FE14 – Paralogue 21: Smiling in the Face of Danger [Soleil] Story Summary

This is Paralogue 21, and focuses on Soleil. It is unlocked by S ranking Lazward. It is on the Nohr and Touma paths only.

As usual, this is all done on my free time, and takes awhile. It can be a lot of work, but I do hope you enjoy! I am unemployed… so please consider donating if you like the work I do. : ) It certainly helps me keep going!

You can find data on the chapter itself here under “Paralogue 21” [P21] here.

A mercenary tells Soleil that the people from before are nearly dealt with, to which Soleil is thankful that they could bring peace to this town today. She says that the bandits had the town at their mercy before their little mercenary group came and disarmed the weaklings. She’s sure it made them regret ever taking the town. A bandit suddenly appears, asking her just what she means by them being defeated in that way. Soleil is surprised, as she asks if they still intend to fight. The bandit clarifies they weren’t retreating, in fact, they were getting reinforcements.

Soleil and the mercenaries are surrounded, as one mercenary wonders how they will deal with such a number of people. Soleil says not to make such a long face, and to cheer up, saying her father always said to smile no matter how harsh the times are. She says that with a smile, they can cut through any dire situation they find themselves in. The bandit mocks them, saying this time they’ll be the ones that will face defeat. Soleil gladly accepts the challenge.

Elsewhere, Lazward wonders why it’s so loud despite it being night time. Cyrus appears, saying there is trouble –bandits are invading the town! He says there is what looks like a vigilante group defending the town, but isn’t sure. He says among them is a skillful female mercenary. Lazward connects the dots with “vigilante group” and “female mercenary,” realizing it may be Soleil. Cyrus asks if that is someone he knows, and then is surprised that Lazward has been skirt chasing even in this place. Lazward quickly corrects him in saying that Soleil is not some random girl –but his daughter. Cyrus is surprised, saying she’s supposed to be in a secluded realm. Lazward said recently he heard that she had been traveling the outside world with a vigilante group. Exasperated, Lazward runs off calling after his daughter, saying he’s coming. Cyrus tells him to wait up, as they hadn’t even confirmed if that really is his daughter or not yet, yelling at him not to go alone. Lazward ignores him, and the battle begins.

During the battle, Lazward manages to make it to Soleil, asking if she’s okay. Soleil says of course she is, as she is her father’s daughter after all. She (nervously) says she is not afraid of the enemy in any way at all. Then after some silence, she sobs a little, apologizing for the lie, saying she was actually very afraid, thinking she may die. Lazward reassures her, saying the important part is she’s alive, as expected of his daughter. He says the image of her fighting to protect the town was awesome to see, but that the fight is not over yet. If she fights with a worried face, she’ll falter. He reminds her to keep a smile even when she feels like crying. He says to show him her smile even in this fight. She smiles for him, saying she understands. He says that’s perfect, and as expected, she is very cute when she’s smiling. He then says they will fight together, which she accepts, and the battle continues.

After the battle, Lazward congratulates Soleil for working so hard. Soleil thanks him, but says the victory was thanks to her father coming with the others –for which she is very glad. Lazward says he’s glad to see Soleil safe too, as Cyrus positively remarks on Lazward’s concept of “smiling through a crisis.” He then makes a proposal to Lazward, asking if they should bring Soleil with them. Lazward is surprised, but Soleil is excited at the thought of becoming an ally. She says fighting alongside her father would make her really happy, and that she’ll do her best. Lazward still has a neutral expression, as Cyrus asks him what’s wrong, as his daughter joining should be a joyous occasion. Lazward says that Soleil is a bit of an “odd” person, and that people who see her may be a little confused. Cyrus wonders what he means.

Elsewhere; a village girl is thanking Soleil and the rest of the vigilante group. She gives her an item saying it is a way of expressing everyone’s gratitude, which makes Soleil blush. The village girl asks what’s wrong and why Soleil’s face is turning all red, as Soleil compliments the girl for being “too wonderful,” and that she has truly met her angel. Soleil goes on showering the girl with flirtatious praise, saying that her face and voice suits her preferences exactly. The girl is confused, as Soleil asks her out for tea –just the two of them. The girl reluctantly accepts the offer, making Soleil really happy. Cyrus, watching, asks if Soleil is by chance into chatting with other girls. Lazward confirms such, saying that this child has some “strange interests” in that she loves cute girls. Soleil comes back happily, telling her (unpopular) father to look at how she managed to get a girl out for tea flawlessly. Lazward seems bemused that she did so despite the fact she’s a girl, too. Soleil giggles, saying she’s very much looking forward to traveling along with them where she will have plenty of places to see and people to meet. Lazward is glad she is so enthusiastic about it, Cyrus says those are nice sentiments, but that fighting should be a factor in her motivation, too. Cyrus then teases Lazward at how she’ll probably be popular among the men too, as Lazward blushes and says he is sure of it.


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    • A lot of controversy around that one support, huh? The game did treat her preference as very odd in this chapter, but probably more for humor than anything.

  3. You should really consider helping the fanslation on serene forest. They can’t really progress because no one has time.

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