Fan tributes for Satoru Iwata – A fan picture memorial

CJwWqK5UEAA7mJh~Dec 6 1959- July 11 2015~

I’m posting this a day late, but this is the last I’ll talk on this subject (maybe something about the funeral on the 17th). Around twitter and elsewhere, I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful fan art that I wished to post. If you have your own favorites, please put them in the comments below and I’ll add it to the main post.

Also these are unsourced as they are from twitter and such. If you know the artist or source, please send the link to me. : )

And so, this will serve as a memorial.

CJxwtAuWwAAbmea CJxrUqVUYAAt_Sb.jpg large CJy9A5XUEAAT_Vm CJy9A6DVAAAE-Wl tumblr_nrf3j1vt4i1tg2pb5o1_1280 CJxeL6mVAAA_Z2P.jpg large CJwX05ZVEAACS98.png large CJxdfWPUYAA1sFA CJxzcoxUsAI0qaa.jpg large CJyUlVdWsAANLg4 nintendo-hq-rainbow