FE14 – Paralogue 10: The Hunter and the Hunted [Kinu] Story Summary

–As part of a new translation mini-series, I’ll be summarizing the child paralogues in Fire Emblem: Fates as I go through Linkmastr’s video gallery of them (as they would take quite a while to get myself)–

This is Paralogue 10, and focuses on Kinu. It is unlocked by S ranking Nishiki. It is on the Hoshido and Touma paths only.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 10” [P10] here.

Kinu is chasing birds around, playfully telling them to wait up, but then gets disappointed when they escape her by flying away. Kinu says she will attempt to fly after them too, even though she knows it’s impossible. She figures if she does fly for some reason, she will become unstoppable after all, so why not? But then she realizes there are a lot of trees in this forest that would impede her even if she did. She then notices a small crevice, calling out into it to see if anyone is there, getting no response. She figures it is empty, and spots something strange near the entrance, deciding to crawl in, giggling with curiosity. There is a flash of light, and she emerges somewhere else, unsure of where she is. Suddenly, a curious looking man named Daichi is joyed to see a youko (fox spirit) appear, Kinu is surprised by Daichi yelling about a youko, and asks where it is, looking around frantically herself for it, completely ignorant to the situation. She says only she herself has appeared. Daichi says it’s his lucky day, and will kill her and then sell her at a high price. Kinu isn’t quite sure what he means by that, and figures they’ve just come to play with her. Daichi calls his group in to help.

Elsewhere, Nishiki is very excited about being able to meet the beautiful Kinu again soon. Tsukuyomi asks if Nishiki means his daughter, and wonders if she has the form of a youko too. Nishiki says she does of course, having a majestic tail like his own. He then pauses wondering why he’s even telling Tsukuyomi this and it seems weird, considering they’ll be meeting her soon and the blood relation will be obvious anyway. Tsukuyomi spots someone approaching, as a thief suddenly appears pleading for their help. Nishiki wonders who this not so beautiful person is, as the thief says a youko is massacring the others. Nishiki asks if that youko by chance is an extremely cute girl who resembles him. The fhief is shocked, saying they do in fact resemble each other very much. Nishiki realizes he is talking about Kinu, and happily says that it will rain blood tonight, and the battle begins.

During the battle, Nishiki meets up with Kinu, saying he has come to help, asking if she’s okay. Kinu is happy to see her father, saying she’s playing with everybody. Nishiki says that is not the case at all, nor is it what she should be doing, as these are not people she should play with. She asks why with childish curiosity, saying she’s been waiting so long to play after all. She pouts and whines about it. Nishiki says that’s not fitting of such a pretty girl at all, wondering what she was thinking. But he says it is fine, as she has been fighting well. He then says they are people she can play with but they are certainly not friends, as they have come with the intention to take her fur. Kinu is shocked, saying she didn’t even realize this. He says to stop playing and come fight with him instead, to which she gladly accepts and thanks him.

After the battle, Kinu says it was really fun, but still wants more. Nishiki reminds her that those men had come to kidnap her. Kinu says she knows that, and it was still fun despite that. Nishiki sighs and figures she’s at least safe despite that. Kinu asks if this is how it always feels whenever her father and the others fight. Nishiki says it is, which makes Kinu excited and makes her declare she shall travel along with her dad now. Nishiki is caught off guard, as Kinu goes on saying fighting was way more fun than just playing in the mountains. Nishiki says that’s not a good way to think about it, and that fighting is more dire than Kinu takes it as. It is a thing where people see the absolute worst things one can imagine, and is certainly not interesting. Kinu is silent, then apologizes for her behavior. Nishiki says it is fine so long as she understands. Kinu admits she really just wants to be with her father, especially now after he came and saved her, looking to pay it back. Nishiki is pleasantly surprised, saying she also has that feeling where she needs to pay people back like her father. He figures she truly has matured based on this. Kinu laughs humbly and says she is glad to be aboard. Nishiki quickly says he never actually said she was part of the crew, but then accepts her anyway, welcoming her aboard, saying she can certainly pay her father back this way.


Linkmastr’s video:


3 thoughts on “FE14 – Paralogue 10: The Hunter and the Hunted [Kinu] Story Summary

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  2. I had to keep myself from squealing too loudly when I saw this came up. I love Kinu and Nishiki way too much… -.-
    Good job as always!

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