FE14 – Paralogue 13: The Perfect Daughter (Matoi) Story Summary

–As part of a new translation mini-series, I’ll be summarizing the child paralogues in Fire Emblem: Fates as I go through Linkmastr’s video gallery of them (as they would take quite a while to get myself)–

This is Paralogue 13, and focuses on Matoi. It is unlocked by S ranking Tsubaki/Subaki (will be referred to as just Tsubaki from now on). It is on the Hoshido and Touma paths only.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 13” [P13] here.

Tsubaki returns to the secluded realm after a long time, saying it is still peaceful as expected. He wonders where his daughter Matoi is. She then appears, welcoming him back. Tsubaki is happy to see her, saying she becomes more and more beautiful with each meeting. Matoi blushes at the compliment. Tsubaki then goes on to ask about how she has been. Matoi says she has been fulfilling her duties both at the home and in training diligently. Tsubaki is impressed, saying it is a perfect regime. Matoi says that she has never experienced true combat before, however, and feels lacking as a result. Tsubaki says it is not something to worry about, as it is what Tsubaki and his group strives to ensure never happens to Matoi. A Hoshidan soldier appears, saying that enemies from outside of the realm have appeared, and asks for immediate orders. Tsubaki is surprised, saying he understands. Matoi says she will come too despite what her father said, as it is a good opportunity to gain wisdom in true combat. Tsubaki says that is fine and all, but still would rather Matoi not fight, as they did not intend for her to run into any danger. Matoi tries to explain more, but Tsubaki cuts her off saying not to worry, and that they will find some other perfect thing for her to do that doesn’t involve combat. He tells her to wait here and be safe, and that he will return as soon as the fighting is done. Matoi tries to say more but Tsubaki hastily cuts her off and moves out to the field, leaving her in frustrated silence. The battle begins.

At the start of the battle, Tsubaki is surprised at the amount of enemies. Matoi arrives, saying she will lend her strength to him. Tsubaki is surprised to see her, as she apologizes for disobeying his order. She emphasizes how much she wants to fight alongside her father and everyone else, as she despises sitting around and doing nothing while others fight. She says she aims to be perfect like her father, from physique to combat arts, and promises she will not lose, and so demands she be allowed to fight. Tsubaki says she really has matured behind his back, and finally allows her to fight alongside him. He says to be careful as this will be her first true combat experience, as she happily accepts.

After the battle, Tsubaki says Matoi was perfect, and has become very strong. Matoi thanks him, but says she still has ways to go and much to learn. She then notices Tsubaki’s clothes are damaged here and there, and finds it odd for them to be there despite her father being so perfect. She says she will have to patch it up for him afterward to which he apologizes for. Matoi goes on to express how she came to understand something about injuries during the fighting, and that is even with plenty of injuries an army can still push forward. But, when there are many whose self-confidence falters, then the army will begin to fall apart. Tsubaki understands, as Matoi suggests they drop by a nearby town to get some medicine. She knows a safe route there. By taking the army’s condition into consideration, it can always be at its best, she thinks. After a long silence, Tsubaki wonders if Matoi is even more perfect than he is. Matoi asks again if he heard what she said, as he says to himself that its hopeless and that his pride is on the line. Matoi asks him what’s wrong, as Tsubaki says that of course he heard her. Matoi then says she will do her best to support her father, and so to please take care of her. Tsubaki welcomes her aboard, but tells her not to push herself too hard, then mumbles that he cannot lose to his daughter, and will strive to be even more perfect too.

If Luna is the mother (Touma/Third Path only):

After the above conversation with Tsubaki, Luna comes looking for Matoi. Matoi is glad to see her mother is safe, and sees there is not even a scratch on her, as expected. Luna comments on how Matoi has grown, saying she looked like Tsubaki before but has changed over time. Matoi wonders why Luna is talking about this all of a sudden, as Luna then asks Matoi if she remembers what Luna said about her own mother. Matoi says she remembers a lot about her grandmother from what Luna told her a long time ago. She remembers she was a prodigal and unrivaled Pegasus Warrior –like her own mother Luna. Luna is silent, and then sighs, saying that she is nothing like her own mother, but that Matoi certainly is in her face, voice, and everything. Matoi is proud she resembles such a great person, and will strive to perfect herself to live up to that standard. Luna tells Matoi to do that for her, to which Matoi says she will for sure. After a brief silence, Luna then solemnly promises that she will not die and leave Matoi behind. Matoi is confused by this sudden grim oath, but Luna says that it’s nothing and that she was just talking to herself.


Linkmastr’s video:


9 thoughts on “FE14 – Paralogue 13: The Perfect Daughter (Matoi) Story Summary

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  2. Fun Fact- Matoi’s name is actually Tiamo (Cordelia’s Japanese name) scrambled! Thought I wanted to point this out. Don’t know what to think of the matter of Severa’s interactions with her. Don’t exactly ship Tsubaki/SubakiXSevera. Hmmm…. so maybe that’s why they changed his name! Because Severa and Subaki start with “S”! (I still dislike the Name change.)

    • Yep! It’s the same for the other two too, though Matoi’s is the most obvious.

      That would make sense, but I think it’s just not to confuse people either, after all Ryouma became Ryoma, still the strangest one to me. xD

  3. …Being honest, I greatly dislike the fact that Luna has an unique addition to this Paralogue.
    Then again, there seems to be quite a bit of unfair handling in some parts of the game. I honestly think they could’ve handled it better.

    …I still adore how Tsubaki’s perfectionism makes him act at times.

    • Considering this odd coincidence that could happen, it makes sense that Luna would get this extra dialogue. With Matoi as Luna’s daughter, she matches Cordelia in nearly every aspect, and surely that’s something Luna wants to talk about.

      It’s a neat reference to Awakening, and it likely wouldn’t make sense with any other mother.

      • Not only that.
        I also mean the class inheritance. Characters like Foleo or Midoriko can end up with 2-5 classes while others like Kisaragi or Eponine can end up 1-4 classes.

        I greatly dislike how they handled the class-sharing supports.
        They could’ve at least made it in a way where, if one already has access to that class, that they’d get the secondary class like it works for Special Class characters.

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