Fire Emblem Fates Guide Progress [7/02]

Hello everyone! If you follow this site you know it is still a blog that functions as a portfolio, and I like to upload at least one work a day. But, with this game, I did not want to make scattered posts and instead consolidated relevant information into large macro posts.

I decided to fill that quota, I can still mention the translations/works I did for the game today and going forward!


So there was some very needless controversy regarding poor Soleil today. I will not really talk about that, but my heart goes out to everybody involved who got some serious hate (from journalists to the source blogger). It’s really not a good day for humanity, but it seems to be clearing up.

Characters: Most of this section is complete. Birthdays and VAs have been added. (They may not reflect on this post, but they are in the mirror forum post. I’ll be adding them over the week)

Menus: A new menu for My Castle was added. Someone will be sending me secreen shots to hopefully translate visiting and battling in My Castle tomorrow.

Chapters: All Hoshido and Nohr chapters are now completed. All maps have been added for Hoshido, some amiibo ones, and the Nohr ones will be coming soon!

Two new sections that may interest people:

The Hoshido Story Summary is live! I am working on the Prologue which will be up soon, and then on the Nohr Story Summary. Stay tuned!

Lastly, Aqua/Azura’s full song (the main theme) has been released with lyrics! And so I translated them for anyone who is interested! It has a lot to do with the multiple paths, so I think anyone playing it and not understanding it will find use in this.