Fire Emblem Fates: Prologue Story Summary

Spoiler warning!

This is my chapter by chapter summary of the Prologue. The Prologue refers to the first six chapters before the major  choice is made. Please note this is based on the Japanese version of the game.

The story from there branches to Hoshido, Nohr, and Touma/Invisible Kingdom (the third path). Links to those sections can be found at the bottom.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )


Prologue: The Hand That Will Open the Path to Tomorrow

The game starts with a scene of Aqua singing, entering the water and swimming toward a light. It then cuts to a scene of Prince Marx of Nohr ordering a charge against Prince Ryouma of the Hoshido.

The scene then cuts to Kamui with Hinoka in a battle against an enemy. Hinoka protects Kamui from an attack, asking if they’re alright, saying they’ll teach these Nohrians a lesson. While Kamui fights, Ryouma and Marx have a battle elsewhere. Then, the other Nohrian siblings use the Dragon Vein to turn the river into solid ground, as Leon tells Elise to stay back as he and Camilla eliminate the enemy. Ganz arrives with soldiers. Sakura heals Kamui up, as Takumi cooperate with them to take down Nohr. Yukimura arrives with soldiers. An enemy appears from behind the front lines, with Kamui and Takumi taking him down.

After the fight, Ryouma is glad his siblings are okay. Marx is relieved to see Kamui is alright. They start arguing over Kamui, each sibling bickering about who’s sibling Kamui is. It then washes out to white.

Chapter 1: Nohr Brethren

At the Northern Citadel of Nohr, Kamui opens their eyes to Felicia, Flora, Joker and Gunther. Kamui wonders if it is really morning, to which Gunther say it is in Nohr, and that it is time for the morning drills. Felicia and Flora use an ice spell to get Kamui to wake up fully. Kamui mentions a dream where they saw some familiar faces of their siblings, and some less familiar ones. Flora says they can talk about it later, and for now Marx is waiting.

Marx trains with Kamui with Leon watching. Kamui seems to be failing, so Marx encourages them, saying if they really want to see the world outside the citadel’s orders, that Kamui must defeat him. They begin their fight.

Kamui wins. Marx is impressed at how Kamui has grown stronger, but Kamui says it’s thanks to Marx’s training, but Marx says it is due to Kamui’s incredible talent. Marx trusts Kamui will be the finest swordsman who will bring light to the dark country. Leon says not to get too confident as swordsmanship is not the sole way to be powerful. Camilla and Elise then come. Camilla worries about whether Kamui was hurt during training, and Elise gives Kamui a big hug. Camilla announces that their father has called for Kamui, allowing them to finally leave the citadel freely. They move out to the capital.

They meet Lilith, another servant, who has prepared the horses. Some of the servants stay behind as Kamui departs.

Chapter 2: Dark Sword Ganglari

The capital, a castle built in the center of a crater, is shown. The group walks to the door, and meet King Garon inside. Kamui remarks it had been a dream to see Castle Krakenstein forever. Garon mentions that Kamui is ready to aid the Royal Family. They are currently in the middle of a war with the Eastern Kingdom of Hoshido. Garon gives a gift to Kamui, the “Dark Sword Ganglari.” The sword uses other worldly magic. He says to use it on the “prisoners” who have come. Kamui is confused, but then sees Hoshdians have come. A fight begins.

During the fight, one of the enemies, the green haired Ninja Suzukaze, seems to recognize Kamui, but Kamui does not recognize him.

After the battle, Kamui comments on the defeated Hoshidians’ strength. Garon then orders Kamui to execute them. Kamui objects, saying they are unable to fight. Garon executes a soldier himself. He then aims for Suzukaze, but Kamui jumps in the way to protect him. Garon gets upset, so Marx quickly intervenes begging for his forgiveness. Garon orders Marx to put the Hoshidains down. Marx attempts to subdue Kamui, but Kamui does not back down. Kamui states the enemy should be spared. Leon sigh, and uses a spell to warp the two Hoshidians away. Garon leaves without saying much on the matter, disappointed. They remark on Kamui’s foolishness, saying if they were to die that would make Camilla and Elise sad, among other things.

Later, Marx and Kamui let Suzukaze and Rinka leave. Kamui’s naivety amuses Rinka, who says they heard rumors of a sheltered royalty, and wonders if they will still be as naive next time they meet.

Chapter 3: At The Time of Departure

Elise and Kamui are at the door to the throne room, ready to enter and visit Garon. They hear him laughing like a maniac from the inside. He tells them to enter after being taken aback by their presence. They see nobody else is in the room. Garon says he ought to execute Kamui, but as his child, he will put them to better use. He entrusts Kamui with a job to head toward the border to Hoshido.

Kamui talks to their siblings. Elise slaps Leon for worrying too much but having a funny way of showing it. They suggest going along, but Macbetha, the King’s strategist, says otherwise. Macbeth says it is a job for Kamui alone. Garon adds for Kamui to take a man named Ganz with them. Marx warns Kamui that the man is a man who has committed countless crimes, so to be careful.

Kamui, Gunther, and Ganz arrive at a storming bridge. Gunther says it is the “Infinite Chasm” which splits Hoshido and Nohr. He says those who fall in never return from the darkness. There are constant storms and so it is a dangerous road.

They spot a group of Hoshidians lead by Mozu. Kamui thinks of a way around this, but Ganz charges and murders a Hoshidian. With no choice left but to fight, the battle begins.

After the battle, the group is ambushed by Saizou, but Marx and the rest of the siblings come in and protects Kamui. Camilla murders the remaining Hoshidian soldiers in cold blood. Kagerou comes to Saizou’s side, as Marx and Leon think of what to do. They tell Gunther and Kamui to go on ahead first.

On the bridge over the Infinite Chasm, Ganz suddenly confronts them, saying they won’t be returning. He then takes Guntehr by surprise, slashing at him, as Gunther’s horse backs off, and the bridge beneath him gives out and Gunther falls through, into the abyss.

Kamui is in shock, and transforms an arm into a dragon arm, saying they’ll never forgive him, catchinG Ganz off guard and attacking him a few times. Kamui demands to know why he attacked Gunther, as Ganz says he was ordered by Garon to do so. Ganz runs away right after revealing this, but Kamui’s Ganglari starts glowing, lifting them up and throwing them into the chasm, too.

As Kamui tumbles, Lilith rescues them, taking on a more beastly form. She reveals she is a guardian dragon for Kamui. She teleports her out into a mysterious dream like realm, where she explains this is a place where Kamui will be safe from everybody, and that Lilith has been here on her own, so to let Kamui rest. Kamui decides to go back to the other world, however. Lilith warns that the point he portal was at is the Infinite Chasm on the border of Hoshido, and so it may be dangerous with Hoshido guards there.

Kamui appears, wondering where their siblings went, and is then promptly knocked out by someone who sounds hostile to the Nohr.

Chapter 4: Hoshido Brethren

Kamui wakes up in a small cabin in a mountain village. They see Rinka, who apologies for knocking them out. Rinka says she’s taking Kamui back to Hoshido, which Kamui assumes means they will eventually kill them. Rinka says that’s not the case. Someone knocks at the door interrupting their conversation. It is Suzukaze, as he bows down, saying he will take them to Hoshido Castle.

At the Hoshido Castle, they meet Ryouma, the first Prince. Kamui says to execute them and make it quick. Another woman enters, and hugs Kamui, calling Kamui her child. Kamui is shocked at the reveal.

The woman is Queen Mikoto of Hoshido. She reveals the truth of Kamui’s heritage being that Kamui is her child who was kidnaped by Nohr when the child was but an infant. Ryouma explains that King Sumeragi lost his life when he was ambushed during a visit to the country of Chevalier in a trap set by King Garon. Kamui then has flashbacks to a man who collapsed in front of them, and Garon reaching toward them.

A man rushes in interrupting them, claiming that the northern mountain village is under attack. Ryouma grows concern as Princesses Hinoka and Sakura are there. He asks Kamui to come with him as they embark to the north. They embark and a fight breaks out with the Nosferatu.

After the battle, Sakura thanks Kamui for the rescue, asking for their name. Hinoka recognizes them instantly, holding them and crying at their return. Ryouma remarks she had been training since the day Kamui was kidnapped in order to bring Kamui back to them. Kamui asks what they fought, as Ryouma explains they were Nosferatu, created by Nohr Witchery.

Later, Queen Mikoto shows Kamui their room from when they lived in Hoshido, having been preserved all the way since then. Mikoto shows Kamui a drawing Kamui had done younger of their father, mother, and their self. Kamui apologizes for still not remembering Mikoto despite being her child. Mikoto says it is fine and it may take time. She gives Kamui the freedom to do as they please.

Kamui is contemplating her Nohr family at a watery pond. They hear singing, and then see a woman with blue hair and in white. She introduces herself as Aqua, and already seems to know of Kamui. She explains she was a Princess of Nohr who was captured by Hoshido shinobi as a bargaining chip to get Kamui back. She says however she was treated kindly by Queen Mikoto despite being from the enemy country. Aqua is able to relate to Kamui due to this similarity of being born in one and kidnapped and raised by an opposite country. Aqua asks what Kamui will do next, as Kamui seems to be unsure.

Chapter 5: Nother and Child

Mikoto explains the Hoshido Throne to Kamui, and how it reveals the true “form” of whoever sits on it, reading it from the bottom of their heart. Kamui is then introduced to Yukimura, who is Hoshido’s strategist. He wants Sakura, Hinoka, Takumi, and Kamui to head off toward “The Fire Place.” Aqua is told to go with them too. Ryouma has a generally bad feeling that something bad is going to happen.

In the castle town, Kamui is experiencing the life and culture, tasting delicious food with Aqua. Kamui comments that the people are so friendly, and Aqua is glad Kamui approved of the place. Takumi, however, asserts that he does not trust either Aqua or Kamui for being associated with the Nohr who killed his father. Sakura meanwhile is more cheerful talking about the food, as Kamui remarks on knowing somebody around her age too. Hinoka says they are at the square.

At the square, they meet Mikoto, as a hooded man appears, raising his arm and yanking the Ganglari from Kamui. He unleashes a storm of darkness. Mikoto covers Kamui from the shards and dies in the process, glad that Kamui was safe. The siblings scream for their mother, as Ryouma chops up the robed figure, with nothing underneath. Kamui, enraged, transforms into a dragon as the battle begins against the phantom like enemies.

After the battle, Aqua tries singing to calm Kamui down. Ryouma tells her to be careful, but Aqua pushes him back. Kamui knocks Aqua over, grabbing her by the neck. Aqua pleads one last time for Kamui to return, to which they finally turn back. Upon turning back, Kamui remembers the day they were kidnapped. Garon orders his men to fire arrows at Sumeragi, and then executes him himself. Garon then says he will let Kamui lives as his own child.

Aqua and Ryouma talk about how both Nohr and Hoshido descended from the same dragon ancestors, with Nohr embracing the dark dragon and Hoshido the light. Kamui then worries for the fates of the civilians, and looks over the entire town that has been ravaged. Ryouma realizes it was likely a plan of Nohr’s to send Kamui back to Hoshido as a weapon.

Takumi is the most broken, blaming Kamui for coming back, leading to the destruction of the town and death of his mother. Ryouma tries to calm him down with Aqua, but he blames Aqua for being the same type as Kamui. He doesn’t want to see their faces, telling them to leave. Hinoka tells him to calm down as well, as Aqua reminds him that Kamui is his true sibling, and so they shouldn’t quarrel. She says it’s fine to not believe her, but that he at least believe Kamui. Takumi says that Kamui caused his mother’s death and nothing will change that, and refuses to refer to them as a sibling. Kamui agrees to leave, but Yukimura expresses that would not be what Mikoto would have wanted. He says she was prepared for her own death, and that this was not the fault of Kamui, but King Garon and the weapon Ganglari.

They spot a golden sword atop the statue remains, stated to be the legendary divine sword “Yatogami.” Yukimura says it is like Ryouma’s “Thunder God Sword” and Takumi’s “Wind God Bow.” He says the legend is the weapon will belong to the one to save the world. It suddenly flies into Kamui’s hand, and they are surprised Kamui is the one who was chosen.

Suzukaze interrupts them with bad news that Nohr has begun a large scale invasion at the country border. Ryouma calls them cowards and moves to engage them at the front line.

Kamui says they are moving to the front, but Aqua worries they may transform again, so grants Kamui a Dragonstone to help control their powers. Kamui thanks Aqua, but wonders why she is so kind to them having just met recently. Aqua answers it’s because she feels like the two can relate.

Chapter 6: The Hand That Will Open the Path to Tomorrow

Back in a scene reminiscent of the dream Kamui had, thet wo sides are facing each other. Marx is glad to have found Kamui, and asks them to come back to his side. Ryouma tells Kamui to be careful as Marx is a Prince of Nohr. The other Nohr siblings arrive, as the Hoshido siblings bicker with the Nohr ones as to who Kamui is a sibling of. Both sides tell Kamui to return, and they are stuck choosing between them.

Here, the story branches depending on player decision. They can choose to continue on the path of Hoshido, Nohr, or Neither.


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  1. Just want to point out a small mistake you made on chapter 2 summary: you wrote Saizou instead of Suzukaze, “the green haired Ninja Saizou”.

    Thank you for all the hard work as usual! 🙂 Your translations have been so good for the enjoyment of this importer!

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