Fire Emblem Fates Guide Progress [8/4]

Hello everyone! If you follow this site you know it is still a blog that functions as a portfolio, and I like to upload at least one work a day. But, with this game, I did not want to make scattered posts and instead consolidated relevant information into large macro posts.

I decided to fill that quota, I can still mention the translations/works I did for the game today and going forward!

UPDATES: I decided to only show the sections that are updated.

A new suggestion that came in is talking briefly about the weapons and bonus stats (such as how they negatively and positively effect things) which I may do later after I gather up the names and such.

Characters: Newest [Full] Profile: Odin

Still going through and adding full profiles (from the museum), epilogues (both marriage and not), and death quotes! They are not really being done in any particular order, mostly just by interest. If you have any you want to see sooner than others, then please let me know in the comments below or via email. : )


9 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates Guide Progress [8/4]

  1. Random Comment Time! Well not so Random anyway. So I dropped in here after awhile, because I was getting overly curious about something.
    As you (I think) know, there are three versions of the “Final Chapter” song. I am fairly sure the first two have lyrics that are part of Hitori Omou. However, the third version seems to have some..”new” lyrics, and I’m going batty trying to figure out what they are. Technically I think we don’t have official lyrics so we’ll go batty nonetheless, but it’d be nice maybe, if you had any idea about what was going on

    • Yep! I thought the three final level songs were the same… but if the lyrics are different, I assume it is just from the third section of the song? The main song (that I translated in full on another post based on Japanese lyrics) had sections that seemed to describe all three paths (Hoshido, Nohr, and Touma in order), so perhaps each ending sings their respective section. I have not listened to verify as they are very stylized so hard to hear in general, but hope that helps give some sort of lead!

      • I’m double checking right now, er…

        About 2:24-2:47


        utau seihitsu
        suishou yawaku hikari chirite
        yami no sariiku akatsuki

        hitori omou


        tsumugu kotowari
        kokuyou nibuku kuzureochite
        hikari sariiku tasogare

        hitori omou

        Invisible Kingdom:

        musubu ketsu ei
        nakigara umore kuri hatete
        minamo ni utsuru
        wa ga i o dare ga shiru ya

        I suppose now that you mention it it really is there, but the Invisible Kingdom one is alot more annoying to deal with

        I’ll put it up on my doc anyway, fufu

  2. I was wondering if u could do the translation for the amiibo fights for Marth, Ike, Robin and Lucina please?
    (I did this comment on another post of yours, but not on your most recent one).

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