I already wrote it setting. xD But it was meant to mirror the earlier line “Like a sunrise”…

      Don’t you just love the difficulty in Japanese song translations? xD

      But that’s just my reasoning. Yours makes perfect sense (and is written nicely) too! So I’ll have to (once again) revise and take a look at these lyrics and determine which fits best…

      No problem! I like reading comments, especially useful feedback like this one. : )

  7. “独り思う” would not be “One’s thoughts.”
    “独り” is “alone,” and “思う” is “to think.” There’s no possessive here.
    Literally, I’d translate it as “Thinking alone,” but I think translating it as “Alone in [your] thoughts” would be more along the lines of what the line is conveying.

    • Hello! Thanks for the comment.

      If I recall correctly, back when I translated it my reasoning was this:

      独り is alone, but I’ve heard/seen it in used in contexts to me “one (person)”, and as its vague whether it’s first, second, or third person, I simply used the umbrella term “one’s” which can apply to all three. The loneliness is conveyed by the fact it is just one, a connotation that there is nobody else.

      Looking at it now, though, months later, I agree that it likely could have been conveyed better, perhaps using “Alone in thoughts” as you said above.

      The localization, for instance, went with “Lost in thoughts all alone” which was more toward the meaning you were conveying (though the lost is questionable, but the alone and such is there!)

      Thank you for the insight!

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  9. Regarding the “gin/kin” problem, I think that there’s a difference in pronunciation between Renka’s single version (listened to a Dailymotion video, not finding it on Youtube), and the in-game dance version (which probably also includes any other times the song is in the game).

    • That makes sense, I guess there are slight differences between the two versions which can account for that… wonder which one should be given priority for the translation…

      • I suppose that most would expect the in-game lyrics when coming here… perhaps with a side note about the small difference being made to fit the game’s story…

        • Sounds like that may be for the best. : ) Aside from that I’m sure most of the other things are the same, so hope it wasn’t too big an inconvenience for you!

          • Oh, it’s no problem at all! I’ve just been steadily getting more excited for the US release, and I’ve fallen in love with the song! It was great to be helpful, and to put my musical upbringing to use! Japanese music is so meaningful when you understand the lyrics!

            • Thank you again and I’m glad I helped you understand them! I love music myself and have been playing various instruments for awhile. I’ve been thinking of uploading all sorts of FE MIDI to this website that I’ve worked on, but that’s not exactly “translation” xD

  10. Regarding the “gin/kin” problem, I think that there’s a slight difference between Renka’s single version of the song, and the dance scene (probably the games’ version in general),respectively.

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    • 銀 is the kanji they use, which indeed means silver. 金 is the kanji for gold. I meant that the sword itself sure looks more gold than it does silver, so left it as gold. : ) I keep getting this question a lot, so maybe I should just change it to silver to stop confusing people, huh? xD

      • Maybe.
        And it really doesn’t make a lot of sense, huh. Especially since in the song, it sounds a lot as if Renka would say kin…
        Who knows.
        Though, I understand why you kept it as gold, since… Well, Yatogami sure looks golden.

  12. Wow thank you so much for this! Would you mind if I made a lyrics video? Of course, you’ll get full credit for the lyrics/translation. 🙂

    • Sure, no problem! The lyrics are still a little rough in their flow so I hope nobody really gives you trouble about that. xD You can redirect them here if they have issue, I guess!

  13. Wow thank you so much for this! Would you mind if I made a lyrics video? Of course, you’ll get credit for the lyrics/translation. 🙂

  14. Wow, this song really does describe the game pretty well. The sad tone and the lyrics clearly describe the story and drama unfolding between everyone.

    • Yeah, the lyrics describe the paths pretty well. So I wonder if the final part describes the third path, too? Not too much longer before we find out. : )

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