FE14 – Paralogue 16: The Imprisoned Prince (Foleo) Story Summary

All Hoshido children paralogues complete! The ones from now on are Nohr and Touma!

This is Paralogue 16, and focuses on Foleo. It is unlocked by S ranking Leon/Leo (referred to as Leon from now on). It is on the Nohr and Touma paths only.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 16” [P16] here.

Elise is excited that they’re almost at the secluded realm where Foleo –Leon’s child, resides. Elise says she hasn’t seen him since he was a baby. Elise then asks if Leon thinks he will invite Foleo to fight alongside them, as Elise thinks it would be useful having another Rod Knight that they can rely on. Leon thinks that Foleo is not really up for that sort of thing, and that it may be good if they do not run into him at all, actually. Elise wonders why he is not happy to have a chance to meet him after all this time, but Leon does not answer. Zero informs them that the town ahead of them has been overrun by bandits, and asks for his orders. He says according to the townsfolk, there is a beautiful Rod Knight that is tending to the people there. Leon and Elise are surprised at the possibility that it could be Foleo, as it would mean he came out of the secluded realm he was in. Leon tells them to move out immediately.

In the town, a feminine looking person is tending to the wounded, making sure they are alright. Leon and Elise arrive, as Elise points out the healer must be the Rod Knight people were talking about, but reassures Leon that since the healer looks like a girl, it is probably not Foleo. Leon is silent though, as Elise asks what’s wrong, but then the girl comes up calling Leon father, who does not reply. Elise is confused, asking Leon when he had a daughter, then gasps, asking if she is an illegitimate child. Leon, annoyed, says that is absolutely not the case, as the girl asks her father to stop being so silent and introduce her to everyone. She introduces herself as Foleo –Leon’s son. Elise is surprised at the revelation, but then impressed, calling him both cute and fashionable, to which Foleo thanks her for. Leon is less impressed, asking him what he’s doing in this town. Foleo says that the town is known for its fashionable clothing and accessories, and that the town was attacked by bandits while he was shopping. He decided to stay and tend to the wounded. Leon says that is disgraceful, which surprises Foleo, who doesn’t quite understand. Leon repeats himself, saying that “form” that Foleo has is utterly disgusting. Foleo is shocked, as Elise says that Leon is being overly cruel. Leon tells her to stay quiet, as Foelo apologizes, and runs away. Leon asks him where he’s going, but gets no reply.

Foleo runs into some bandits, who ask the lone “girl” why she’s all by herself, and may be better off coming with them. They capture Foleo and take him away, as he calls out to his father. Leon and Elise catch up too late, as Elise can’t believe he’s been taken, then scolds Leon for his demeanor earlier. She says being bothered by Foleo’s appearance has nothing to do with the current situation, and they have to act. Leon remains silent, as Elise says if he will not do anything, she will do it herself, and rushes on ahead. Leon stays back, cursing to himself. The battle begins.

At the start of the battle, Leon figures they bandits have locked Foelo away in a small room in the back. He figures Foleo may be in danger when the battle begins, as their hostage. Later in the battle, one of the bandits tells the other to go get Foleo seeing as the party that is here is aiming to save him.

After the battle, Foleo is thankful for his father coming to his rescue. Foleo then apologizes for being a shame to his father, nothing more than a burdensome pest, saying he will never leave the secluded realm again, and says goodbye (with the implication they will not meet again). A civilian appears, saying that thanks to Foleo, a lot of people were able to narrowly escape death. The civilian offers up a broch as a reward, as Foleo seems reluctant to take it, but the civilian insists saying it is a show of their thanks, and that there are a ton of people who want to thank Foleo too. After a brief silence, Leon says Foleo did a great thing. Leon then apologizes, saying he was just speaking in the heat of the moment. He says he was judging Foleo based on his looks rather than his true nature, and that Leon should be ashamed of himself. Leon admits that Foleo is a different image than he had in mind of a son, but he will accept him none the less. Leon then invites Foleo to join his group and travel along with him, saying while he knows it is sudden, it will help him get to know Foleo even more. Foleo is pleasantly surprised at the offer to the point of blushing, and says he will gladly travel with his father. Elise is just as happy, looking forward to their travels. Foleo says his “aunt” is right, which Elise is a little annoyed by (due to implying she’s old), but realizes he’s technically right. She asks that he please refrain from calling her that, though. Foleo understands, and asks Elise to please take care of him, to which Elise happily agrees. Foleo then says the same to his father, who welcomes him aboard.

*Note: The pronouns for “she” and “girl” were used in moments to reflect what the person taking to Foleo were thinking to better express the context.. Oddly, the game changes the ???’s that appear with Foleo to the name “Foleo” before he actually introduces himself as such, which I guess sort of took away from that for players?


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