FE14 – Paralogue 12: Preventing Her Sleep (Mitama) Story Summary

–As part of a new translation mini-series, I’ll be summarizing the child paralogues in Fire Emblem: Fates as I go through Linkmastr’s video gallery of them (as they would take quite a while to get myself)–

This is Paralogue 12, and focuses on Mitama. It is unlocked by S ranking Asama. It is on the Hoshido and Touma paths only.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 12” [P12] here.

Saizou asks Asama why he has such a gloomy expression. Asama says he’s learned that the secluded region his daughter is staying in has been invaded by monsters. Saizou is surprised and says they have to move out right away and then asks why Asama hadn’t told them immediately. Asama passively says the reason is he figures humans all eventually, but worried despite these thoughts. Saizou, after some awkward silence, scoffs at his questionable parenting. He then tells Asama to hurry and tell everyone what he told him. Asama says this is rather hasty…

Out on the field, Saizou remarks monsters really have appeared in the secluded realm. She looks for Mitama, as Asama says she is nowhere to be found, but he is sure she’s fine. Asama points out the place she resides in is still unharmed. Saizou enters another awkward silence, before saying they shouldn’t be so carefree about this, and tells him to move out to save her. The battle begins.

During the battle, Asama visits the place Mitama will be. He tries again and again to get her to come out, as Mitama is inside sleeping and being reluctant to come outside, finding one excuse after another. Finally, on the third time, Mitama appears wondering what’s going on, and Asama is surprised she didn’t even notice all the monsters, to which she says she has been sleeping the whole time like always Asama tells her how everyone came running hearing about monsters appearing in her secluded realm. She says she understands and feels safe anyway since her father is here, and his warmth makes her want to go back to sleep. She is about to head off when Asama stops her, saying she should come and fight with them instead, and that from now on he will bring her along. She says she just wants to sleep over and over, but then figures it can’t be helped, and will do her best even though she’s sleepy.

After the battle, Asama is impressed by Mitama and says she had matured without him even knowing. Mitama is glad her father approves, and says she will be heading back inside to sleep again now that the place is safe. Asama says he won’t allow that, reminding her of what he said earlier about traveling with them. In haiku form, she remarks on her unwillingness to go, but also states that she’s doing it for the sake of her father, saying goodbye to her carefree days.


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7 thoughts on “FE14 – Paralogue 12: Preventing Her Sleep (Mitama) Story Summary

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  2. So Mitama likes Haiku. I figured her pen and random piece of paper had a meaning. Her eyes though. I’ve heard her father (Asama) has the same pattern in his eyes as well. If you look at it the right way, it looks like Mitama has a phone. DON’T TEXT IN BATTLE KIDS!

    • Yep! She spoke in Haiku here and there, so figures being a poet. Indeed, those eyes…xD Star eyed! It does look like a phone now that you mention it! Text and sleep, kids these days!

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