Ace Attorney 6 Famitsu Tidbit Translation: The Mysterious Girl [9/2]

Ace Attorney 6 was announced yesterday by Famitsu, who then published an article on it today. There were several pages and a developer interview, but I decided to translate just one small part of it, namely, the part that focuses on the mysterious girl.

FE: 14 translations will continue tomorrow!

Thanks nintendoeverything for the scans.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!


Original Scan:


Text Dump:

Friend or Foe?! The Mysterious Girl


She is chiding Phoenix…?

あまりにも早い閉廷 異議を申し立てたナルホドくんの前に、謎の処女が姿を現す。彼女は検事でも、証人でもなく、裁判長でもないが、この法廷何らかの重要な役割を担っているようだ。法廷の勝手を知らない外国人であるナルホドくんに対し、きびしい能度を取るものの、彼の気持ちを汲んで裁判長にとりなしくれるようだが・・・。彼女の素性、そしてその真意とはいかに?!

A mysterious girl appears before the quick-to-object Phoenix. She is neither the prosecutor, witness, or judge, and yet plays a major role in this courtroom. Phoenix lacks understanding of how the court system works in this foreign country, and though he he has great talent, will the presiding judge by sympathetic…? What is that woman’s origin? What is she up to?!


…Quiet. Fool.


Judge. That is not fine!
Though it is not bad, as entertainment.

余興 としては、悪くない。


The defense demands to be able to cross-examine the witness!

^With a high-class demeanor she shuts Phoenix down quite easily. With a staff, peculiar outfit, and hair accessories, she looks like a person of high position.


Just who is this woman?


2 thoughts on “Ace Attorney 6 Famitsu Tidbit Translation: The Mysterious Girl [9/2]

  1. I don’t know what this lady will do. I KNOW! SHE’S A MURDERER! (Ace detective!) Well, it IS Phoenix Wright, so who knows? Nice to see you translate things other than “Fire Emblem”! You probably needed a break from that series, after translating the story in Fates/if.

    • Yep! Just a few more Paralogues in FE: Fates and I think that’s a wrap, I can get back to doing songs, Famitsu stuff, Pokemon, all that. xD Of course there still may be some FE stuff here and there, like how I want to do the FE 11/12 character book soon, too.

      I do look forward to learning more about Ace Attorney 6 as time goes on, too!

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