Fire Emblem Fates Guide Progress [7/17]

Hello everyone! If you follow this site you know it is still a blog that functions as a portfolio, and I like to upload at least one work a day. But, with this game, I did not want to make scattered posts and instead consolidated relevant information into large macro posts.

I decided to fill that quota, I can still mention the translations/works I did for the game today and going forward!


A major note is that since I’m mainly doing character profiles at the moment and finishing those off, character updates may be the only ones that appear on the pages going forward.

Also I got the official Japanese guide now, so will check the final recruitment methods using this. Hopefully comes in handy. I may include class alternatives and such too!

Characters: Still going through and adding full profiles (from the museum), epilogues (both marriage and not), and death quotes! New characters are Kamui, Nishiki, and Kinu. They are not really being done in any particular order, mostly just by interest. If you have any you want to see sooner than others, then please let me know in the comments below or via email. : )

Menus: There is still MyCastle to go through, I have the screen shots, but focusing on characters first.

ChaptersAll Third Path (Invisible Kingdom / Touma) chapter maps are now up. I am just waiting on someone to send me the Nohr maps so I can add them to the chapters. Also I will include Dragon Vein effects as I go through Nohr a second time.

Other than that, a major feature is the Invisible Kingdom Story Summary that I posted after a 17 hour marathon of the third path DLC! Made it available as soon as possible for you all. Now all that’s left is the Nohr story summary which is of low priority at the moment. I already covered the Prologue Story Summary and the Hoshido Story Summary.


8 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates Guide Progress [7/17]

  1. Hi, just wondering but do you have pictures/scans of the artbook? I’m looking for weapon references :<

  2. Would you be able to post the pictures of the Dark and White blood armor sets for female and male Kamui? I’ve been looking for high quality references and the wikia isn’t cutting it for me. Thank you in advance

  3. I’ll just grab the Nohr maps for you then, since it’s not like I have other things to do, muahahahahahahaha

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