Fire Emblem Fates: Nohr Story Summary

Spoiler warning!

This is my chapter by chapter summary of the Nohr path. While I played it first, I didn’t write a summary back then so am going through it again. Though, this time I am watching a video playthrough as a refresher and typing it half from memory, in case you spot inconsistencies. Feel free to point out issues!

I start from Chapter 6  rather than all the way back at the beginning of the game. For the prologue summaries, look here.

Summaries of the Hoshido path can be seen here, and Touma/Invisible Kingdom path here.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )

Chapter 6: The Descent to Darkness

Kamui chooses Nohr over Hoshido. Kamui asks Ryouma to make his army retreat, as Kamui does not wish to fight him. Ryouma is shocked at the betrayal, reminding Kamui of the atrocities they saw Nohr do first hand, including killing their mother. Kamui understands and knows that Nohr is not their real family, but asserts that this is their decision. Ryouma is disappointed that Kamui would go back to the side that had kidnapped them. Marx meanwhile praises Kamui’s decision, saying even if not related; they still treated them like real family. He says Garon will be delighted to see Kamui’s return. Ryouma wonders if that will be true, saying to Marx it seemed more like Garon was out to kill Kamui. He mentions the exploding Ganglari which killed Kamui’s mother was likely meant to kill Kamui too. If Garon truly wanted Kamui to come back, then why would he plan such a thing? Seeing Kamui is still siding with Nohr, Ryouma attacks them. He says for Kamui to show him their resolve and fight him before returning to the castle. Ryouma tells Marx to give up as he wants to open Kamui’s eyes to the truth. Kamui wants them to stop fighting, and pleads Marx that they return to the castle without fighting to avoid unnecessary casualties. Leon says they won’t as that would be “running away,” so instead will stay to prove how important Kamui is to them. Camilla and even Elise agree. The other three Hoshido siblings agree to fight to get Kamui back too, and the fight begins.

Kamui’s servant (Joker/Felicia) returns during the battle.

After the battle, Kamui apologizes and realizes they will never be forgiven for joining Nohr despite being a Princess of Hoshido. However, they declare that they will bring an end to this war. Aqua appears, asking if Kamui is going with Nohr, to which they say yes. Aqua says she will not stop them, and that they will likely meet again, but for now, it is goodbye.

Kamui, their servant, and Lilith are then taken to the special castle to begin preparations for the next mission.

Chapter 7: A Revelation Unknown

The group returns to Nohr. Garon comments Marx’s fight with Nohr, but seems less impressed with Kamui’s safe return. He wonders why they even bothered coming back after all they had learned. Macbeth suggests Kamui may be back as a Hoshidian spy seeking to assassinate Garon. Marx vouches for Kamui. Garon decides to just consult Hydra, a dragon, as to Kamui’s fate. Hydra spares Kamui, but under the condition that Kamui travel to to the Ice Clan’s Village to quell a rebellion. The siblings offer to help but Garon says Kamui must do this on their own as Hydra demands it. So Kamui sets out on their own, as Garon talks to Macbeth about how Kamui shall suffer and he will enjoy it. Marx hears this.

Kamui enters the woods where the beasts named Nosferatu appear. Their servant (Joker/Felicia pending on gender) appears. The battle begins.

Elise appears, followed by Cyrus who reminds Kamui of their relationship being childhood friends. Elise’s two subordinates, Harold and Elfie appear later too as Elise had run far ahead of them.

After the battle, Elise and the others are enjoying the victory. Macbeth lingers and comments at how Marx must have foiled their plan somehow, but that Kamui’s group will inevitably meet their end.

Chapter 8: Maiden of the Ice Village

Kamui and company traverse a cold, windy area to reach the Ice Village, but Kamui and Cyrus get separated, and eventually Kamui succumbs to the harsh conditions and goes unconscious, with someone approaching them…

Kamui awakes in bed, with the Ice Clan’s chief named Clear watching over them. He remarks on having saved Kamui thanks to the Yatogami, the sword that in legend is said to be yielded by the one who will save the world. Clear seems unaware as to who Kamui is, and Cyrus ensures that Kamui does not give it away. Elise however comes in and yells out that they are from Nohr and are here to quell a rebellion.

Betrayed and enraged, Clear begins a battle against Kamui and company. During the battle, Odin and Zero, both Leon’s subordinates, appear to assist Kamui under his orders. Various villages take up arms to fight unless Kamui gets to them before enemy soldiers.

After the battle, Clear is surprised that Kamui killed nobody, and Kamui expresses their desire for people to understand each other without needless fighting and seeks to change Nohr from within. Clear respects this and remarks Kamui may truly be the hero destined to save the world. Flora apologizes, but does not travel with Kamui. Kamui says Nohr will be different the next time they meet.

Chapter 9: A New Ordeal

Garon congratulates Kamui on completing Hydra’s wishes and quelling the rebellion of the Ice Clan by themselves. However, Macbeth reveals that Kamui had in fact had help, to which Garon does not take kindly. After some debilitating and reasoning from Kamui, Garon spares them but gives orders to head toward the country of Notrodea. Elise decides to accompany Kamui. Marx mentions a “Rainbow Sage” who may be able to help them in Notrodea.

Along the way, Kamui encounters the daunting Black Dragon Fortress, which Elise and Cyrus explain a bit about. It is under Hoshidian control, however, and a battle begins.

During the battle, Kamui recruits the sorcerers Nyx, and reunites with Aqua who had been lingering here after being left behind by Hoshido.

After the battle, Aqua reveals that due to being a Princess of Nohr by blood, the Hoshido did not trust her. She vows to travel with Kamui from now on. Elise is elated when she finds out that if she is a Princess of Nohr, then Aqua is her sister. She takes Aqua in easily and happily calling her older sis.

Chapter 10: An Unexpected Reunion

Kamui and company head for a Port Town in order to take a boat to Notrodea. Elise and Aqua are getting along well, but Kamui is told that Hoshido troops have arrived and they will have to fight if they are to set sail. A bitter Takumi appears with his two subordinates (Oboro and Hinata), and the battle begins.

During the battle, Kamui is joined by Camilla and her two subordinates Belka and Luna.

After the battle, Takumi says that Ryouma is seeking the Rainbow Sage as well for increasing his own power, and then he reluctantly retreats while looking like he was in pain while vowing to not falter the next time. The group sets sail to Notrodea.

Chapter 11: The Rainbow Sage

The group arrives at the port and wonders where the expected Hoshidian troops are. Kamui asks a passing villager, and they reveal that Hoshido is holding the Sage in the Seven Towers on the mountain top.

Climbing the mountain tires Kamui out, but they spot the Seven Towers that the villagers were likely talking about. The group prepares for battle. Meanwhile, within the castle, it is shown Hinoka is in charge of the Hoshido group, with Suzukaze informing her of the Nohr Army’s arrival. They too prepare for battle.

After the battle, Hinoka is forced to retreat, but is surprised to learn that Kamui had not killed a single person, to which Kamui echoes their sentiments that they did to the Ice Clan too, simply choosing Nohr as a means to end the war. Suzukaze hears this, and expresses his desire to join Kamui’s side. He emphasizes while he may be a traitor, this is what he feels is right.

They then meet the Rainbow Sage, who Kamui asks for power. The Rainbow Sage says simply arriving here shows that Kamui has grown. He then shows he knows about Kamui and the hero chosen by the Yatogami anyway, revealing that the way for peace lies within the Fire Emblem, of which the Yatogami is the key to unlocking. He then unlocks some of the Yatogami’s power, saying to find the other legendary weapons that will enhance it. He urges Kamui to go and fulfill the prophecy. However, Macbeth soon enters, saying that now that Kamui has his power, they must kill the Sage to ensure nobody else may gain it. Kamui resists vehemently, but the Sage assures them not to worry, as they have lived a long life. While Kamui begs not to do it, the Sage passes away on his own, fulfilling Kamui’s desire not to kill him as well as Macbeth’s order. Kamui is left in misery.

Chapter 12: The Evening Plan

A scene with Macbeth and Garon unfolds, where Macbeth informs Garon at Kamui’s mission success and the death of the Rainbow Sage. Garon breaks out into a maniacal laughter, to Macbeth’s surprise. Garon then says he wants to see Kamui suffer and kill even when they don’t want to, and Macbeth makes a suggestion…

Meanwhile, with Kamui, Elise has come down with an illness that causes her to collapse. Aqua attributes this to a local illness from Notrodea. The medicine she needs is only in Hoshido, however, so causes an issue. Word from Macbeth telling them to rest at Makras Palace where the medicine will be too comes soon after, and so they decide to follow up on this for Elise’s sake.

Ryouma is there, somehow having known they would come, and does not explain how or why. Kamui pleads that they fight later as Elise is sake, and Ryouma offers medicine in return for Kamui coming back to the Hoshido side. Kamui tries to reiterate why they joined Nohr as a means to end the war, but Ryouma ignores them. The battle begins.

Kamui is joined by Marx’s subordinates, Lazward and Pieri, but Kamui commands them to spare the enemy.

Ryouma retreats as they manage to treat Elise. Elise said in her dream, she saw Gunther who was by himself, and worrying for Kamui. Kamui remembers how Gunther fell into the Infinite Chasm already thanks to Ganz, however. The group wonders how Hoshido knew exactly where they would be.

Chapter 13: Suppressing Rebellion

Macbeth informs Kamui that there is an ongoing rebellion in the Principality of Chevalier, and to go to Garon for more details on what to do. Garon explains quelling the rebellion in more detail. Kamui then has one more request, but Garon seems to want to end the conversation. Kamui presses on, and eventually manages to show Garon that Aqua, taken from Nohr by Hoshido long ago, has returned. He is a little surprised having though he would never see her again, but shrugs her off and tells her to go along with Kamui to Chevalier. Kamui feels a little bad at how Garon was cold toward his own daughter, but Aqua insists she doesn’t mind.

Kamui meets Ganz again. He apologizes for earlier at the Infinite Chasm, insisting it was Garon’s orders, and that he will be accompanying Kamui on the mission to Chevalier.

At Chevalier, Camilla, Elise, and Kamui confront Takumi who opens fires at Kamui rather quickly. A woman by the name of Crimson also appears, who claims to be the leader of the Chevalier Resistance. Kamui says they are here to stop traitors, which Takumi scoffs them for, saying a traitor has no right to talk about traitors. Elise tries to say it’s not the same, but Takumi fires an arrow at her. Takumi refuses to listen to anything Kamui says. The battle begins.

During the battle, two of Nohr border guards, Benoit and Charlotte, appear to join the fight on Kamui’s side.

After the battle, Kamui once again insists she will not harm Takumi. Takumi wonders why he keeps losing to the traitor who caused the death of his mother. Takumi swears revenge and escapes again. Aqua remarks on how he’s changed since before. They hear sounds from the village, and go to investigate. Ganz and the other Nohr soldiers are massacring the traitors, murdering each one to teach them a lesson. Kamui tells him to stop, but he says that his orders are from Garon again, so supercedes Kamui’s orders by chain of command. Kamui watches helplessly, as Camilla says it is the way it is.

Chapter 14: A Heavenly Singing Voice

The group arrives at the country of Muse where King Garon is said to be coming himself. Camilla reassures Kamui that the country is neutral. Leon arrives to Kamui’s surprise, having completed his missions for Garon. Leon mentions that Garon is coming to watch the famous show at Amusia, which specializes in singing and dancing.

Kamui arrives at the stage just in time to meet Garon. Garon congratulates Kamui, having heard of their massacre of the rebels from Ganz. Kamui is shocked that Ganz had pinned the massacre on them, and tries to explain the truth, but Macbeth cuts them off, saying the show is about to begin. He says they can tell Garon afterward. Kamui remarks that the one coming on stage looks a lot like Aqua.

The show begins with the Aqua looking girl dressed in black, dancing and singing. Garon seems to be in pain as the show goes on, and it is brought to an abrupt halt.

Macbeth wonders why Garon is in pain, ordering the troops to capture the singer, suspecting her of using some kind of spell. Leon remarks that there is nobody on the stage anymore. Kamui says that the person could not have gone far, and decide to give chase. They are ambushed by the Hoshidian army, however. Leon figures that singer was part of their plan, but the Hoshidians have no idea what he’s talking about. Aqua then appears, as Kamui asks where she was, and she simply says she had stepped outside due to not feeling well. Kamui asks if Aqua she saw the woman from before, to which Aqua says she saw nobody. The battle begins.

During the battle, Kamui recruits the werewolf Flannel.

After the battle, Kamui remarks they won but that the singer got away. They wonder just what kind of singer could harm Garon with singing that way. Garon then arrives, saying he is fine, and orders Kamui to dispose of every singer in the city. Kamui argues that the singers are not to blame, and rather the Hoshido army. After some back and forth, Garon orders Ganz and Macbeth to do the job. Kamui stars to question whether this is the Nohrian way and what Garon really wants. Garon says his wishes are to capture Hoshido, and will accomplish anything to that end.

Kamui asks Leon if he agrees with Garon’s ways. He says he and the other siblings of course agree on Garon’s ways, so Kamui apologizes and says they still cannot follow that line of thinking. However, Leon says that they can maneuver behind Garon’s back without directly disobeying his orders, such as finding the singer and bringing them to justice to cease the needless slaughter of the others. Kamui thanks him for this.

Suddenly, his tome, the Brunhilde, starts glowing, and Kamui’s Yatogami gets upgraded, just as the Rainbow Sage said it would. Leon reminds Kamui that if they go against Garon again they likely will face execution.

Chapter 15: A Long Fall

Kamui is unable to sleep, and has doubts whether they can truly save the innocent people like they want to. They spot Aqua heading toward the water, and wonder where they could be doing, then realizes Aqua is in the same sort of situation Kamui is in, and so wishes to speak with her.

Kamui spots Aqua in the middle of the spring, wondering if she is out for a swim, but quickly dismisses it due to seeing her fully dressed. Aqua suddenly disappears in a pillar of blue light, and Kamui rushes in to save her.

A scene then plays that shows Kamui going through a vortex in the water, and arriving at a rather odd looking world with floating islands and greenery. Aqua then asks “What are you doing here?” at the end of it.

Aqua says Kamui was not supposed to come here. Kamui wonders what this place is, but is then suddenly attacked. They notice they’re surrounded. Suddenly, Gunther appears to save Kamui. Kamui is elated to see Gunther alive. They decide to fight before explaining The battle begins.

After the battle, Gunther tells them at how he awoke here after falling through the Infinite Chasm, and later met Aqua. He is grateful she taught him about the dangers of the world he was in. Aqua says she was captured soon after that by Hoshido and was unable to return, so apologizes to Gunther too. Kamui wonders how they got here since Gunther entered through the Infinte Chasm, yet they entered through the spring. Aqua explains this place is neither Nohr nor Hoshido, but rather a sunken, “Invisible” Kingdom. It is a dimension that resides within the world they know. Even if one knows the existence of this world, one cannot speak of it in the original world, or else they will disappear like bubbles on water. Aqua says they must keep the existence of this world a secret when they return. Aqua tells the two to follow her.

They walk to the edge of the floating island. Aqua explains they must jump to return to the Infinite Chasm. Kamui asks if they can go back to the spring rather than the Chasm, but Aqua says Gunther would be unable to follow if they went that way. Kamui asks why, but Aqua is unable to answer more than that. Aqua leaps off, soon followed by the others.

Kamui wakes up back on the surface, at the Infinite Chasm. Kamui wonders where Gunther is, and Aqua says he’ll be along soon. While waiting, Aqua explains the way the war will end is upon Garon’s defeat, to Kamui’s shock. Aqua says the Garon they know is gone, no longer the same as they were before. Rather, he is an abomination not of this world. Aqua offers Kamui a special lens from “that country”, asking them to gaze through it that only those strong with the blood of dragons can use. The lens reveals Garon as a slimey beast. The lens breaks soon after presenting this image. Kamui asks if there’s any possible way to save Garon. She says there is none. She says she already tried, at the show in Amusia, confirming the woman was indeed Aqua. She said the song was to restore him to normal, but that he is too far gone. Kamui resolves to defeat him having no choice, and wishes to reveal the truth to their siblings, too. They wonder how to go about it being unable to speak of “that country” however. Aqua suggests an alternative plan, conquering Hoshido to end the war, and sitting Garon upon the throne there. Kamui realizes that, with what Mikoto said, this will reveal his true form. Aqua says fighting Kamui’s Hoshido siblings is inevitable though, but Kamui reluctantly says they will fight if it is what it takes to end this war. Gunther then catches up to them.

Chapter 16: Invading Hoshido

Garon welcomes Gunther back. He then says the army will take a route by sea to take Hoshido by surprise, and wants Ganz and Macbeth to accompany Kamui. Macbeth questions where Kamui went with Aqua the night before. Kamui plays dumb but Macbeth said he was following them. Kamui makes up a story involving how they went on a walk with Aqua and encountered rebel forces that they killed, proof being the blood on their clothes. Macbeth believes them.

Aqua asks why Kamui made such a tale later, and Kamui says it was not completely a lie, as they had fought an army in the Invisible Kingdom after all.

On deck, Kamui talks to Leon about preparations, but then is suddenly attacked by someone, who turns out to be Marx. He praises Kamui’s improved reflexes. Kamui welcomes him back and asks why he’s here, and he says his duty has been fulfilled and he is to follow them in the effort to invade Hoshido. His subordinates Pieri and Lazward welcome him back too along with his siblings. He’s surprised to see Aqua among them, remembering her when she was kidnapped. Marx briefly talks about Aqua’s mother Shenmei being different than his own mother Ektrina, but says that they are all definitely siblings.

On board, a soldier informs them that there has been an infiltration and that there are spies on board. The battle begins.

During the battle, the group checks which enemies are allies and which are foes. They eventually uncover and defeat Asura, who had been hiding among them.

After the battle, Asura admits defeat, and taunts them into executing him. His tone changes when he finds out about Aqua, and after some beating around the bush mentions that it was thanks to his hand that she was kidnapped when younger. He talks about various things such relationship between him and the Kouga, both shinobi aligned with Hoshido, and how the war escalated from the kidnapping. Eventually Kamui is presented with the choice whether to spare him or execute him.

(If spared): Kamui decides to spare him and make him an ally instead. Asura is thankful and promises he won’t betray them. All the others are not surprised that Kamui is kind as ever. Marx says it was left to Kamui, so they’ll honor the order.

(If executed): Asura resolves that he had this coming, and the siblings applaud Kamui’s decision and send word to Garon that Kamui finally executed someone with Hoshidian ties.

Chapter 17: Thieves’ Betrayal

The group arrives in a field of cherry blossoms. They are greeted by Kotarou, who Kamui remembers Asura talking about. Kamui double checks if he’s okay with Nohr passing through his territory as he is aligned with Hoshido. Kotarou says his country has had relations with Nohr for a long time too, so it is fine. He leads the way.

In the woods, a soldier informs Kotarou that Hoshido shinobi have surrounded them. Kamui decides to help Kotarou by fending them off.

While checking their surroundings, they are ambushed by Saizou, who Suzukaze blocks. The siblings are surprised to see each other. Saizou is enraged and refuses to listen to them. The confrontation eventually attracts Kotarou, who is revealed to have ambitions that go beyond helping Nohr, seeking to be King of the continent. A fight begins as Kamui’s group seeks to knock him down.

After the battle, Saizou and Suzukaze are talking, as Kamui announces they found Kagerou. Kagerou says Kamui and company helped her out, but Saizou argues they were collaborating with Kotarou. Saizou says he will retreat for now, but that Kamui be prepared to battle to the death when they next meet. Kamui apologizes to Suzukaze about the whole situation, though he does not mind as he follows what he believes is right.

Chapter 18: Black and White Prince

In the country of Izumo, known as a holy place, Kamui and company decide to rest. They meet the rather eccentric Izana, who does not look or act like how one would assume the ruler of the country looks at all. He wishes for them to stay and meet his special guests –the Hoshidian Royal Family. They are expectedly shocked to see Kamui as much as Kamui and the Nohr siblings are to see them. They are about to start a fight when Izana cuts in saying this is no place for that, and so they calm down. Izana asks for their weapons and they reluctantly hand them over.

Later, Marx is talking to Kamui when Ryouma joins in to talk to Kamui as well, wanting to see his sibling. Kamui points out that the two are very similar to each other, which Marx takes offense to, but Kamui clarifies in their demeanor and values. Suddenly, they are ambushed by some guards and Izana, who demands Ryouma’s capture. Ryouma is taken away, as Izana reveals that he is in fact Zoura, a magic user of Nohr, with the real Izana being imprisoned. He was using a spell to assume Izana’s form. Zoura says he is to execute Izana under Garon’s orders. He goes off to do so. Marx says while Hoshido is their enemy, this is not the way to handle them. Kamui says Marx really is like Ryouma, which he does not like to hear. The group prepares for battle.

After the battle, Kamui demands Zoura let Izana go. Zoura is confused why Kamui and the others are upset if he was simply attacking their mutual enemy. Leon scolds him for his cowardly approach, saying it is not how Nohr does things. Zoura begs for his life, saying he was just following orders, but Leon kills him anyway. Kamui asks why Leon killed him, and Leon says because Kamui is soft and if Garon found out that they tried to help Izana and the Hoshido siblings they would be branded as traitors and get into trouble. The dead don’t speak. Kamui wonders how frightening Leon would’ve been as their enemy.

Later, both sides sit awkwardly across the table from one another at a banquet. Izana thanks the Nohrians for their help. Kamui is glad Ryouma is safe, but he does not reply, Takumi saying he doesn’t wish to speak to traitors. The equivalent siblings bicker with one another with the exception of Sakura, who is pleased to see Kamui, and is glad they are okay. Elise snatches Kamui away, however, insisting that Kamui is their elder sibling and not Sakura’s, which makes the saddened Sakura cower. Aqua finds it all amusing, like they were all true siblings of one another. Kamui supposes she has a point, and this is how things should be.

Chapter 19: Mountain of Fox Spirits

The group remarks that Hoshido lies beyond the mountains. Aqua says that the mountains are where “Youko” (fox spirits) roam. Kamui has faced many challenges, and so decides to go through the mountains to save time and face said spirits.

Up at the peak, they wonder where the Youko village is. Elise spots someone coming to them, which turns out to be Nishiki. Aqua is shocked to see a Youko already found them. His straightforward demeanor catches them off guard. He is the chief of the village, and claims to love Nohr. Aqua doubts ths, as they were already surrounded by all sorts of Youko. Nishiki says this is where they will all die, and the battle begins.

After the battle, Aqua says to press on ahead, but Kamui is non responsive. Kamui has doubts about their philosophy, having had to slaughter the Youko to make it through. Aqua reassures Kamui, saying that while this is the result of Kamui’s choice, surely blood would have been spilled elsewhere if they had not come this way, or maybe even their own blood. People will be sacrificed no matter which way they go. Aqua reminds Kamui what she said in Hoshido, that the path chosen by the hero will be one of both sadness and joy. Kamui thanks Aqua as they head down the mountain, expecting to run into the Hoshido army shortly. As Aqua goes, Kamui wonders if what Aqua said really is inevitable with the path they chose.

Chapter 20: Champion of the Wind Village

In a desert, the group realizes they will inevitably cross the Wind Clan’s village on their current path. Kamui wishes to speak to them, however, in a more diplomatic approach.

They run into Fuuga, the chief. He said he heard about their approach and is willing to listen to what they have to say. He says the winds are strong here so may be better to do so back at the castle, though. He mentions he also has things to ask Kamui about their sword.

At the castle, he grants permission for them to pass. He then asks about the golden sword Yatogami. He mentions being close friends with Sumeragi, and having heard the legends around the Yatogami from him. Kamui wonders if that makes him Hoshido’s ally and their own enemy, but he says no, his clan is still neutral. Fuuga then wishes for Kamui to show proof of being the chosen wielder of the blade and battle him and his clan. After some reluctance Kamui agrees, and the battle begins.

After the battle, Fuuga congratulates Kamui on their strength and say they are the true wielder of the sword. This restores Kamui’s confidence on the path they had chosen. Fuuga and Tsukuyomi show Kamui to the proper way out. Aqua reminds Kamui that the fight with the Hoshido royalty draws ever closer, and that battles will be tough like this one from now on.

Chapter 21: Hades’ Stairway

Back in Nohr, Macbeth remarks on Kamui’s progress through the Wind Clan’s Village. He decides he wants to see Kamui sink into despair, and formulates a plot for the sake of their King.

Elsewhere, at a location named “Hades’ Stairway,” Aqua says they must continue this way to get closer to Hoshido. Kamui’s servants return saying they spotted enemies ahead, but the siblings say they should continue. Suddenly, they are ambushed by the Nosferatu. They assume the Hoshido Army is behind it somehow. The servants move in to attack to clear the way, but more come. Some come from behind too, leaving them no choices but to break through and escape as fast as they can. The battle begins.

After the battle, Kamui runs ahead on their own as the siblings and Aqua stay back to finish off some lingering Nosferatu that follow them. On their own, Kamui reaches the top, but then runs into another Nosferatu that slipped through the others. It is about to land a blow on Kamui, but Lilith comes out of nowhere and takes the blow. Kamui finishes it off, before turning to Lilith to check on her. Lilith takes on a human form again, as she lays there dying. She apologizes, saying she is glad to have been a help and regrets being unable to do more from now on. She pleads Kamui not to cry, and instead wishes to see Kamui’s smile in her final moments. She passes away in Kamui’s arms. More Nosferatu are still there, charging at the forlorn Kamui, but Marx quickly intervenes with Aqua by his side. They notice Lilith has fallen, and Kamui’s despair. Marx says that Lilith did not die for Kamui to cry, but rather to make Kamui’s resolve stronger. They need Kamui to guide them to the end, so Kamui must be strong. Kamui understands after a little more pep talk, and thanks Marx.

Macbeth, watching from far away, remarks on Lilith’s death, saying it s unfortunate that it was not Kamui instead. But he is satisfied that is brought Kamui despair all the same. He says he will sink Kamui lower and lower in despair, step by step.

Chapter 22: Princess Sakura of Hoshido

They arrive at Tenjin Fort in Hoshido. Aqua reasserts they may have to face enemies they do not want to face.

Inside the fort, Yukimura pleads Sakura to stop healing the soldiers and to escape instead, as the Nohr army was spotted. Sakura refuses to leave. After some convincing, Yukimura agrees she may fight alongside him. The battle begins.

After the battle, Yukimura, Sakura, and her two subordinates Kazahana and Tsubaki are cornered by the Nohr army. Marx demands that they surrender. Sakura apologizes to Yukimura, but he tells her not to worry, and that her life is the most important thing. Marx demands an answer, to which Yukimura states a condition. All forces in the fort will surrender if they spare Sakura’s life. Marx promises this, and specifically orders his soldiers not to kill anyone and simply apprehend them. Kamui apologizes under their breath, saying this is a necessary step in ending the war. Suddenly, a Hoshidian soldier is assaulted, Ganz being the one responsible. Yukimura wonders what happened to the promise they just made, as Sakura wants to heal the soldier. Macbeth stops her. Macbeth mentions that Ganz is under orders from Garon to eliminate every Hoshidian at the fort. Kamui tries to argue, but it is hopeless. Ganz goes on murdering people. Marx tells them to stand down as an order from the Crown Prince. But Garon himself appears, reasserting that his order supersedes Marx’s. Yukimura says he will never forgive them for this barbaric betrayal, as Sakura wallows in despair.

Chapter 23: Blinded by Rage

Kamui asks Aqua how Sakura is doing. Aqua says it seems she has been avoiding meals among other things. Kamui says they want to help them, but nothing can be done for the moment. Aqua talks about a split down Garon’s Nohr and Kamui’s Nohr, with Marx and Leon on Kamui’s side, and Ganz and Macbeth on Garon’s side. Macbeth interrupts, inquiring as to what they’re talking about. He tells them to prepare for battle as they approach Susanou Castle. He says it is the last stronghold before reaching the Hoshido capital. He mentions Prince Takumi is waiting for them there. Kamui leaves to prepare, and Macbeth very much looks forward to seeing what they will do about this.

After the battle, Kamui asserts they have won and Takumi will be their prisoner. Takumi is shocked that had gone so far to even capture Sakura. He tells Kamui not to touch him, reasserting his hatred of everything that is Nohr and Kamui. He decides this is enough, and becomes engulfed in a purple flame. On the castle’s edge, he falls backward, taking his own life rather than being captured.

Aqua and Kamui search the bottom of the castle wall, wondering where he went, Kamui remarking he still may be out there. Aqua is not as convinced, saying it would be hard to survive that fall. Aqua urges them to press onward as they lack time.

Chapter 24: Princess Hinoka of Hoshido

Outside of Hoshido Castle, Kamui and Aqua remark that they have finally come back after all this time. Aqua mentions it may be best not to mention Takumi’s disappearance to Sakura. Marx tells them to prepare for battle.

Garon and his forces walk among the Hoshido citizenry. They cower in fear, and also show their resentment of the “treacherous royalty” Kamui. Macbeth silences an elderly lady for yelling slander, as Ganz has fun slaughtering random innocents too.

Macbeth remarks that Garon wishes to see the enemy eliminated. Kamui agrees, though Marx is aware they are just feigning an act to hide their true intentions. Marx says in war there is no one “right” path, telling Kamui to remember this. The battle begins.

After the battle, Hinoka and her two subordinates Asama and Setsuna are cornered by Kamui and Camilla. Hinoka regrets being unable to protect the castle, and says for Kamui to hurry up and kill her. Her subordinates plead her to live. Kamui says they will pass down their judgement, raising the sword. They swing, but it is just a false swipe, as they then plead Hinoka to listen to them. Kamui asks Hinoka for her weapon as proof of “killing” her, but does not actually intend to kill her. Hinoka says she should return to Ryouma, but Kamui says if Hinoka is found out to be still alive, Garon would grow suspicious, and wishes for Hinoka to stay hidden until the war’s end. Camilla falsely threatens Hinoka too, then reveals that Sakura is still alive, which gives Hinoka hope. Camilla questions how Sakura would feel if Hinoka were to die. This gets Hinoka to do as they say. Camilla leaves, as Hinoka says to please spare Ryouma too. Kamui promises to do so. Kamui says that in the end, they hope to live happily together with their siblings even if they are never forgiven for leading this conquest of Hoshido. Kamui then leaves, as Hinoka is impressed at how Kamui still is Kamui despite being among the barbaric Nohr.

Chapter 25: Prince Ryouma of Hoshido

Kamui is exhausted searching for Ryouma within the halls of the castle. Aqua remarks he may be within the larger interior hall of the castle. Macbeth soon arrives, and Kamui offers Hinoka’s weapon as proof of having defeated her. Macbeth says it isn’t much proof, and wonders why Kamui didn’t bring her head instead. Macbeth wonders if Hinoka may have managed to escape, but Garon interrupts his line of questioning, telling him to focus on the conquest. As Garon and Kamui leave, Macbeth wonders how Kamui will cover up Ryouma’s fate when the time comes.

At the large hall, Ryouma waits in meditation, standing up, prepared for battle with his Thunder God’s Blade, which lights all the torches in one swing. Ryouma says that Nohr sullies the castle with their presence, but Macbeth instead mocks him on how Sakura is captured, Takumi’s fate is unknown, and then tosses a bloodied lance, which Ryouma recognizes as Hinoka’s. Ryouma is shocked, as Macbeth remarks that it was not he who killed her, but rather, Kamui. Kamui is put in a hard place, unable to tell the truth as that would risk Macbeth finding out, but also incurring Ryouma’s wrath. Ryouma demands to hear Kamui’s answer, and after a reluctant silence, Kamui says they did this. Ryouma, enraged, attacks Kamui. Ryouma says he will defeat Kamui one on one with his own hands.

Ryouma and Kamui are then locked in the large hall together, as Marx seeks to help Kamui. Macbeth says to let them be, and Garon has no objections to Ryouma’s way. Regardless if Kamui falls too or not, victory is nigh. Saizou and Kagerou come in to hinder the Nohr army’s efforts, too. The battle begins as the siblings seek to help Kamui.

After the battle, Ryouma admits defeat and is ready to die in order to meet Hinoka. Kamui remarks they will not send Ryouma to where Hinoka is, nor can they –as Hinoka still lives. They explain their plan to Ryouma quickly as it is a front to deceive Garon, asking why they would only bring proof of a bloodied lance rather than a head. Kamui remarks how Sakura and Yukimura are imprisoned but surely alive. They are unsure about Takumi but feel he may be lingering about too. They hear Garon approaching, so ask Ryouma to believe in them that they are doing this for the sake of Hoshido

Garon then enters, congratulating Kamui on the job well done. He then orders Kamui to kill Ryouma –right in front of him. Macbeth pressures Kamui into doing it, or else they may be seen as a traitor otherwise. Ryouma sees the conundrum. He remarks that he believes in Kamui, and then commits suicide by sticking the sword through himself in a ritual suicide, calling Kamui his dear younger sibling, leaving the rest to them with a smile before he dies. This satisfies the condition Garon set for Ryouma to die without Kamui actually having had to do it. Garon breaks out in a triumphant laugh, as Kamui walks of silently.

Kamui says the tears won’t stop, as the promise they kept to Hinoka wasn’t fulfilled, a promise where all the siblings would live happily together. Aqua says this may be the case, but reminds Kamui that they made a new promise to Ryouma when he said that he is leaving the rest to Kamui. Aqua says for Kamui not to cry, as Ryouma would rather see them smile.

Chapter 26: Treachery

The group is gathered at the entrance to the Hoshido throne room. Macbeth lead the way for the maniac Garon to sit upon the throne. Kamui encourages it too. Garon pauses to ask Hydra about it. He remarks on the joy of ruling over both Hoshido and Nohr. Kamui waits patiently for Garon to sit upon the throne, when Macbeth suddenly attacks them. Aqua asks why he is attacking all of a sudden, and Macbeth says it is because he knows Kamui is up to something. He is sure Kmaui left Hinoka live, and is working against Garon’s interests. He plans to kill Kamui here and now.Marx moves to defend Kamui, as Macbeth says this may make him a traitor too, but Marx says he does not mind. Leon joins too, as one sibling after another joins in to fight Macbeth. He is shocked by this, but continues the plan to attack Kamui anyway. Ganz sides with Macbeth, and a battle between the two sides begins.

The group kills Ganz during the battle.

After the battle, Macbeth pleads for his life. He says he is simply following King Garon’s orders, and wonders why Kamui and company are going against their orders in the first place. He pleads Leon for help, but just like with Zoura before, he murders Macbeth. Kamui then reveals the final step is to take down none other than Garon. This shocks the siblings greatly, but Kamui asks them to have faith and just wait, where Kamui hopes to show them the truth shortly. They head off toward the throne room.

Chapter 27: The Hollow King

Kamui asks them all to prepare, as this will be the final battle. Elise asks if their father is truly no longer human, as Kamui reassures her. Leon asks why Kamui and Aqua did not break the dire news to them sooner, and Aqua says they were unable to talk about it. Kamui asks they believe in them, and shows them into the throne room.

Inside, there upon the throne sits a slime monster in a vague shape that resembles Garon, shocking the siblings. He swings his axe and strikes the three younger siblings, as Kamui encourages them to fight, and forget that this is no longer Garon. He will kill them without a care if they don’t fight back. Kamui strikes, with their sword having no effect. Aqua tells the siblings to stay strong despite their hopelessness and helplessness. Garon continues his attack, but Marx jumps in the way to defend Kamui. Marx speaks in a condescending tone now, saying this is not his father, as his father was much stronger long ago, and was nothing like this monster now. Upon this realization, Marx’s weapon glows, and Kamui’s Yatogami changes form once again. The new Yatogami is able to damage Garon, as the siblings say some final words about their resolve against what was once their father, and the battle begins.

After the battle, they stand around Garon’s fading body. Kamui mentions they “saved” him. Kamui heads for the throne, but then turns, suddenly ambushed by an arrow with a purple aura, which barely misses them. They see it is the corrupted Takumi, engulfed in purple flames. He spouts madness about killing everyone out of revenge and spite. Kamui tries to talk to him, but he keeps saying he will kill them, firing a volley of arrows at the group. Kamui pleads that Garon is dead, but he refuses to listen. Aqua remarks that as troubling as it may be to believe, Takumi is now like Garon, a monster not of this world. Kamui realizes they have to defeat him as they defeated Garon. Kamui notices Takumi’s anger mixed with sorrow, and tries approaching him to talk to him. Aqua pleads them to come back, as Takumi keeps talking on about killing everyone. He strikes Kamui with a powerful arrow, as Kamui’s consciousness fades, the siblings yelling for them to wake up.

Final Chapter (Chapter 28): Darkness Illuminated

In darkness, Kamui floats, unsure where they are. Suddenly, they are awoken by Mikoto, and are in their Hoshido bedroom. Mikoto says it is time for the usual training with Ryouma. Kamui says they want to sleep more. Ryouma scolds Kamui for still being asleep. Ryouma says for them to pick up their sword already. Kamui says they can’t find Yatogami. Ryouma then says for Kamui to remember the promise they made him –entrusting the rest to them. Kamui remembers, and now they are in a field. Kamui asks if that last blow killed them, but Ryouma says not exactly, Kamui can still return if strong enough. Ryouma says to return to their allies, and Kamui hears the siblings all pleading for their return. They then hear Takumi continuing to attack the others. Kamui asks if there is any way to save Takumi, but Mikoto states he is consumed by hatred and won’t stop until every last Nohrian is killed. Now, all the comrades who accompanied Kamui on the stage itself make a comment for Kamui to wake up and how they need them. Kamui decides to return, and Ryouma states there is one more person who wants to meet them. It turns out to be Takumi. Kamui is shocked and wonders why Takumi is here if he is up there fighting them. Takumi states he is not the same person as the one they fighting, and that his original spirit died long ago and this one is fueled by his lingering emotion. He pleads Kamui to kill his body, and that the Yatogami should be able to do it. He lends his Wind God’s Bow to Kamui to increase their power. Kamui wonders if that’s really okay, but Takumi says it will be put to better use than it could be in this world they’re in. Kamui vows to “save” Takumi as well, and takes the bow. Takumi apologizes for everything, saying this mess may not have started if he hadn’t been so hostile to his sibling. Kamui apologizes too saying it is their own fault too, wanting things to turn out in a much better way than they did. Takumi says it is fine, and finally calls Kamui his older sibling properly. Ryouma then says to wake up and fight to the very end. Kamui asks for their family to watch over them. They tell Kamui to go off with their best wishes. Lilith appears too for a final goodbye while taking Kamui back to the world where the others await.

Kamui regains consciousness to the delight of the other siblings. The Takumi apparition says he will never forgive Kamui and attacks. This time Kamui is able to block his attack. Kamui then says they will liberate Takumi by defeating him, and the final battle begins.

At the start of the battle, Aqua says she shall sing to help quell the curse on Takumi and the others. However, she gravely says if she sings, she may… and trails off, implying something bad may happen as a result that will make the others upset in some way. She begins singing regardless. The song seems to upset Takumi, as they fight on.

After the battle, Takumi starts to fade just as Garon had, in a blue flame, Kamui saying the promise has been fulfilled. Takumi, now purified, thanks his sibling one last time before fading. They then wonder where Aqua went, realizing she was no longer there. Nobody had even noticed she was missing.


Gunther announces Marx as the new King who succeeds Garon. Marx vows to see the kingdom become prosperous. The siblings exchange some words on the matter about helping him do this. Marx makes a speech asking his followers to help Hoshido rebuild so they may both enter an era of peace together. Sakura and Hinoka are there too, and Kamui thanks them for coming. Sakura and Elise get along well now, and Camilla remarks on Hinoka being the next Queen of Hoshido. Hinoka mentions Ryouma and Takumi, which Kamui apologizes for, but is forgiven as it could not be helped due to circumstances. The other two agree to help Marx see to a peaceful world, and head back to Hoshido telling them to visit. The siblings, servants, and friends say some final comments to Kamui. Kamui thanks everybody for granting them such happiness.

Out at a spring, Kamui remarks it is like the one they first met Aqua at. Kamui wonders where Aqua went. Kamui hears Aqua singing suddenly, and spots her in the water. Kamui asks where Aqua has been, but Aqua ignores the question, simply asking Kamui what Kamui thinks of her song. Kamui thinks the lyrics are wonderfully mysterious, as Aqua says she wishes for Kamui to close their eyes and listen to the song. Kamui does so, Kamui remarking on how glad they are to have Aqua back, and how they could not have done this without her. Aqua does not reply, and when Kamui opens their eyes, she is gone. She figures it was an illusion. She then hears Aqua’s voice in the sky, simply saying “thank you,” and that they may meet again somewhere, someday. Kamui then agrees, as Marx calls for them. Saying the others are waiting for them.

A scene then plays that shows Elise dragging Kamui along, into Camilla, who they bounce off of and fall over. Camilla helps them up, as Leon waits by the door asking if they’re done lollygagging or not, and opens the door to the throne room, where Marx waits. Marx appreciates the siblings’ help, and once again states his intentions to pave the way to peace, making a just society, and asks Kamui’s hand in helping him along with the other siblings.



15 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates: Nohr Story Summary

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  2. Thanks a ton for this! From the summary, I really like this story. It’s interesting to have to work with the bad guys and spring your trap at the right time. What do you think of it?

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked the story. I felt it could have been stronger in some parts, but it was better than the last game (n my opinion) for sure!

  3. You sounded uncertain so sorry if you already knew this but you can kill Asura (or at least the text dumps have the entire choice fleshed out). Basically Asura is shocked but admits it’s what he’s had coming to him and the siblings applaud your choice with Marx noting that he’ll send word to Garon that you brought someone involved in Aqua’s kidnapping to justice.

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