Official Fire Emblem Fates Guide to be released July 15th in Japan

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let the curious know that has listed the Complete Fire Emblem Fates Strategy Guide for release on July 15th for 1,944 Yen (~16 USD). You can import these for just 10 or so US dollars and they deliver rather fast. I am importing one myself to iron out recruitment methods as well as to make more in depth chapter data, and eventually a guide on gameFAQs with this handy source!

It says it includes everything you need to know about the Invisible Kingdom path as well as My Castle, among other things!




11 thoughts on “Official Fire Emblem Fates Guide to be released July 15th in Japan

  1. Late to the game on this one sorry, do you know if this is available in english yet? i cant seem to find it anywhere but in japan… :/

    • It doesn’t look like it’ll be coming in English : \ I made a guide (that covers chapters and such) on this blog, if that’s of any help to you!

  2. Japan is so lucky. Im in the US so siked for the game to come out in America. Awakening was awesome and the series seems to be getting better and better 🙂

    • That’s going to be haunting me until I do it xD I’m working on it steadily! I wonder if I should make an ongoing post rather than waiting until it’s done.

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