FE14 – Paralogue 3: Together with the Songstress [Shigure] Story Summary

As part of a new translation mini-series, I’ll be summarizing the child paralogues in Fire Emblem: Fates as I go through Linkmastr’s video gallery of them (as they would take quite a while to get myself)

This is Paralogue 3, and focuses on Shigure. It is unlocked by S ranking Aqua.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 3” [P3] here.

Aqua comments on how there is a large sea in this particular secluded region. She wonders how Shigure is doing. Suddenly, one of Kamui’s servants say they saw a Pegasus Warrior get shot down over the water, and that they are likely injured. Aqua says to move out and help right away.

Aqua rushes up to the warrior, and sees it is Shigure, who is gravely injured. Shigure insists he’s fine, and instead worries for the rest of the people in the secluded region, as there are monsters about that appeared somehow lured them into a trap. He led the charge so others could run, but regrets being unable to do his role. Suddenly, enemies appear, and Shigure remarks this is how it was last time, with monsters suddenly appearing as if out of nowhere. Aqua apologizes, realizing they are likely targeting Shigure because of her. She promises to protect him. She steps forward, saying she will not allow anyone to lay a hand on her son, and tells them to come after her as their true target. Shigure questions what Aqua meant by them aiming for her. Aqua says the time is coming for her to tell him, but until then they should focus on fighting first. Aqua says to leave the rest to her, but Shigure says he must fight too for those he failed. Aqua then asks if he is willing to face the dangers and fight to the bitter end, to which Shigure accepts. Aqua then allows him to fight, but pleads him not to die, as she fears losing him more than losing her own life. Shigure reassures her and thanks her, as the battle begins.

After the battle, Aqua says she checked on Shigure’s village. She says as unfortunate as it was, there was not a single survivor. Shigure is distraught by the news. Aqua apologizes, saying if only they had come faster, they may have been able to save them. Shigure says Aqua is not to blame, and that only he alone is responsible, and there is just one thing left that he can do. He sings the start of the song Aqua sings, which Aqua is surprised by, and realizes it is a way to show deep gratitude toward the kind souls who passed on. Aqua then compliments Shigure for his singing voice having returned, from as far away as the sky itself. Shigure wonders what to do now, as Aqua suggests looking for a new hidden region. Shigure thinks it is unnecessary, and instead asks Aqua about fighting alongside her. Aqua seems hesitant, but Shigure says he let everyone down due to being weak, and that he has to become stronger. Aqua understands, and says they may fight alongside each other. Shigure is thankful, as the happier Aqua looks forward to talking about so many different things with her son Shigure.


Linkmastr’s video:


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