FE14 – Paralogue 9: Saizou’s Namesake [Grey] Story Summary

–As part of a new translation mini-series, I’ll be summarizing the child paralogues in Fire Emblem: Fates as I go through Linkmastr’s video gallery of them (as they would take quite a while to get myself)–

This is Paralogue 9, and focuses on Grey. It is unlocked by S ranking Saizou. It is on the Hoshido and Touma paths only.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 9” [P9] here.

Tsubaki mentions that they are close to the secluded region where Saizou’s son is. Saizou says nothing, which worries Tsubaki. After a little while, Saizou admits he is not sure what to say as it has been a long time since he has met his son. Saizou then spots a group, which turns out to be a bandit leader named Funk confronting his son Grey. Funk is yelling at Grey asking him if he was trying to run from a deal they made, and Grey spots Saizou who asks what he’s doing here, saying this is the worst thing that could happen. Funk asks Grey if he knows Saizou, Grey dodges the question, as Saizou asks why Grey is going by “Grey” and reveals that Grey’s true name is supposed to be Saizou, just like himself, as proof of his lineage. He then asks to explain who this person (Funk) is. Grey says it has nothing to do with Saizou, however, Funk says that Grey was trying to run out on a job he assigned him, and Saizou scolds him, wondering how he could work for bandits despite being a sixth generation Saizou, meaning he can’t just do what he wants. He wonders if Grey has casted away his family’s pride. Grey tells him to wait, saying he’s right as always, but is by no means a sixth generation Saizou, and rejects the title from henceforth. This shocks Saizou, as Grey says he will not be forced into it, and says what is important in the name “Saizou” to his father is not to him. He says he will live freely under his own rules and his body belongs to no one else. He then leaves.

Saizou tries to catch up with the angered Grey, telling him to listen. Grey refuses, saying he will walk his own path, and runs off. The battle begins.

After the battle, Grey asks him to let go of him, but Saizou refuses. Saizou asks why he did that job for the bandits, but Grey says it is irrelevant and it was a job he chose to do from the start. He says they planned to assassinate the owner of a mansion, but never did he himself sink so low as to kill an innocent, as he has his own pride he does not intend to cast aside. Saizou seems surprised but silent, as Grey then asks what he will do, asking if he will lock him away in the secluded realm. After a long silence, Saizou says that he will not, and would rather Grey try and live his own life. Grey is caught off guard, as Saizou says there is no longer any need for him to think about things regarding the sixth generation Saizou. Rather, he wishes for him to think about what Grey wants to do, or what Grey can do, Grey asks why he had the sudden change of heart. Saizou says the namesake is not just a title alone, but is instead an embodiment of a prideful spirit. He has come to understand that Grey indeed has this spirit, and will let him do as he wants from now on, trusting in him. Saizou says there is no more to say, and says farewell with the implication he will never see him again, and leaves. Grey ponders what he can do now with his newfound freedom, and then wonders if he can travel with his father. This brings Saizou back, as he wonders why. Grey explains while he dislikes the sixth generation Saizou title it does not mean he hates his father. He wants to learn more about his father’s way of thinking as well as share some of his heartfelt candy with him. Saizou inquires about the candy, as Grey reveals he has all sorts on him that he made himself, and that his father could pick whichever he likes. Saizou says he is not really interested in sweets, but figures just this once he will take one, because his son made it. Saizou welcomes Grey aboard, who is humbled, accepting his father and promising to do his best.


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