RIP Satoru Iwata

The sudden news of Satoru Iwata’s passing comes as a personal blow to me. One of my main motivations for learning Japanese was to be able to meet all these Nintendo stars one day, like Satoru Iwata, and be able to speak to them. The irony is this news came out on July 13th (Japan time) –the same day I settled to do this, which was July 13th, 2005. It really didn’t help!

Life will go on (and Fire Emblem Fates stuff will continue to update), but just for today, let’s take a moment to pay our respects to the man. Even if you disagreed with some business decisions or policies, a death is a death of a human, not the president or CEO of some company. I dread to look around gaming forums to see people using “please understand” jokes, or even “Iwata is finished” jokes. I actually saw some posts asking about the NX and what will happen to it. Though it is I suppose a question to ponder, it still seemed in ill taste the way it was worded.

Please rest in peace Iwata.

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