FE14 – Paralogue 20: The Ultimate Magic Tome [Ophelia] Story Summary

This is Paralogue 20, and focuses on Ophelia. It is unlocked by S ranking Odin. It is on the Nohr and Touma paths only.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 20” [P20] here.

Odin and Zero arrive at a village that is known to produce the best tools for magic users. Odin’s blood starts getting excited at the prospect of what sort of things he will find here, going on about his usual theatrics. He suddenly gasps, as Zero asks what’s wrong. Odin says the dark energy within him is clashing with the mysterious aura of this place. He then says it is fine, and that this feeling isn’t particularly bad, and in fact is arousing his curiosity, or “Awaking Wonder.” Zero says Odin truly is an idiot as he has heard. They spot a girl suddenly, who is also commenting on the mysterious power of this village. She also gasps, expressing the fact her dark power is at odds with this place and she’s getting weaker. Zero notes that the girl is spouting the same nonsense Odin is. Odin takes a look, then is shocked at the fact it is Ophelia, his daughter, who is equally shocked but happy to see Odin, her father.

Odin asks why she isn’t in the secluded realm like she was supposed to be. Ophelia admits she was actually looking for the “Ultimate Tome” which is said to be within this village. Odin seems confused, as Ophelia is surprised her father of all people doesn’t know about it, and then expresses it is a legendary tome that was passed down in legend by their family, written within the “Divine Book of Deadly Transcendence.” Odin is surprised she read that, considering he had forbidden her from doing so. Ophelia apologizes, but says she really wants to acquire this tome –as the dark power inside her demands it. Odin apologizes, and is about to say something about the “dark power,” but a villager interrupts them suddenly, telling them to run away as bandits are attacking.

Ophelia confronts the bandits, saying she will protect this village which is sacred to her. She will not forgive them, and will continue to look for the Ultimate Tome no matter what. The bandits laugh at her, asking how a lone girl hopes to defend the village. Odin jumps in, saying she is not alone, and introduces himself as the chosen warrior of darkness Odin. He says he will show them the power of the “Awaking Wonder” if they do as much as to even lay a finger on his daughter. The bandit is silent, as Ophelia introduces herself as the chosen girl: Ophelia of the darkness, who has the special move “Awaking Holly.” After some silence, the bandit trembles and asks how the heck two scary people came to be here. The battle begins.

After the battle, Odin wishes to tell Ophelia the truth. He says that the “Divine Book of Deadly Transcendence” is actually something he just made up from his imagination and wrote as a hobby. Ophelia is surprised, but then asks about the “Ultimate Tome” as well. Odin confirms that this tome does not exist, either. Ophelia is stunned in disbelief, as Odin apologizes again, and says in return he wants her to have something, which she asks what it is. He says it is something he bought by chance. He says this tome does not have a name yet, and so she can name it whatever she likes. Ophelia wonders what to name it, saying that a weapon name is very important after all. After some thinking, she decides to name her child (the weapon) “Missiletainn*.” Odin asks her why that name specifically with great interest. Ophelia mentions that on the very last page of the “Divine Book of Deadly Transcendence,” there is a small note of a weapon called that. Nothing was written about it aside from the fact it is a different sort of weapon. Nothing about whether it was to cut, or if it was to be thrown. Rather, there, written on the weapon was simply…Ophelia. Missiletainn was the thing most precious to him, which was her. Odin is amused, saying that this was expected as his daughter. Odin reveals that the Missiletainn did actually exist in a time before he came here, a sword he loved that helped him change fate. Ophelia asks if she is the replacement for that sword, then, wishing to give her father the same power it did. That would be more wonderful than even the :”Ultimate Tome.” Odin asks if she really wants to come with him, as she reassures him she does –so the chosen warriors of darkness can fight alongside each other. Odin laughs, saying he supposes it cannot be helped, and says from now on they will fight together. He welcomes her aboard, telling her to make some remarks. Ophelia says she hopes everybody will take care of her on her journey to become as wonderful of a warrior like her father.

On the side, Zero asks Cyrus what they’re supposed to do, now that the amount of “dark warriors” in their army is increasing. Cyrus isn’t sure himself, but says it really isn’t all that bad, and may even be fun. Odin’s blood gets excited again, saying he is looking forward to Missiletainn’s newfound techniques. Odin and Ophelia laugh to each other.

*-this is the same name as Owain (Odin)’s exclusive sword in Fire Emblem: Awakening


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