FE14 – Paralogue 14: Master of the Arcane Arts (Shara) Story Summary

This is Paralogue 14, and focuses on Shara (referred to simply as Shara from now on). It is unlocked by S ranking Tsukuyomi. It is on the Hoshido and Touma paths only.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 14” [P14] here.

Tsubaki and Tsukuyomi have arrived in a secluded realm, and then Tsubaki remembers this is where Tsukuyomi’s daughter is supposed to be. Tsukuyomi says she is supposed to be, but is missing just like the last time they came. Tsukuyomi wonders just what Shara is up to. Tsubaki realizes Tsukuyomi is worried, so suggests that they move quickly.

They rush forward, seeing the place filled with Nosferatu. They wonder where they came from, as Tsubaki notes they seem to be centered around the house as their origin, whereas Tsukuyomi points out that it is Shara’s home, and that she has “finally done it.” Tsubaki asks him what he means by that. Tsukuyomi clarifies that Shara is fond of rare and unusual sorcery, with her most recent fixation being on the art of summoning specifically. Elsewhere, Shara is laughing in celebration of her success of utilizing the dark arts of Nohr that utilizes the otherworldly creatures. Tsukyomi says there is no mistaking that Shara summoned them now, as Tsubaki is impressed, saying it figures she can utilize that sort of great magic being Tsukuyomi’s daughter. Tsukuyomi says this is not a time for compliments, as this is his own daughter who is guilty of doing this deed, and so must resolve it as the father. Shara continues chuckling about how she shall keep summoning. The battle begins.

During the battle, Tsukuyomi manages to talk to Shara despite her being hostile. She welcomes her father, telling him to look upon the success of her use of the summoning arts and how she can summon here and there or anywhere. Tsukuyomi calls her an idiot and tells her to stop summoning them as they already had to defeat countless enemies. Shara asks why, since she feels this is still not enough. Tsukuyomi says to stop immediately, and that one should clean up their own messes (by specifically saying “one should wipe their own butt”) to which Shara asks him why he had to use such a strange expression for it. Tsukuyomi calls her name as a way to tell her to focus, as she finally reluctantly agrees to help them.

After the battle, Tsukuyomi comments that all have finally been disposed of, and says that it was a certainly a very questionable field of research for sure. Shara chuckles at “questionable research,” wondering if he means things like spells that extend one’s height or make people look more youthful. Tsukuyomi is surprised, asking if she was really research those sorts of spells. Shara chuckles and says it was a lie, as Tsukuyomi is silent but unamused, and moves on; saying that from here on Shara is banned from using magic that summons otherworldly creatures. Shara says she dislikes that sort of prohibition, to which he says of course she would think that. He offers one condition for repealing this ban, however, and that is for her to travel along with them. Shara is reluctant, quite fine with her solitude within the secluded realm. Tsukuyomi says he has no idea what she gets up to here on her own, so would rather she do her research while under his guidance. Shara figures it cannot be helped and she has no choice in the matter anyway, and will follow him. Tsukuyomi says with that settled, he will give her the first subjects of her research: spells that increase height and allow one to keep a youthful face. Shara is in awkward silence after this. Tsubaki then butts in, asking if he can also make a request for a spell that allows one to go out at night on their own, and then after that a spell that ensures one will not cry even if they lose. Shara asks who that spell is even necessary for, as Tsubaki cheekily says it is for her own father Tsukuyomi. He figures these issues are more important to resolve before worrying about his height and face. Tsukuyomi is embarrassed, telling Tsubaki to stay quiet, but Shara chuckles saying she will keep that in mind. She looks forward to resolving her father’s more pressing issues, and tells everyone to please take care of her.

Later, Shara is a little grim about saying goodbye to this place. She says it is not too terrible a feeling, but it is still a little unfortunate. A Nosferatu appears, as she is surprised, wondering if it is one she summoned that they missed. Kamui comes to the rescue, killing off the Nosferatu. They asks Shara if she’s okay, as she’s silent, seemingly in awe. Kamui asks what’s wrong, as Shara simply asks what their name is. Kamui introduces themselves, as Shara seems to savor the name, mumbling it to herself, as Kamui is confused. Shara chuckles, saying it is a name she will never forget the rest of her life. She thanks them for saving her, saying they will be on her mind all the time, saying never had she met such a kind person since being born, and shall walk alongside them forever. Kamui is still very lost, as Shara goes on to say she won’t let them out of her sight whether they are sleeping, awake, or fighting. She asks Kamui please take care of her, then swoons over Kamui’s name being so wonderful to say no matter how many times she says it. She then leaves with a chuckle, as Kamui wonders what that was all about, but figures it was nice to receive her gratitude anyway, saying out loud that Shara is a very mysterious child for sure. Shara suddenly comes back, asking if Kamui called, startling them. She reminds them she will always be right behind them.


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10 thoughts on “FE14 – Paralogue 14: Master of the Arcane Arts (Shara) Story Summary

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  3. Does Kamui’s convo with her change if she’s Shara’s mother? I mean… Shara wouldn’t swoon over and stalk her mum, right? ;;

    • That’s a good question. I assume this part doesn’t happen in that case and it goes straight to support conversations instead. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if she does this to her mom too xD But I have a feeling it’s skipped, yes.

      • Hi! There’s actually an unique conversation if Shara is Kamui’s child in the end of her epilogue
        I don’t remember all the details, but in the end Shara says “I love you, Mom” and Kamui says she loves her too.
        So yeah, no swooning over her Mother, but they surely do get along better than Shara and the other possible moms.
        It’s pretty sweet and I’m surprised I can’t find it anywhere…

        • Ah, thank you for that information! If you ever do come across a video or text for that conversation, please send it along : ) I will gladly add it.

          I can also search the text dump and see if it is in there instead, too… it is just a hard thing to sort through. xD

          Thanks again and keep me posted! : )

  4. …Seriously. 99% of everything Tsubaki does make me love him even more.
    I don’t even know how this is possible.

    And Shara is as creepy as expected. Although, she does seem nicer from what I saw in the support translation.
    I expect localization to screw it over like they did with some characters in Awakening.
    *cough, cough* Walhart *cough, cough*

    Thanks for the translations, btw. Greatly appreciated, as usual.

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