FE14 – Invisible History DLC Full (Part 1 + 2) Story Summary


This is a story summary of both parts of the  Invisible History DLC that was released August 20th (Japan).  I originally uploaded them as two separate posts, so please consider this a convenience post where they are all in one place.

Note: In English/NoA, it is called Hidden Truths, and released on March 24th 2016. The localization is very true to the original.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and took awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

—Invisible History: Prologue

Hydra, a hooded figure, asks Owain, Inigo, and Severa if they are ready. The three say they are, one by one. Hydra then tells them they will depart, and in a flash of light, the characters change. Severa and the others are shocked at their change hair colors (changing to their default Awakening colors that also become their Fates colors). Hydra says these are necessary for where they are going. He says it will be better not to be seen if they can help it, however, for the sake of the people they are doing this job for. Severa mumbles she liked the hair color she had before better, but Inigo teases that she looks cute with this new one. Owain is amused at how Inigo is still being flirtatious even though the fighting is done. Hydra is content with the appearances they have, and now says they need new clothes and powers.

He says first they have to change their names. Owain decides that he will pick something fitting for a warrior of darkness. Inigo wonders what sort of job they have that requires them to have to go as far as to even change names Hydra says they will be traveling to a different world to fight, and there will be many able warriors they may cross paths with. If they choose the right path, then they will be fine, but if they wait and that someone chooses the wrong path, they will likely die. This shocks the group of three, as Severa says it would be terrible to die after all that trouble they went through for peace already. Owain says as cool as it is to do this secret mission, it is a rather heavy order. Hydra says he will not force them, and they are free to back off, but Inigo insists they will come along despite the tall order. Severa says they never said they weren’t going, and Owain says he will lend his power too. Hydra is surprised they are so willing, and Owain says they understand how difficult the situation is. Severa says they have plenty of experience with great difficulty already, and can relate to people who are in trouble themselves. Inigo mentions the appeal of power in numbers. He says they will trust Hydra to give them whatever order he needs to be helped. Hydra is grateful.

Severa points out she was afraid of their first meeting, considering Hydra keeps his face concealed, and that they heard a mysterious voice calling to these three outside of their castle suddenly. Owain mentions the voice said “please help my kingdom” and “I cannot explain the details at the moment.” Inigo adds the voice said “If you believe me, then I want you to meet me at this place during the next full moon.” Hydra confirms this, as Severa said she’s wasn’t quite sure what it means, especially since the mark on the map pointed to the neighboring continent, and says no way in hell would any regular person follow up with that request. Hydra laughs and apologizes, saying they came anyway.

Owain says they couldn’t resist someone in need. He says however he will not do any wicked deeds, which Hydra says he will not be making them do. He says he has no need for the “Heroes who defeated the Fell Dragon Grima” to perform any such acts, and Inigo is surprised that they are referred to that way. Hydra apologizes to them, saying that he will be getting them into another conflict despite the future of despair they had come from. Inigo is very surprised he knows this, asking what he’s talking about. Hydra does not answer, as Severa asks him to say something. Hydra suddenly tells Severa to duck, as he blocks a sudden attack from a phantom like being. He curses, saying that they seemed to have noticed that he has come here.

They are surrounded by enemies, as Owain wonders if they are the Risen who appeared out of nowhere. Inigo says they seem different in from than the Risen did, and senses their blood lust. He wonders if it is aimed at them. Hydra apologizes, saying this is his fault for acting slow. Inigo wonders what he’s talking about, as Hydra explains that this group followed him, and that they are soldiers from the other world. He did not intend to cause any troubles to this world, and Severa asks him just where he came from that things like this exist. Hydra says he cannot explain that right now. Owain says they can talk later, and must fight now. Inigo agrees, saying they will believe in Hydra and fight on his side for now. Severa agrees saying it cannot be helped, but demands an explanation after the battle. Hydra reluctantly agrees, and the battle begins.

During the battle, the characters have several conversations with each other:

Owain asks Severa what sort of new power she thinks she will develop. She wonders what’s up with him all of a sudden, as he says it is what Hydra asked them earlier. Owain says he himself may do something like suddenly pursuing magic and being a Sage as an example. He says he’s only been using the sword up until now and may want to give magic a go. Severa is amused, saying it makes sense as Lissa’s child after all. Severa says for him to use it if he so pleases. Owain then tries to guess saying that Severa will be a Pegasus Knight, since her mother Cordelia is one. Severa gets annoyed, saying she won’t be doing that, and will stick to being a Mercenary as she is now, though insists it has nothing to do with her mother, and that she won’t truly be happy if she’s just like her mother after all. Owain apologizes, but Severa shrugs it off, saying they ought to focus on the battle instead. Severa points out enemies that Owain hadn’t seen, and he compliments her sharp senses as he goes off to fight. After he leaves, Severa starts mumbling that it will be nice to pick a cute name.

Inigio asks Severa how she’s holding up. Severa says she’s fine, that these enemies are nothing to worry about. That makes Inigo happy; as he was worried that being exhausted from coming all the way here would be a problem. Severa agrees, saying that this place was far and the luggage was heavy. Inigo says no, that was just Severa’s belongings that were heavy, to the point he thogut he was going to die a few times on his way here. Severa says it couldn’t be helped, she just had to get all the shoes, clothes, accessories, and other merchandise from the foreign towns, and of course it was too much for a girl to carry. Inigo mumbles that this explains a lot, as Severa asks if he has any more complaints. She then says despite being a man he had quite a bit to carry too, and asks him what he brought along. He glows red and embarrassed, demanding she not look at the contents of what he brought along, and not to open it here of all places. Severa says they look like music and dance instructions along with things like candy and perfume. He explains they are gifts to give to girls, plain and simple. Severa calls him an idiot, and says she made him hold some of her things because she figured he was someone she could rely on. Inigo is surprised that she called him reliable, as Severa blushes, insisting it was a slip of the tongue, and quickly points out that enemies are approaching, and she must go fight them! She rushes off, as Inigo teases, chasing her, telling her to say that one more time for him. He notices she drops something, which turns out to be a sword he gets.

Inigo finds Owain in deep concentration, as he points out the danger of the situation. He asks what he think so this, as Owain says he is not thinking too much about it, and instead is thinking how he will conceal a special proof of his identity, being the Mark of the Exalt. Inigo agrees, saying it would be something that sticks out on someone for sure, especially to those not familiar. He feels he may not feel like himself without it though, as it is proof of lineage through his mother. Inigo laughs, to which Owain asks what’s so funny. Inigo calls him a rather sweet boy for thinking this way, as Owain is slightly upset at being made fun of. Inigo tells him not to be, and says even without the exalted mark, Owain is Owain. He said if the mark were to disappear, it would not mean the bonds they formed would too. Owain feels better after this, as Inigo then says going to a new place with new looks and names are a scary thought. Owain is glad he is not the only anxious one here, and apologizes for thinking he may be the only one and not listening to Inigo’s troubles. Owain says to leave it to this new dark knight, as Inigo cheers up laughing, saying he’s counting on him.

After the battle, Hydra is glad they bested the forces from the other world. Owain says they managed to eliminate every last enemy. Severa questions Hydra as to what they just fought, and what exactly Hydra is. He says in order to explain any of that, they have to return to his kingdom with him. Severa is confused, as Hydra says if he explains it here, he will disappear due to a curse. Owain then agrees to follow him back to his own world with no more questions until they get there. Hydra apologizes, and says he can pay them in advance.

He says he can grant eternal youth/life, the perpetuation of one’s descendants, or maybe even grant them a fortune. Owain is shocked by the prospect of eternal life, and Inigo blushes by the prospect of offspring and descendants. Owain blushes and asks just what Inigo is thinking about. Severa asks if these offers aren’t too extreme, and wonders how Hydra can even do this, and wonders if he is a god. Hydra says he does not mind if they think of him that way. Inigo wonders why he even needs help if that’s the case. Hydra looks hesitant to explain, and Severa says it’s likely that thing about the curse again, and so says they should hurry to his country so then he can finally explain everything. Before that, Inigo wonders what other things someone who has this much power can do, such as go back in time. Owain wonders if he can do things like bring the dead back to life, but figures it must be impossible. Severa says they can’t seriously be thinking about that, but Inigo apologizes, saying it has been on his mind. Severa says it’s not like it has been on her mind, but the thought of having her true mother and father return is tempting. Owain asks if Hydra can do it. Hydra apologizes, saying even he cannot bring the dead back to life. Owain is disappointed but understands, though Inigo asks if he can at least restore barren lands. Inigo says he wishes for the lands he could not protect to at least be able to be restored, where flowers can bloom once again. A place fitting for a peaceful world. Severa agrees, and wants to make graves for those who had fallen in that world. Owain agrees with this too. He says even if they cannot return, he wishes for that world without light to be able to have some peace. Hydra is amazed, wondering if they are really okay with that, as the three assert that they are sure with their decision. Hydra states that the lands of the future of despair will be restored, and graves given to those who had fallen, calling upon powers of the dragon line to do this. There is a brilliant flash of light, and he says the lands of that world have been restored, their wishes fulfilled.

The three give deep thanks to Hydra, as he suddenly hears a voice. He says that a lone tactician’s thoughts remain in that world with allies very much like their own among the corpses that will gain graves. The voices reached out to Hydra, which Severa says it cannot be, but Hydra says it is one that is an existence very familiar to them. Inigo asks what that voices are saying, as Hydra says that there are many, mostly saying “thank you” with happy, kind voices, along with “have a safe journey. No matter where you go, I’ll watch over you.” Inigo is shocked, thinking of his mother and father, as the others do too.

Hydra says before they depart, he will give them each a crystal ball. He says if they ever want to return to their “true home,” they are simply to use it. He says the balls allow them to traverse time and space, which will allow for them to return here after their job is done, but if they truly wish it, they may also return to their true homes. He warns that it can only be used once, however. Severa says that means if they were to return to their future, they would be unable to come back here? Hydra says that is indeed the case, and that one who traverses time and space will be stuck at their destination, rather than giving them the power to travel constantly. Owain entertains the thought of returning, but Inigo says that would mean leaving everybody else behind. Severa says she would love to place flowers at the graves of her true parents, however. Hydra says not to worry, as the answer is not needed now, and they can spend time thinking about it. They can do it after all the fighting is said and done. Owain suddenly becomes chipper, saying he will do his best, surprising the other two who scold him for speaking in a loud voice all of a sudden and startling them. He says it is the time to act first to bring an end to conflict before thinking, and can’t let anything trouble them for that reason. The others agree that there will be plenty of time to think on the way, and that Hydra is in immediate need. Hydra says he will rely on them from now on, and just needs to do some final preparations before they return to his kingdom.

Hydra then wonders about the emblem that the tactician made him hold on to, and about the gratitude he received from him. He wonders if the thoughts and feelings of those he heard will be important in the future. He feels the day is certainly coming.

The scene changes, showing the floating head in flames slumbering. It is Hydra. He remarks the pursuers failed and that the targets still live. He wonders just what the detachment of his original self is up to. He is then confronted by a mysterious yet familiar figure of Lilith, one of his servants. She states the group is headed back to this world. Hydra says he is aware, and will leave it to her to deal with them, and that she may use whatever soldiers she likes. The chapter ends.

—Invisible History: Epilogue

Hydra says they have arrived, and introduces his country, known as the “Kingdom of Touma.” Owain is wondering if they are on a floating cliff, as Inigo spots an upside down lake, wondering just what is going on. Hydra says it is strange for outsiders as expected, as Severa questions if people live in such a bizarre world. Hydra says nobody lives here, and that “Touma Soldiers” are those that cannot be seen from the outside. Owain wonders if those are the ones that attacked earlier, as Hydra confirms that the soldiers of this kingdom are made from the souls of fallen soldiers. Owain says it is just like the Risen. Hydra says they should press onward before monsters appear, but Inigo inquires about Hydra’s god-status he mentioned earlier. Inigo wonders if he sought out people to help this gloomy world of ruin, but Hydra says he is only half right. Inigo asks him what he means.

Hydra says before he answers that, he wants him to ask a certain dragon. He wants them to hear the tale of the dragon that built this kingdom. The dragon who loved humans, gave them wisdom, long life, and lived with them. The dragon was on especially good terms with the king. The relationship between the royal family and the dragon were great. However, hundreds of years ago, the dragon gradually began to realize it was gaining bestial desires and sought power. Despite loving the kingdom, it also had the urge to destroy it. These feelings increased day after day. Severa asks about the bestial urges, saying they had a girl who had the power of dragons among their allies who mentioned having an urge to destroy without realizing, and wonders if the bestial urge is something like that. Hydra says that sounds close to what it is. He says dragons hold immense power, and so that urge is also strong. He says when dragons are starting to have those urges, that the Touma Royalty developed a song to quell them. Inigo asks what sort of song it is, as Hydra says it leads to containing power within stones. While the power of song was passed down through the family over the ages, the usage declined to the point they could no longer use it, and were killed. Hydra confirms, to Owain’s surprise, that it was indeed the same dragon that had gone rampant.

The dragon hid away in a forest afterward, and people sought the dragon to persecute. Despite the dangers, they sought to kill it. It was after this, the dragon thought “people are detestable.” He felt that humans were ungrateful, having forgotten all he had done for them, now seeking to even kill him. The dragon then secluded itself within a mountain, holding a grudge against humans, cursing their existence. The three still do not completely understand how it could hold such strong hatred, and sure it wished for some sort of companionship, as Hydra says the three are kind people, and the dragon called out for kinder people in the world. The ruler of this kingdom was the only one of the family who believed in the dragon, and went to visit him at the mountain; he sought to explain some of the citizenry’s perspective to it. However, the dragon murdered the ruler with his own hands, and the total destruction of the kingdom began.

For unknown reasons, however, the dragon separated its “heart” from itself before it completely fell into madness. That heart took the form of a person, and developed a consciousness of its own. And that, Hydra explained, is him. The three are shocked at the revelation. Hydra gloomily confirms that it is his fault the kingdom came into ruin, and that all those he said he loved fell into despair, including the ruler who believed in him. It was because of his weakness that everybody and the kingdom were destroyed. Hydra apologizes, continuing the story.

The dragon that went mad is the “true body,” and he himself is the detachment that held no memories of his own that was discarded. He says at that time, he was helped by the daughter of the Empress, Mikoto, and they had fallen in love, and had a child together. Owain is surprised he has children, but Hydra says he cannot really be called the father. He said as the Kingdom of Touma was being destroyed, he started to regain his memories. He expressed the truth to Mikoto, and pleaded the Empress Shenmei and their children escape to the outside world. He says that was the last time he saw his child, who was barely born at the time and that is his only memory of them.

Severa wonders if Mikoto ever told him about how the child was doing, but he said that Mikoto decided not to talk of the child’s father. Severa questions why, as Hydra assumes it was because it would be bad to express how their father was responsible for the destruction of an entire kingdom. He did not want the child to suffer that burden. Inigo wonders if Hydra is sorrowful, and if that is why he does not want the child to call him a father. He says it would be a lie to say he does not want to be called the child’s father, but it is a truth that cannot be discussed. He says as Mikoto and the others escaped the country, he had a vision of warriors in a faraway world who defeated a dark dragon. He had just one wish, and that was to call them to this world.

Hydra says they cannot mention any of what he said about this world to people on the outside, or else they too will erase like bubbles atop water. Owain says he understands, and they will not speak a word. Hydra says he will now talk about what they are to do. First, he wants them to head to Hoshido. Severa asks if that is in the world outside of Touma, and Hydra says that’s right, and it is where Mikoto is, who will surely tend to them. He wants them to travel with their child to seek the five holy weapons, and then return to this world together. When that is done, he wants them to defeat “him” who will have fallen to bestial madness in the end. Severa seems t have issue with the idea, but he insists they defeat the “Touma Dragon Hydra.” He says he understands the pain humans felt as he too was unable to sway his draconic self, and feels the only way to save the world is this this path. After some silence, Owain agrees to seek out Hydra’s child, and asks him to reveal some more details about the kid they should be looking out for.

Hydra is about to reveal their name, but the mysterious figure of Lilith interrupts them, introducing herself as Hydra’s daughter Lilith who serves him faithfully. Hydra and the others are shocked, as Hydra asks who she is, and she says another part like he is, though different –a proper daughter of the Touma Dragon. Hydra realizes she is the dragon’s madness that was discarded into a human form. Lilith is surprised he didn’t know, and then also reveals that his child is not in Hoshido, but rather in Nohr. Hydra is shocked at this news, too, and he asks if they were kidnapped. Lilith doesn’t answer, as Hydra wonders why the future he saw isn’t coming true. Lilith sadistically laughs at his shocked expression. She asks him kindly to disappear from the world. Owain tries attacking her, though to no effect, as she kindly asks the other world warriors to step aside, landing a heavy blow on Owain. Inigo tries next, to no effect, as Lilith says they have no effect here, as Lilith asks calmly if they want to die. Hydra tells them to stop, and he uses a spell to freeze Lilith. Unable to move, she calmly waits, as Hydra tells the others to use the Crystal Balls he gave them earlier to escape back to their world.

Severa asks what he’s doing, as he apologizes saying that his own power is weaker than he thought, with things like “his true body’s” daughter and this world’s future being too out of reach. He warns when this girl can move again, they will be killed and it will be a future without them. He does not want them to get involved any farther, but he says not to worry, that his end of the bargain will remain fulfilled, though he apologizes for their lack of time to think about their destination, and thanks them for believing in him. But Severa says they will not abandon him, catching him off guard.

Severa calls him an idiot, saying he’s giving up too easily, and that they are not choosing to die, but to fight. She says if this path is lost, they will simply travel another path. Inigo scolds him for telling them to return, saying he is not one to choose despair. He asks that they do care about this world enough to save it, and that they should believe in them. Owain says they have resolved to help him already, and he cares not about what names or forms they take on to do this. Owain asks that Hydra lend them the power to fight, and to believe in them. The three all says that they will fight for him. Hydra agrees, to Lilith’s surprise. Hydra says he will believe in himself, as well as the three he brought, and calls on the power of dragons to grant them strength.

A scene occurs where the three change, Owain to Odin, Inigo to Lazward, and Severa to Luna. They remark on the incredible power of Hydra. Odin likes his new name, Inigo thanks him for believing in them, as Luna believes they can do it, and won’t let him down. Odin fires a ball of fire at Lilith, and is able to damage her now. Their confidence is restored knowing they can fight. Lilith calls in shadow warriors at these unexpected results, saying they will die here. The battle begins.

On the field, there are spots where Hydra says one can utilize the “Dragon Vein.” He says they too can utilize this power if they drink a potion he imbued with power to them, though it can only be used once.

The group has conversations on the map:

Luna greets Odin, who addresses her as Severa. She quickly corrects him saying it is “Luna” now, and scolds him for it. Odin apologizes, and then Luna says to forget about it, and remarks on how he became a dark mage, saying that cape he has is rather fitting. He says as expected, Luna is a mercenary. She says it is because it is the easiest way she’s known how to fight, so there would be no use of changing what works. She wonders if he will be okay though, being a sword user. Odin assures her that he feels the magic swelling within him and has gained an understanding as to how it works. She says she won’t worry then if that’s the case, and will be relying on him, and that variety within the three working together may work better than not. She admits it probably would have been better if she rode a Pegasus in order to use a lance after all, but like an idiot she chose stick with this despite the name and form changes. Odin says it can’t be helped, and says it’s fine and that Luna should stick with swords, as she is great at it, and is relying on her as a great swordswoman. Luna thanks him for saying such things.

Lazward tells Luna to hold on a moment, as she asks what’s wrong, though is happy he remembered her new name. He boasts that he never forgets a woman’s name. He also thanks Luna for remembering his own name. He says her new clothes are very fitting for her, and that her hair accessories are cute. She sarcastically thanks his exaggerated praising, then asks what he wanted anyway. Lazward says she is rather cold, but then gets to the point, wondering if the two are okay with being the same class, like they were in the previous world too. After some discussion on the uses of the shields as a means to protect, Lazward reassures Luna that she is still “Severa” to him, no matter how much they may change from now on. Luna tells him tos top being an idiot, and that this is a given. Lazward is happy to hear this, and says that if they were to die here, their “true” selves would too, and so must survive and return home. Luna wonders what the heck he’s been thinking about all this time, and says she does not intend to lose here. She promises they will all return home together no matter what. Lazward gets back to flirting, saying she should watch him fight, and she teases back, saying she will be watching very, very closely, which makes him blush and feel embarrassed.

Lazward calls out to “Owain,” who does not reply. He then says he wants to ask Odin something, to which Odin replies he is Odin, and not Owain. Owain is now a name hidden deep inside, hidden behind a veil of darkness. He then asks what he can do for “Inigo,” as he slowly says that he is not Inigo, but Lazward. Odin apologizes, and then Lazward talks about having developed a dance to invigorate allies. Odin asks to see it, and while he feels embarrassed, Lazward does it for him. Odin says he feels a power surge, as Lazward is glad, but says it is nothing compared to his mother’s for sure. He hopes to be able to support the others with this dance. He thanks Hydra for this power, but Odin says this is really his inner strength. Odin then wonders if he has gained some sort of strength of his own, like how his blood gets excited. He says he will now search for it, and Lazward wishes him luck.

After the battle, Lazward checks if the other two are okay. Odin says there are no problems, as Lilith mocks them for thinking this is the end. She says her army granted by Hydra is infinite, and she asks if they’re ready to continue. She summons in even more warriors. The three are exhausted, seeing they have to fight even more does not help. Hydra (the good one) says that fighting won’t be necessary, and says he will send the three to the Kingdom of Nohr now. Odin wonders why when he had mentioned going to Hoshido before. Luna worries what Hydra will be doing in the meantime. He says he will remain here, and not influence what path the outside world takes, and will remain here. He apologizes that they will be separated now. He says it’s fine, and for them to go to Nohr Castle, and become the King’s subordinates and attend to his child’s side. Lilith attacks Hydra with a heavy blow, as Hydra says the next time they meet, they will likely be enemies, but pleads them to come back eventually and kill him, entrusting the future to them.

The three disappear, as Hydra says he believes in the three. Lilith laments the three other world warriors having escaped, but screams for the false Lord Hydra to perish. But, she finds herself unable to move, as Hydra asks what’s wrong, and that if she wants to kill him, she should kill him already. He remarks his “dear daughter” seems unhappy. She says not to say such things, and says she wants nothing more than to be by her true Lord Hydra’s side, and that the false one knows nothing of her. She pauses, as she then admits she had never been loved since being born. No matter how hard she tried, she had never been praised even once, and yet when he said those words, one who has the same sort of existence as she does, she felt something. Hydra apologizes for her bitter thoughts, and not having known of her up until now. She asks him to stop, saying she really will kill him. He says killing him is fine if she wants. He says if it is proof of his love to her, she can kill him as often as she likes. He asks her to believe him, in that he truly loves her. He wishes to teach the bitterness she is what love is. He says this is as her father. Lilith finally seems to give up, saying he seems like a truly difficult person to deal with. She says, Lilith realizes she has lost and is unable to kill him, calling him her father. Lilith then gasps, realizing Hydra (the bad one) has decided to rid the world of her upon this revelation. Hydra (the good one) tells her to hold on, but she says to let go, and that it is fine. He had already professed his fatherly love to her, and that is all she wanted to be happy.

He asks her to let him help her, and, in a flash of light, Lilith is holding a collapsed Hydra, who asks if she is alright. She says she is fine, but realizes that he has spent his life energy in having saved her. He says it is fine, as he was a fading existence anyway, and the fact he could use up his life for her sake is good enough for him. She starts crying, as he tells her not to cry, and just wants to see her smiling face in the end, but Lilith says she can’t do that, begging him not to die and fade away for her sake. He says it can’t be helped after a bit of a laugh, even though he wants to stay by her side to protect her, he is physically unable to. He will not know where she will go nor what she will do, and apologizes to her, and Mikoto, and finally, he apologizes to his child, finally calling them by name, Kamui, which is his very last word.

Lilith cries over her father’s body, then echoes Kamui’s name, saying they were the last thing on her father’s mind and is their older sibling. She swears to protect her older sibling the way her father protected her. She says to leave it to her little sister to be by their side and protect them forever. She apologizes to Hydra (the bad one), saying to forgive her for turning traitor, and that she will return someday with her older sibling. But, she does not have the power to follow the group of three that had just left. She says she will look toward the Star Dragons and rely on them to grant her power to protect her only family, and to bring light to her sibling. She says goodbye to Hydra.

Back at the floating head of the evil Hydra, he remarks that Lilith has betrayed him and disappeared. He says it is of no matter, as she is fated to die no matter what path she chooses. No matter what path Kamui chooses, Lilith will not live to see the end. He remarks the three other worldly warriors will suffer the same fate. He swears all will be destroyed, and bursts out into a maniacal laugh.

Brief credits are shown, before panning to Hydra’s head one last time, as it reluctantly speaks, mumbling in broken words, “Defeat me without fail, Odin…Lazward…Luna…and…Kamui…I will wait…wait here until…we can meet again…I will…believe in you…”

It ends saying that the known story is that the dragon brought ruin upon the Kingdom of Touma. What is unknown to “you” was that there was a “father” from a faraway invisible kingdom who remained by the side of his “daughter” no matter how far she was from him. The true story continues.


A note on names: I refer to the Awakening characters as their officially localized names, yet refer to Hydra (Anankos) as Hydra still. I also have this strange tendency to keep writing Inigo as Owain and vice versa, and may have written Serena (Severa’s Japanese name) a few times, so please point out anything that may seem off. I wrote this as I went along the chapter so there may be run-ons and grammar issues too.

Some notes on translations: The general vibe and greater context should be accurate enough. I did this rather late and as I was playing through so some more specific translations and nuances may be lacking. Please forgive me!


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