Fire Emblem Fates: Robin amiibo event dialogue translation

By request, I translated Robin’s dialogue from his amiibo event. I just have Marth left to cover, so will get to it soon. I already translated Lucina’s here, Marth’s here, and Ike’s here.

UPDATE [9/7]: Thanks to Linkmastr, I now have access to the first encounter dialogue, so have updated this post to include them. The video for the first encounter can be found at the bottom.

This was all done on my free time, and so took a while. It was certainly a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : )

Enjoy! Feel free to email or comment with more requests related to FE in general.

–First Encounter–


…ah! Where am I…?
What the heck happened to me…?

Are you the one who woke me?

Huh? Who am I?

My name is…

That’s right, Robin.
That’s my name.

Before coming here, I feel as though
I was fighting alongside some warriors…

Did we blow them away?
Or were we blown away?

I can’t remember.

Actually, this is the second time I’ve been found lying unconscious.
Pretty pathetic for an army tactician.

Hey, speaking of which…what’s your name?

Oh…? You’re called Kamui, huh?
I won’t forget it, no matter what.

I want to show my thanks to you Kamui
for saving me.

One is my favorite and most convenient thing
for when formulating a plan.

I don’t recognize this item…

Which one do you want?

<Presented with choice, both lead to same resulting dialogue afterward>

-FIRST CHOICE: His favorite thing <Robin’s Bookshelfs>
-SECOND CHOICE: The thing he doesn’t recognize <Wicked Dragon’s Wings>

Thanks, Kamui.
I’m glad to have met you.

For some reason,
I feel like this isn’t the first time we’ve met.

I feel that
you and me have a very similar existence…

Anyway, I should get going.
I want to travel around this world a little.

Study various things,
and make the most of it by learning new strategies from combat.

*-Similar existence likely because both players (Robin and Kamui) are Avatars of their games.

–Second Encounter–

“Kamui… I’ve been waiting.
I was listening to everyone
around the castle until you came.
You’re the
commander of the army, huh?
And, you seem quite talented…
your allies speak highly of your skill.
Not just a tactician, but royalty that excels at strategy…
I have never met someone like you.
I want to try and battle you.
Your strategies versus mine,
I want to see who will be victorious.
Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be immediately.
Keep cool and come up with a plan.
If you’ve decide to accept the challenge…
then I wish to face you on the battlefield.”

–Hero Battle appeared on the World Map–

–Genius Tactician Robin–

“Thanks, Kamui.
I’m happy you came.
I’ve thought of various strategies
as I was waiting for you.
It’s been a long time since I’ve
trembled with this sort of excitement.
The place I was in previously was a world
in which physical strength triumphed over tactics.
I can’t help but look forward
to what sort of tactics you’ll use.
…are you prepared?
Let’s hurry up and begin, then!”


“I see…
So you’re my opponent this time…
You’ve displayed great tactics so far,
but it’ll be futile if you don’t attack after all!”


“My strategy…
was somehow surpassed…”

–After Battle–

“You win, Kamui.
You displayed some wonderful strategies.”

“I’m glad…
I feel validated having been able to fight you.”

“I feel like you and I
lead a similar existence…
As you are now, you’re much stronger than me.
I’m pretty envious actually.
…I think that you
have surely surpassed me.”


“Hey, Kamui…
If it’s alright, may I join you?”

“Of course I don’t mind, but…
You’re okay with coming along?”

While it’s fun to travel alone and do as I please…
I want to fight alongside you.
I want to be able to study your tactics first hand.
Of course I’ll follow your orders too,
and show you some excellent skills.
Though I am a strategist,
I’m pretty good at combat too.”

“Hahaha, I get it.
Well then, I’ll be counting on you.
Me, as well as my allies…
Let’s all fight together, Robin!”

Fighting together with everyone…
It reminds me of a distant memory from long ago…
Fighting alongside a group of allies again…
It really makes me happy.”

First Encounter Video:


10 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates: Robin amiibo event dialogue translation

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  3. If you live in the UK or Ireland, Argus sells amiibo for € 17/ £19 pounds.If you don’t maybe a friend does and can get some of them for you? Also thanks for the translation!

    • Thankfully I managed to get a Lucina one from a friend in the UK : ) But yes NFC reader and such I’m wondering about, though I think those are easier to find. Thanks! And you’re welcome!

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  6. RE: ” amiibo themselves are near impossible to get,”

    Slightly off topic. Why does the company not want to make more of them. Is the marketing strategy to give more profits to the toy scalpers on Amazon and eBay?

    • I’m not sure myself… I’m sure there’s a great business reason and such, and they’re the experts and I’m not, but it is a little bad for the consumer, huh? xD

  7. Again, Thank you so much for the translations! Very much appreciative :). I didn’t notice it before, but it seems plot-wise that Kamui has potential for stratagem as well. I guess it was done like this as a way to enforce the link between them and Robin.

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